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Stocks for dummies – RICH TV LIVE – October 4, 2018 – #richtvlive Today i talk about the Cannabis Stock market with Aaron from Departures Capital –

Cryptocurrencies cannabis stocks and ceo interviews brought to you by rich tv live how’s everybody doing today this is your boy rich here on behalf of rich tv live and i’m here with aaron a very special guest from departures capital how you doing today aaron good race very very good man i’m excited to collaborate with you today a fellow youtuber a fellow canadian

An investor in cannabis stocks what are you thinking about the cannabis stocks today what are you feeling what how’s the vibe today for you vibe today is i mean we’re pretty chill right now but i mean we have seen some really nice gains we saw a nice bounce yesterday so i mean i’m really liking how acb’s looking that’s one of the that’s our biggest holding but i

Mean yeah it’s been it’s been a couple weeks but yeah right now today i believe the market for the cannabis stocks is in the red slightly nothing huge i don’t see anything crazy but aurora cannabis also one of the companies that i’ve talked about tons has some huge news coming up obviously they’ve already announced that they are going to be listing to a senior

Exchange in october obviously something that we’re all waiting for how do you think that will affect the stock in your opinion in my opinion i mean i think the capitals just gonna pour in and i think that’s why the stocks holding up i mean you didn’t see like other stocks have pulled back so much but acb it’s pulled back with the market not as much it’s called

That 12 so i think we’re going i think we’re under 1415 within the coming weeks at once it’s listed i mean just look what’s possible with when kronos was listed when tillery was listed when all of these guys were listed so i mean gotta be growth i mean when they got mean oh yeah yeah that’s one how could i forget that but i mean it’s just i think the same thing

Is gonna happen and yeah they had the opportunity to buy such a big company with way more production capacity than tillery i mean like just just look at what you’re buying versus i mean that’s just my opinion artillery i think toys like pump like crazy yeah i’m not personally i’m not gonna be touching any stocks over 100 i don’t even really like to buy anything

Over 20 bucks that’s they’re not really in my wheelhouse i like to buy these stocks that are licensed producers before they explode i think i was one of the first people to predict aurora cannabis áfreeá and can it be growth when they were in the dollar range and a mavis skyrocketed so for me as an investor that’s benefited from that growth i’m now looking for

The next canopy growth the next aurora cannabis the next till rain because obviously i missed out on tilray and i’m not gonna chase it at a hundred and forty dollars no wherever it’s at what is creating it now like if you buy until you’re just gonna you’re just trading it yeah it’s a day trade it’s a very risky trade you can win you could lose and we we know that

That’s very risky what do you think about some of these up-and-coming stocks in the cannabis sector you know i’m looking at a lot of companies like for example vivo yeah who’s coming out fire huge news coming out xl y huge alethea these are just something yeah alethea is a very interesting one i’ll answer that question in one second i just wanted to mention when

I was in it was so funny so like when i was recently in italy i just like was checking the market it cuz like when the market is open in canada like it’s nighttime in europe i was at dinner i was looking at tillery oh my gosh it was the day that it hit 300 so crazy i checked my phone tillery up 45 percent again and i’m like oh my gosh and then in midway through

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Dinner i checked my phone again 90% i was just like i couldn’t believe it it was it was just one of those things where i know it’s just a number on a phone but it was just like oh please what is happening but anyways yes what’s your what’s your quick opinion or what do you think about just tillery’s moves i mean i think it’s just like an entertainer in the space i

Think tilray is one of the most successful stories in the can this sector this is an industry that is booming and tilray have been a huge success so for anybody that is a cannabis enthusiast like i am like you are that’s in the industry talking about the stocks and really really likes the industry i’m very heavily getting involved with public companies i’m working

In the cbd space i’m heavily invested so i have a lot of interest in this industry tillery has been amazing i mean what stock has broken 100 broken 200 broken 300 children yeah so that is just a huge success story for the cannabis sector so from that perspective i love it now as an investment i think it’s very risky i’m gonna stay away and from that perspective i

