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Oh my goodness some stocks out there i getting absolutely destroyed today guys absolutely destroyed i know a lot of you guys out there are feeling the pain today i know you were feeling the pain by the way if you’re wondering why i’m wearing a hoodie is because so many people were dissing on my hair yesterday and yesterday’s comment section that thought i would wear

A hoodie today because my hair is now fixed yeah so we got to talk about this and i’m gonna give you the reason why these stocks are getting destroyed today because there’s really no reason out there like you if you look out there there’s like no reason that these stocks should be down so massively right but they are so i’m gonna give you that reason today here guys

Much are they down well we’re looking at ebay ebay is down for 3% apples down nearly 3% we got em you down 8% okay we got shopify down over 7% approaching 8% we’ve doubled down well over two and a half percent we got nvidia down over 6% we have facebook down close to four percent we have amazon down over a three percent these are all very big moves bava alibaba

The biggest e-commerce play in china is down over 4% here it’s just stock after stock square stock is down over 8% today okay activision blizzard down close to 5% today we know they just had the big launcher the new call of duty a few weeks ago tesla’s down over 3% netflix is down over 5% what in the world is going on well first off what did all those stocks have

In common those were all tech stocks okay they’re all in the tech related field a lot of stocks that we actually aren’t in the tech sector actually did pretty good today i mean i was looking at a lot of different stocks that have nothing to do attack and they did just fine these are all tech related stocks okay and we remember the nasdaq has had a phenomenal years

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Way outperform the dow and s&p this year okay but let’s look at something else that all these stocks have in common right so ebay this stock is up around 16% year-to-date that’s kind of the lagger of this bunch right we a polite micron’s up over a hundred percent year-to-date we have shopify up a hundred and forty-two percent year-to-date we have google up

Over 32 percent year to we have nvidia up 85% year-to-date we have facebook up 52% gear today we have amazon up over 55% year-to-date alibaba’s up a hundred and three percent holy smokes congratulations alibaba shareholders we have square that’s up a hundred and eighty-six percent that’s just ridiculous activision blizzard up 73 percent tesla forty three percent

And netflix up fifty three percent guys so one we see these are all tech related stocks all right the second thing is we see these are all up massively the majority alive mean if you calculated the averages of those stocks they’re probably up eighty to ninety percent on average and a lot of those companies are huge companies right that’s ridiculous move so the

Reason being and once again there’s nothing out there as far as news to push all these stocks down but the reason being basically is what you have come late november into the first week of december a lot of times is you have what’s called profit taking okay buy a lot of the big hedge fund managers and mutual fund managers a lot of their positions that they’ve

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Made massive amounts of money on right hundreds of millions of dollars in some cases what they will do is on the last week in november sometimes into the first week of december is they will sell off those possessions okay they will take the gains on those so they can show to their clients while we made this much of a gain this year in this stock this much of the

Gain in this stock they get all that done generally last week in november first week in december the reason being also is a lot of these these fund managers are multi millionaires and a lot of them are multi billionaires and many of them take nearly the entire month of december off so they want to get everything closed off today’s november 29th so they want to

Get all their work done now they want to get all their positions sold they want to get everything calculated so then they can start their long vacations with them and their family and those kinds of things guys so i mean wall street is dead the lat especially especially christmas week all the way into after new year’s the like wall street is dead man there’s like

No activity the volumes if you look at how many shares trade on an average day during christmas week and during new year’s week it’s like less than half the average volume guys that’s how few shares are actually being traded there it’s amazing because a lot of them they just go away they go on their vacations and whatnot they want to lock in their games for the

Year you want to sell off those positions so they can shoulder their clients when they’re on these christmas vacations maybe they run into their quiet clients or they’re on a phone call and say hey yeah you should definitely be an investor with us and going into this next year and you should invest even more because guess what we just made a such-and-such percent

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In video this past year we just made this much and in facebook this past year you need to keep investing with us you need to invest more money with us and that is a reason why these stocks have fallen massively today guys that just happens it’s a lot of profit taking out there before the end of the new year and people want to go on vacations and and kind of get

Away from the market and do things like that and it’s a good time to kind of wrap that up so i hope you guys enjoyed this kind of just enlightening you on a lot of times this happens like late in november early december people are like why the heck is this happening there’s no news there’s no bad economic news out there everything’s cool it looks kosher like we

Look good right now well why why are these stocks falling massively a lot of times that’s what it comes down to profit taking guys so hope you enjoyed this make sure you click that first link in the description that’s my 11-part stock market investing mastery course that goes into exactly why i pick certain stocks to invest in everything i look for in a certain

Stock also if you want to follow me on instagram and snapchat my links are down there in that description guys thank you for watching and have a great day

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STOCKS GET DESTROYED! – I Explain Why… By Financial Education

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