Like me check a like a pair of nike thank you for backing us up in the populace up with the fresh white tea oh so now you make song now you wanna sing along how did you twitter pride being a king you are part i’ll talk about stacks giving out laughs acts vision is having is racks you should hold up i mean you growling you look and run and i know that you wanna

Be by you must ow or you think you must be round i ain’t no house and then just have our get down to we were here first knocking on a she was in the back talking oh try to make it only hits now use jealousy you can’t stand it or just being here quit being big circle tight get you pin square is i’m gonna open the letter letter letter i know you tight like to be

Free it was a troll in the like bug in the end no dad you think you can rap i’m laughs please let’s see you write sonny this is red kennywood like this look at the fridge with the assist it’ll as the kid i’m rocking my race i can’t stop til i get a million hits shahenshah shahenshah tuesday that shot and shot and shot and shot and shot herself is that a shot

Like me no joke it were like me kids were like me do it like pichai headshot headshot headshot headshot headshot like you’re like me wanna say no names in your row like propane cuz cloud run is so lame my ram is fresh like okay this what are you copy the whole thing i am hope you got no brain you can test the boy i got no my crew looking like soldier look

In the other direction you are not part of the section you do not make an impression you should just change professions this is the kiss and the making you can’t just copy the page it’s very insidious doesn’t you you can just copy the way not now i’m just playing for kids with rich tv your platform is wrong i know that it’s showing me like $60 people deep

This original this liminal we’ve maximized you minimal this critical analytical just arrogance the miracles where the castles are boring on your channel i’m snoring are you hitting the recording she’s dying horribly sick of the same old story about if you tricking the light light rich tv is here and we must bigger than life headshot headshot headshot headshot


Hey guys doing feels uh feels like i haven’t gone live in so long so i thought it’d go live excuse me i’ve had a busy day i’ve been busy all day had a crazy week busy all week and thought i’d just go live you know name and we’ll talk about this week this week’s been up um crazy week unless you unless you’re buying bam or labs pretty much everything else is

Been though yeah a free is gonna be reporting financials i think the refine answer should be strong and i have some people that are telling me that think it’s gonna go to $15 in canada i wouldn’t be surprised you know i think a company like that the sky’s the limit you know the industry right now is just growing and growing and growing by leaps and bounds i’m

Excited to be a part of it i hope you guys are getting to be a part of it in one capacity or another if you guys didn’t know we actually have our own cbe company we have an office that is going to be launching our cbd business in phoenix arizona and we’ve got all kinds of business lined up already and we haven’t even started it’s exciting it’s really exciting so

I’m excited to be in the game and who knows you know we’ll probably take that company public down the road too mmm i lost a lot of money this week too but you know what you don’t lose until you sell so i actually didn’t take any else this week i just i just down on a lot of my positions i’m down about $5,000 i’m down about 5,000 dollars this week so wasn’t the

Greatest week i’m down about $5,000 in my trading account yeah so zen abyss obviously took a big tumble i talked about it this morning they got crushed and i bought more stick into my system am buying the red sell on the green buying the reds on the green and it’s been a tough week i think that the consolidation of cannabis companies has started a little bit but

The interesting thing is we still have sneak attacks happening all day long so there’s sneak attacks happening with med man or amendment labs and bam so both labs and bam have just been on fire and they’re not stopping so if you want to run some momentum plays labs and bam are probably two of the best momentum plays you could find in the cannabis sector right

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Now now if you’re like me and you’re wanting to buy some red there’s a lot of red so i bought sunita this week i bought more xena this week so right now the major stocks that i’m holding are aurora cannabis med man xena suniva cxx i can trust those seven i’m holding those seven and i just decided that i’m gonna continue to accumulate those seven cuz i really like

Them and i’m just gonna keep buying them for the rest of the year see what happens you bought some vt vt n rb v and ggb today you miss xena it’s okay monday is another day who knows man where these stocks are gonna go maybe it goes down a little bit more and if it does i’m gonna buy more and that’s just my attitude because i believe in xena long term i think the

Long term they’re gonna be a huge success you know it’s kind of funny to put her to video on xena and people are calling me out on my own channel on my channel on my channel calling me out trying to say that i don’t know what i’m talking about trying to say that idol noble cannabis stocks in canada interesting because i was pretty sure i was the first one ever

Talked about cannabis stocks in canada on youtube ever and i’m pretty sure i’ve been buying cannabis stocks in canada for i don’t know four or five years so i kind of i find it kind of funny when people are saying to me i don’t know anything about zen abyss cuz i’m the only guy that did a video book xenakis i was the first guy to do a video about zen abyss i was

The first guy to do a tour of their facilities i was out first guy to go and see their facilities in langley delta all over vancouver but yeah i got people that have the nerve of going on my channel insane rich you don’t know about xena you don’t you don’t know how to do due diligence rich what you’re on my channel you’re going on my channel telling me that i

Don’t know how to do due diligence aren’t you watching my video wait hold up you’re commenting on my videos saying that i don’t know what i’m talking about and then you’re trying to say that i don’t know how to do due diligence man it’s kind of funny cuz i don’t even know who the you guys are i don’t go to your channel i don’t watch you i don’t give a flying

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About you but you come on to my channel and you say that i don’t know what i’m talking about i don’t know nothing about xena i don’t know how to do due diligence it’s a little bit laughable i don’t got a proof all to any of you guys all you haters all you trolls all you youtubers that want to call me out when you got no subscribers i don’t gotta prove to you

How about that how about i don’t gotta prove to you how about that what’s your response to that like you’re on my channel i don’t watch you i don’t care to watch you i don’t need your pics i don’t need your due diligence i don’t need nothing from you actually so it’s interesting when you come onto my channel and i’m reading messages and i just see pure just

Hate and more rich you know i think you need to do more due diligence rich um i don’t think you know about canadian cannabis stocks rich uh okay pretty sure i’ve been interviewing canadian cannabis companies all week but i guess i don’t know nothing about the industry and i’m pretty sure i own a shill canada stocks in canada but i guess i know nothing

About that too right and i’m pretty sure i got the largest youtube channel talkable cannabis thoughts every day 20,000 subscribers deep and i guess i know nothing about that either and i was just chosen to you know given a word to cryptocurrency enthusiasts but i guess nobody knows me in the crypto space either honestly i don’t even know man i don’t even know

Man i don’t even know what to say man i don’t know what the same huh the same man i i don’t know man guys i know nothing i don’t know anything i only made 42 grand in the last three weeks i lost 5 grand this week so i’m up 37 grand i don’t know anything i’m an idiot i don’t know man all man oh oh oh man i don’t know nothing all man i don’t know

Nothing man is just so dumb you know just so stupid i don’t know nothing oh my goodness i don’t know nothing this toilet paper stretches bernie he’s burning right i’m a oh nothing sure i got nothing else to say man i’m out of here peace i gotta trolls man get the out of here

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