Stocks to buy: Zenabis Global Inc. (TSXV: BVO)

Stocks to buy: Zenabis Global Inc. (TSXV: BVO) – RICH TV LIVE – October 7, 2018 – Yesterday, Bevo Agro Inc. (TSXV: BVO) announced that it has signed an Arrangement Agreement dated October 4, 2018 with Sun Pharm Investments Ltd. (“Sun Pharm”) for a reverse take-over of Bevo, and announced its intent to change its name to Zenabis Global Inc. This combined entity will have almost 3.5 million square feet in available production space.

Hi guys this is hip rich here on behalf of rich tv live and we are nine days nine hours 39 minutes and 37 seconds away from history and i’ve identified another potential winner the symbol is b vo on the toronto stock exchange the company name is an abbess cannabis newcomer issues presentation released to introduce zen abbess this is a reverse takeover i’m bringing

It to you because i bring you all the winners first this is a brand new ipo through a reverse takeover the website is an abbess calm and your boy richwood bringing the winners and we bring them to you first it’s true with one of the largest cannabis cultivation footprints in canada that’s right zen abbess is proud to provide medical and recreational cannabis

Coast-to-coast this is unbelievable wow our team consists of passionate and progressive members of the community who value innovation and ambition we take pride in the distance our country has come in the effort to legalize cannabis and provide fair access for medical patients we are doctors scientists researchers farmers growers teachers educators and advocates our

Goal is to provide safe high-quality cannabis products and derivatives to the millions of canadians that want them this is huge and you know i got to give it to some of the community members for bringing this to my attention this is savino who brought this to me he’s like rich you gotta look into these company look into them for me so with over six hundred sixty

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Thousand square feet of indoor cultivation space zan abbas provides an ideal growing environment for plants to ensure consistent high quality products in addition to the cultivation and sale of cannabis we also actively engage in patient education physician counseling community outreach and building public awareness about cannabis and cannabis derivatives this is

Huge look at the team look at this team wow zen novice bvo is the symbol on the tsx venture exchange it’s true look at their news it’s just getting started nobody even knows but your boy rich we bring you the winners first look at the volume only 17,000 chairs nobody even knows it’s at 2 dollars and 30 cents please guys let me know what do you think it’s a 32%

Buy on bar chart what do you think about this we’ve got a bunch of winners that we’re watching these are all the winners from friday we’ve built a massive watch list obviously aurora cannabis has some huge news they’re going to the new york stock exchange and you can see the stock just exploded up so we’re obviously watching our number 1 aurora cannabis to see if

It’s going to do what we predicted and at with nine days nine hours 36 minutes and 38 seconds away from history in canada what do you believe is going to happen with zinn abbess this team looks good this team looks good in october 2018 and i was entered into an amalgamation agreement with bevo farms limited on the toronto stock venture exchange under the symbol

Biggio to list via reverse takeover adding over 2.8 million square feet of greenhouse space that’s right 2.8 million square feet of greenhouse space and 240 tons of total production capacity wow this is huge and if you want to read more you just click there and you can read more this deal brings together two families rooted in canadian agriculture for more than 30

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Years this is the story of an inter generational relationship beginning with two immigrant fathers who collaborated in agricultural business and ending with their sons partnering to create this new entity each partner brings a certain specialty high quality cannabis for worldwide distribution from zijn abbess and bebo’s greenhouse growing expertise to efficiently

Cultivate cannabis at low cost i love it what do you guys think if you like this video smash the like button share it everywhere if i win and you win we all win zen abbess you know i don’t know you can go and join their newsletter find out more about sin abbess will you buy this stock now remember rich tv line is strictly for education entertainment purposes do your

Due diligence do your research they’re working in some type of relationship with namaste interesting and other brands i like this facilities partners investor relations managers i mean this looks cool looks like a good company what do you guys think comment down below i want to know if you guys have this company on your watch list am i the first one that brought

This to your watchlist tell the truth i want to know was i the first this is the team what do you guys think let me know guys you know i can’t tell you guys what to buy or sell but i think this looks like an interesting company i’m definitely gonna be watching it look they got a patient login section a shop section let’s see what can you buy look at the products

Do this bam zenab this products look at that a interesting products rus to watch right here shop our products my goodness unbelievable watching football it’s football sunday we’re looking at cinemas we’re looking at canada stocks just put in your email address and subscribe that’s all you got to do it’s an abbess products interesting what do you guys think you

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Think it’s a winner look at that can you believe this this is the new world 2018 and we are nine days away from legalization and these are the types of companies that you’re a boy rich is bringing to you and you can legally invest in them now it’s true what do you guys think looks cool right another winner bvo brought to you by your boy rich if you’re not winning

You’re not watching as an abbess what do you think your boy rich and um oh peace oh yeah you can find all of these tools just go to news follow us you know all our tools right there marijuana news new cannabis ventures marijuana index reuters bloomberg bbc news cbc news cnn news stocks you want to find all the tools i use every day for free right there and if you

Want to join our groups join our groups they’re free and we talking stock sports entertainment 24/7 you want to see our picks right here all our picks right over cb live absolutely free to get wwe at $91 right isn’t that crazy we got all the pics right here every single day absolutely free and you too can join the community in winning community your by rich nine

Days nine hours 32 minutes and six seconds away from history in canada it’s true mo whose

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Stocks to buy: Zenabis Global Inc. (TSXV: BVO) By RICH TV LIVE

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