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Well holy smokes folks we have uh stocks tanking into the clothes right now okay we’re going to talk about this uh kind of keep you guys up to date we’re going to look at a lot of different stocks what’s going on with them my perspective on this we’re going to talk about a lot of different stocks in this video so i hope you guys enjoy this as always if you don’t

Mind smash the thumbs up that helps our little youtube channel out in a massive massive way if you want to be subscribed to the channel hit that subscribe button if you want to have notifications on so you’ll be notified every time i drop a video on this channel you can do so we’re on the the path to 100 000 subscribers on this channel we will get there okay so uh

Yeah so it doesn’t look like a huge down day okay nasdaq’s down point eight four percent so a little less than one percent but i’m telling you the the the losses in stocks are so much greater than this okay i always tell you guys like you know if the nasdaq goes down you know let’s say one percent hypothetically which the nasdaq could finish down maybe one percent

Today right a lot of stocks are down you know double that triple that quadruple that but actually today’s much more severe because look at the russell look at the russell the russell’s down by 30 percent the russell’s really looking at a lot more of the small caps these stocks are getting devastated today absolutely obliterated okay i mean if the russell’s down

Three three percent that means a lot of stocks in the russell are going to be down four five six seven eight nine ten percent today i mean whoo i mean the market’s getting hit today guys not just the market but i mean like individual stocks okay so if we start out here oh yeah this is a one stock that maybe isn’t getting hit okay gtac gtac might be the one stock

That’s not getting hit okay just about everything other than gtac is getting hit hard today okay look at voyager okay voyager is a company with massive um upside potential long term here okay i’m gonna make my face smaller and put me put me over there voyager massive upside potential long term here right uh definitely a risk reward stock it comes with this risk

Right it’s a crypto brokerage uh you know they’re they’re you know trying to expand their business and do those sorts of things and become a big giant over time and so there’s massive upside potential but absolutely it comes with its risks right and um you know that stock today look at that almost 14 down but it’s a smaller company right two billion three billion

Dollar company and it’s just getting absolutely devastated by the way look at that russell it’s moving down even more look at the nasdaq now it’s approaching almost a one percent downward move here okay what a hit very good food company down ttcf oh man i might have to buy some more this one before the close here today guys um i might have to make a whole video

About tattoo chef and what i think is about to happen this summer time in regards to ttcf stock but um yeah i might have to buy some of that with that before they close but yeah that one’s taking a hit let’s check out corsair gaming crs r um and see what’s happening there of course they’re down 2.2 percent that’s another one i’m adding very aggressively right now

We’ll continue to their lock-up just came yesterday uh yeah yeah yesterday as far as a trading day yesterday was technically uh march 21st but obviously you can’t trade on a sunday so the other lock up going on right now there’s a stock that has definitely a lot of weakness in the short term but i love it and i love how i can just look at the corsair and then the

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Next stock down is ttcfk uh if we look at uh old fobo fubu whatever you want to call it tv yeah this stock’s getting taken a major hit today my gosh look at this one at its peak up to 62 dollars at the peak there and then february it was at 52. my goodness this is a it’s a pretty it’s a pretty exciting company i looked into it a bit the hardest thing for me in

Regards to stock is just trying to figure out with this one like you know how much of a chance they have of fighting off all the competition because i mean they’re in this they’re in the sports space and there’s a lot of competition i mean there’s just no dang doubt about that right uh oh we got the class actions going on on fobo that’s never good okay skills is

Down four percent right now draftkings is down three percent you know dimension down almost eight percent jumia down over six percent oh look at palantir oh man palumpteer down uh four percent again so you know palantir let’s take a look at this one here obviously you can’t look back here because this is before the whole you know um you know the whole deal was

Announced i mean this is where it’s pretty much been trading at most of time i mean it’s almost at its lows since it was a public company it’s almost at its lows right you can’t look back here you have to look pretty much in here and on and i mean it you know at 23 ish it’s pretty much at its lows you know this is one of those stocks if it goes under 20 i think

I’m gonna have to buy it i think i will you know um i’m still just trying to fully wrap my head around what the realistic opportunity is you know obviously there’s a lot of excitement around this talk everybody’s like this is the next 10x 20x stock and things like that but for me i gotta really wrap my head around like what the full bullish thesis is there um

How much realistic tam can they get to total addressable market you know obviously a company in their space you you can just say well the whole market’s there tam right but it’s like okay what’s the realistic tam what can they really get into and things like that no different than let’s say a corsair gaming for me right uh you know their gaming company obviously

They’re streaming and other products as well but i can’t just say like the whole gaming market is corsair’s tam because it’s not realistic right corsair is never going to get 100 of that damn right logitech’s going gonna get some razer’s gonna get some some other random companies will get some right so you know with something like a palantir i have to say okay

What’s realistic how many of the fortune 500 will use them and how much will the fortune 500 companies use them okay and is there an opportunity where this company can ever get into more mid-sized businesses and small businesses over time okay because that’s obviously you know big potential there oh look at cciv stock okay this one this is a lucid lucid air one

I’m being patient with this one this is a stock i could end up buying down the road i really could i could really end up buying this down the road that that market cap is not correct okay as not a correct market capitalization their mark capitalization right now is probably between 30 billion and 40 billion dollars okay a lot of people are getting fooled when they

See this market cap on yahoo finance and some other websites as well and they just don’t they haven’t accurately uh put it in essentially unfortunately so you know some people are getting fooled they look at you know lucid on yahoo finance for some others and like oh it’s only a six billion dollar company oh my gosh i like throw money in and believe me if if lucy