Don’t think it’s very good for investor right now i think it could be very dangerous but it also has some upside why does it have upside this is the one thing people don’t understand tillery has eighty one percent of its shares locked up they’re locked up until january their share structure is brilliant they only have 76 million shares issuing outstanding and they

Only have 13 million shares and their float because they have only 13 million shares on their float it’s supply and demand people in the market want to buy it and nobody’s selling what is that gonna do it’s gonna make the stock skyrocket yes a brilliant business structure it’s a brilliant share structure they are a brilliant company and they have been a massive

Success story now whether it lasts remains to be seen but i believe right now for the industry it’s a very good thing it makes it so hard to short right i believe like i was reading like they were charging 600 percent interest a year just to short the stock so that’s two percent of day because so much squeeze it if it’s yeah if you didn’t catch that stock like

Within a week before it dropped and you’re paying that interest every single day you’re just paying to lose money assembly no but i mean correct and there’s a lot of people shorting tilray and canopy growth i was reading an article yesterday that said that the short interest on canopy growth and tilray higher than anything anyone’s ever seen that’s how many people

Are short until rain canopy growth now a lot of people think that’s a very scary thing and including me when you got that much short pressure on those securities however however when you’re short trading a stock you sell it high and you buy it low so when these shorter’s are covering that that creates massive volume in these securities oh yeah and it forces them

To buy it back at a lower price which is gonna drive the price back up so that’s why i told everyone when tillery went back to 100 i said it’s going back up and everyone’s like why i go because these are just shorter is covering and in order for them to cover they’re gonna buy it back up because that’s how you cover you gotta buy it back so they’re buying it back

Up to cover then they’re gonna short it again at 150 160 take it back down to 100 cover again at 100 all the way back up it’s a game and the people that play it the best make the most but it is a game and you have to understand to play the game and this is why i hear on rich tv live i always say buying the red cell in the green learn to play the game within the

Game because none of us nobody’s big enough to control the market rich tv ride you know we’re not big enough to control the market as much as people think oh yeah traits you put out at news it’s no to do with me the market is controlled by institutional investors whales rich people hope short traders retail investors people like you and me speculators day traders

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Momentum traders you name it they control the market it’s a combination of everybody that’s what it is and anybody that thinks that a promoter or a youtube channel or anybody can control the market is crazy yeah it’s crazy you can’t because you look at the volume of some of these companies they are astronomical like that day i remember there was more dollar volume

Traded up tilray than amazon exactly like that’s mind-boggling a brand-new company that most people don’t even know and your million shares 36 million shares were treated that day i could be wrong but it was in the 30 millions i think and that’s a $300 stock at one point and i’m not surprised because tilly is a genius company they’re here from vancouver they’re

From nanaimo i believe from island okay they’re canadian company they got a listing in america on the nasdaq and are not even listed in canada you want to talk about a brilliant company davia they’ve made all the right moves if you know what’s ridiculous like i found in this industry stuff like just being listed regardless of your business fundamentals has almost

Been like more it has almost been better than actually having a great business model and a great production capacity just the fact that here on the american exchange being available for kept for investment as the stocks will be crazy it’s it’s it’s a crazy industry like right now look at labs labs is a new ipo it just came out today la yes it’s going nuts it’s at $2

To 16 cents i’m watching it right now it’s like a war zone it’s up a hundred and sixteen percent however it opened up at $3 today so it was up 200% free market pre market and they did a funding at 85 cents so all of those guys that got in 85 cents they’ve already made three four times their money first money in first time to get your take on australia’s capital i

Own it i love it it’s an aura 2.0 rivers canopy 2.0 i keep telling everybody just because a stock goes down doesn’t mean it’s a bad stock and just because the stock goes up doesn’t mean it’s a good stock first day it hit like 16 bucks in today which was and now it’s a $2 gain and now it’s a $2 and i on over a thousand shares and i’m gonna keep buying more because

