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Hey guys how you doing this is richard rich to be live live from my car out in the country just moved so i’m living out in the country now and i’m loving it absolutely loving it kind of tired cuz i spent all weekend moving and i was a little bit under the weather today wasn’t feeling the greatest so i know a lot of you guys been messaging me like hill where are

You at man aren’t you making videos what’s going on are you okay yeah i’m okay man just been moving busy with that but i’m here i’m alive well and i’m in the country i’m living in the country i know figured that living in the country be good for a while just to let me focus on trading cuz that’s what i want to focus on right now is really just focus on training

And getting my training down i just want to get my trading down but yeah i’m living in farm country surrounded by horses cows i tried to buy 16 thousands and a visit one for a at 4 didn’t get filled and went to 457 so there was a lot of green today can it be girls my back in the green today can trust after getting obliterated had a monster day today they were in

The green today suppose nice to see i don’t want to see those guys go all the way to nothing and i know a lot of investors are down on that one so it’s nice to see that they came back up sorry my phone is sliding all over the place here very bumpy roads here so yeah so can’t trust had a very big day today that was nice to see can’t trust come back life and yeah

Pretty much everything was roro was green after it was green hexa was green organa graham was green green pretty much everything i was looking at was green to see what was green everybody looked green today so if you’ve got a cannabis stock that wasn’t green today it’s probably not good of a company because all the big boys are green today pretty much all of them

Even if they’re a little bit green pretty much all the big players are green so it’s nice to see i said on friday i go most likely monday’s gonna be green so i didn’t want to take the risk of jumping in in case i went more red today but it was a mistake i should have went in you know what’s up fiji a what’s a like over there this is your boy rich from rich to be

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Live is coming from the country we’re live from the country i’m not living in the country i’ve moved and i’m living in the country man i got five acres of land and and occasionally the bears come out and the deers so videos will be different i promise you that videos would be different but that’s what we’re all about here i like to give you guys different sights

And sounds and views i always have and always will maybe it’s crazy when i think about the fact that we’ve been doing this for two and a half years now two and a half years i’ve been making videos two and a half years and we can’t just keep going hey bro what’s up when a mistake i think we did hit the bottom i think friday was the bottom i really do but i wasn’t

Willing to take the risk until i saw what i saw today now i feel a lot better about everything yeah leafy it was up today zen abyss was up today labs was up today contra stirs up big today lots and lots of green today everywhere all the way around a little bit under the lighter up under the weather i can’t even talk today i’m a little bit under the weather i

Moved all weekend so i’m kind of beat still moving and organizing and getting more stuff right now actually so i’m not done yet probably be a week or so but i’ll be back from the office probably borel um i try hi xen abyss that $1 49 i tried to buy 16,000 shares but i didn’t get filled and i tried to buy a thousand laps at 439 but i didn’t get went higher i’m

Not gonna rush to buy anything in the green i’d rather buy in the red so if we go back in the red tomorrow i’ll be buying that’s for sure but if it’s green i won’t be in a rush i won’t be in a rush to buy anything in the green thank you guys for the 6 likes it’s super sunny right now super super sunny calling guys from the countryside where i now reside never

Lived in the country this is the first time ever living on acreage which is pretty cool i don’t know how long it’ll last but we’ll see we’ll see can’t even read your message is so sunny oh man it was nice to see a green day today what do you guys think we see green tomorrow i like to see green tomorrow for those stocks i’m holding i’d like to see green for the


Stocks i want to buy i want to see red so selfishly i want red to buy low but for what i’m holding i want them to go higher so catch-22 i guess yeah it’d be nice to see xena climb but just after i pick up another 16 shares that’d be the perfect time for them to climb you’re getting 20k shares yourself yeah so if i pick up another 16 thousand shares which is my

Goal then i’ll have 25,000 shares and my goal is to honestly i’d be willing to sell it at five bucks if i sell twenty five thousand shares at five bucks 125 grand good man i’ll be happy that’s kind of what my plan is i doubt i’ll hold it till ten pretty sure i’ll sell a five i’ll be very happy to sell it five we had a lot of our members loading up on xena and

I’m seeing everybody loading up in the dollar 40 range around a smart man smart geniuses desert geniuses so i’m pretty chill i just flip the property so like money’s not really an issue right now which is nice i don’t have to worry about flipping a house anymore which is nice so i’m kind of just like chillin but i promise you ain’t gonna stop i promise you ain’t

Gonna stop promise you that i think it stop ain’t stop it i’m gonna focus now more on trading i’m gonna focus more on doing more videos i just trying to get my place set up so once i get set up i’ll start doing more videos again i promise you as that my house looks like a bomb just hit it so i just literally just unloaded everything and just put it in the front

So i’m just trying to organize everything now so it’s gonna take about a week to set up my crib get organized settle and we’ll be back to normal back to counting away the videos really focus on my training i really want to focus on my training and just get the training down get it down i’m also working very closely with a futures trader which i’m going to be

Introducing you guys to very soon he’s got a series 7 and he’s talking to people getting my series 7 so i might get licensed i don’t know thinking about it i’m not sure if i want to or not so yeah we’re sorry guys having some technical difficulties here press the wrong button so yeah i got a futures trader i’m working with named drew he’s from toronto a good

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Friend of mine and he’s been very very successful with futures training i also have a professional options trader that we’re gonna be partnering with and we’re gonna be working with so anyone that wants to get into options trader options trading we’re gonna get you guys into that anyone who wants to get some futures trading i’ll get you guys into that and i’m

Just gonna keep focusing and doing my equities trading he’s also talking me about getting my series 7 license which will get me licensed yeah i’m thinking about that maybe not sure yet if i want to do that if i want to be licensed or not but that’s an option as well so a lot of things going on it’s just stages in your life and you know i had to flip this crib and

I did i got more that i’m gonna be flipping but for now i’m gonna take a break and i’m just gonna focus on trading getting in the trenches getting into the office downtown doing more videos for you guys and bring you guys more content man bring you guys more content bring you guys more professionals that are good at options trading futures trading and just become

A better equities trader myself so that’s really my goal right now not worried about flipping anything for a bit not worried about renovating an ephah thing for a bit so i’m kind of happy about that and i’m gonna take a vacation soon because i feel like i need one because i’ve been pushing hard for the last few months and haven’t really done anything fun like i

Like to so sitting on some cash definitely interested in spending some of it now but the way my brain thinks is first i want to make a couple trades make a ton of money trading and then spend some of that money just the way i think so that’s kind of what my brain is thinking right now so definitely want to make some money trading right now var martello with my

Cash it’s more tell him to buy i would have liked to get martell at 18 cents that was the time to get martell but anyways green day today happy that it was is your boy rich rich do you live

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