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Was trading at six billion i’m buying the stock left and right because it’s just like the risk reward’s too dang attractive but that’s not the case this company’s trading likely between a 30 billion and 40 billion dollar valuation right now okay so it’s definitely a little rich for me at the moment but if this one keeps falling um i will i will probably pick up

Some shares this one i will take that leap of faith it just you know it’s all about that risk reward um you know with a stock like this so now growers down seven percent this is what i haven’t got to look into i call it bingo stock um even though it has nothing to do with bingo just the ticker symbol i haven’t got to look into that one yet it’s interesting look

At neo today neo’s not down a ton maybe it has to do with the fact that neo is a i mean four percent still four percent right uh maybe it has to do with the fact that neo is a you know 64 billion dollar company now as far as market capitalization and it’s really the russell that’s getting hit the worse but you know this is what i talk about when i talk about

Stocks like tesla or neo or some of these others whatever happens in the nasdaq it’s going to be 2x 3x 4x worse for those stocks that’s why i really think it’s really dangerous to to margin out for these type of stocks i mean a lot of stocks in general but specifically these ones just because like if the nasdaq sells off 10 let’s say hypothetically right let’s

Say over the next month uh the nasdaq sales have 10 percent tesla’s going to be down 20 30 percent neo is going to be down probably 40 to 50 percent and so you know in the short term if you get margin calls and things like that it can get really ugly really fast and the next thing you know you have to sell some stocks you love at some really really bad prices

Right and so that’s why i kind of like you know it that’s definitely scary now on the the upside of course if the nasdaq goes up another 10 percent tesla’s going to be up 20 to 30 percent likely and neo is going to likely be up 40 to 50 percent that’s just the way it works okay so yeah by the way let’s check out tesla see tesla’s like you know this is actually

A good day for tesla the fact that the nasdaq’s down one percent and tesla’s only down one point six percent is actually really good day for tesla because usually if if it’s a downward day like a nasdaq down one percent day tesla’s usually down two or three percent if not four percent um it depends but usually it would you know historically from what i’ve seen

Tracking this all the time because obviously um you know i have maybe a half million dollars or so in tesla stock obviously it’s a stock i track you know usually tesla’s going to be down 2x to 3x whatever the nasdaq’s down so the fact that it’s not at that level right now is actually that’s actually a bullish sign for tesla stock in the short term at least it’s

Actually pretty good looking amazon today amazon’s actually up today guys interesting okay very interesting netflix is up today it is interesting isn’t that that’s that’s intriguing right facebook’s not down very much only down point five percent apple’s only down point five percent the amazon’s up on the day netflix is up on the day and google’s up on the day

That’s interesting right very very intriguing there guys ah that’s like that’s that’s um yeah that’s just you know a weird trading day very strange trading day when you get some of these companies up like this let’s check out shopify today let’s see what’s going on with ticker symbol shop i would love to see what’s going on with shopify so shopify is down but

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It’s down actually a lot less in the market but this is another huge company so maybe it’s a scenario you know what i when i start to kind of see something like this by the way i had to put my hat backwards because you know big down day we have to put our hat backwards look at that nasdaq continues to sell off more and more down down uh 1.1 percent um you know maybe

It’s a day where people are saying get out of small caps get into the big dogs um you know and that’s just maybe kind of like a fear you know coming from a fear perspective like we’ve got to run out of these stocks and run into these stocks essentially because you look at a lot of these bigger market caps and they’re actually performing well right look at even

Tesla tesla was down more than the market but like i said usually tests down 2x to 3x the market on a down day like this and shopify is not even down you know half as much as the nasdaq’s down amazon’s up google’s up you know this is where things get really interesting look at zoom stock zoom stock today’s up isn’t that interesting wow we got to pull this up zm

Here very intriguing zoom stocks at not just up it’s having a great day it’s up 3.4 here today wow let’s look at the ford p on zoom i’m actually pretty interested 87 4p wow you know that’s that’s pretty darn intriguing there guys that i will say i mean who would have expected that on a day when the nasdaq’s down like that for zoom to be up 3.3 percent interesting

Docusign has got a small gain today square is down about two percent crowd strikes down let’s check out um there’s another stock i want to check out here oh dropbox i want to see dropbox today see what’s going on dropbox is up look at that not up a lot but it’s up a half a percent you know this is a stock that i’ve always felt like this this year and next year

Are the years for dropbox talk i’ve always felt like you know that’s why i wanted to buy this one heavily in the back half of 2020 because i always felt like this was the year for dropbox and next year as well in terms of the stock really roaring i don’t like to make a lot of short-term predictions but i always felt like this was kind of and you know you look at

The six-month chart it’s clear like things are starting to play out for dropbox i mean you know this stock was 17 bucks 18 bucks back in november and ever since then it’s just been on a climb climb climb climb climb all the way till now today is trading at 27.47 so that’s a you know from where was that in october november 17 18 a share to now to be a 27 that’s a

That’s a nice climb for dropbox so i always felt like this is kind of that year for them but yeah i think i got to talk about what’s going to happen with tattooed chefs starting this summer because i think some interesting things are happening there but anyways hope you guys enjoyed the video like this where we run through a bunch of stocks on what’s kind of going

On here let me know if you guys enjoy a video like this maybe i could do um some stuff like this in the future with some crazy trading days like today where we’re getting a massive move down the russell well over three percent so yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up that helps our little youtube channel out in a massive massive

Way i appreciate you guys if you want to subscribe you can do so you want to apply for my private stock group that’s linked in the description and it might even be the ping comment down there much love and peace

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