I look at it like it’s aurora 2.0 because it’s a it’s a row to point no i mean you’ve got aurora backing you oh yeah it’s all i gotta say you’ve got a red backing treat and i mean like free shares and warrants like nice definitely to get some pre shares and free warned not free but like cuz you owner or a stock you got those other stock but yeah it was yeah it

Was a dividend so anybody that helen some aurora received like you say a free shares in a usa and a usa wt so yeah so i was pretty excited about that and i bought more both because you have the ability to exercise yeah like for example if you bought i think it was 500 shares of aurora you got like 14 warrants was the number and it was one trade me 36 shares yeah

Yes i was like 14 and 14 i was breaking it down sophistical ii so if you got 14 and 14 you can go and buy another 14 and 14 and you’re getting the opportunity to take advantage of them at a lower price so i wouldn’t just bought like $1,000 of each that i just won and i said you know i’m just gonna hold these long-term but i’m gonna buy more i want to buy about

10 grand of each and i’m gonna buying rivers as soon as i can i’m just waiting to watch it he had a bottom yeah i think that a week to two weeks after those kind of ipos because they they were flying high like first day second day crazy volatility like you saw go from 16 first day it hit a high of 16 and closed at 293 the next day it went back up to 550 then and

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Closed at 3 something and i think in the twos like that range probably pretty good i know canopy rivers what’s kennedy river is that right now let’s see when i checked recently was that like five bucks or something i said last time i looked it was a $5.99 yeah watchlist 582 so it’s down another 2% today so for me it’s like why am i gonna buy it if it keeps going

Down i just want to keep watching it go down yeah if he goes till about 5 bucks or 4 bucks i’m gonna load up i don’t load up to me this is canopy 2.0 i made money on canopy i’m very happy with canopy it’s done very well for me but kennedy’s way too expensive for me now this is an opportunity for me to get into canopy again at a low price and i’m do it first you

Know the funniest thing so i was watching weed stocks for the longest time and like canopy i believe in the company great company but i always thought thought this stock was a little too expensive yes it was like 30 40 and you’re seeing aurora like single digits right and it’s just it might just be a mental thing that aurora’s only 8 bucks and there’s more shares of

Aurora that’s canopies x whatever so the first day i bought canopy was the day before they announced the constellation brand deal i was like how does this happen and i told my dad to buy two i was like hey dad like kennedy’s gonna announce like their core to their quarterly earnings i’m just gonna put some money into it you should probably do the same he’s like oh

I don’t know canopy is pretty expensive i was like just trust because it’s a bit then within a week or two we sold it at sixty i don’t know 65 or something it was just like you made over a hundred percent yeah yeah no wait that’s the beauty of the stock market that’s why we all played the market right it’s for those opportunities listen we’ve been live for a while

I need to go back to the market i’m watching these markets and i want to start doing some trading so my friend erin let’s do this again soon okay yeah let’s get back to the markets let’s do some day trading thank you for your time today and geyser everyone that’s watching we’re gonna be doing this all the time if there’s anything you wants to talk about comment

Down below if there’s any stock picks you want us to look at if there’s any discussions you want us to have specifically any debates you want us to have polls you want to add to have please comment down below like this video share it everywhere it really helps myself and erin a lot okay we really appreciate all your support you guys are amazing and remember rich

Tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes i am not a licensed advisor do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that i talk about on rich tv live okay please do your due diligence buy it because you love it not because you’re hurting here first got anything to say before we go no that was phenomenal all right man we got

Some party music here thank you for watching hit that like button subscribe hit that bell from hit the bell for notifications every time i go live we’re airing goes live every time we got a video we got breaking news you’ll know first its truth crypto currencies cannabis stocks and ceo interviews brought to you by rich tv live

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