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Stocks to BUY – RICH TV LIVE – JULY 8, 2019 – KushCo Holdings Announces Filing of Application to List on the NASDAQ Global Select Market

Hi guys this is rich from rich to be live and i marked hello technologies group just keeps climbing and it’s traded four million shares up fourteen point five five percent today now it’s 63 cents i did predict it would go to a dollar we are more than halfway there now let’s take a look at the american symbol the rko f martello technologies group see how it’s doing

In america today and bam up 14% there we go at 48 and a half cents it is not stopping i’ve told you guys poosh linton is the most powerful man in the cannabis industry and this isn’t even a cannabis stock this is a technology stock but the amount of people that are following this man is driving the price up and i believe it continues and it just has it just keeps

Going on and on and on another company that was in the news today is cush bottles kshb they just announced that they are filing an application to move up to the nasdaq and the stock is moving up in kind i told you guys under five dollars if you’ve been watching and listening for a while now that this is undervalued underappreciated underexposed being attacked by

The shorter’s they have their tactics and i just see this company going way way higher here’s the news right here cushko holdings announces filing of application to list on the nasdaq this is rich tv where you can find this information right here cushko holdings announced his filing of application to list on the nasdaq global select market kshb today

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Announced it has filed an application to list the company’s common shares on the nasdaq global select market nick koval savitch chairman and chief executive officer of cushko commented listing on the nasdaq global select market the highest and most prestigious nasdaq tier will raise the company’s profile by diversifying our shareholder base and enhancing share

Liquidity in support of our company’s long-term goals and objectives the listing of the company’s common shares on the nasdaq remains subject to the approval of the nasdaq and the satisfaction of all applicable listing and regulatory requirements in the interim the company will continue to trade on the otc markets under the symbol k s h b that’s interesting they

Might they might change your symbol about cushko holdings co co co holdings inc cushko comm is the website kshb is the symbol on the otcqx exchange is the premier producer of ancillary products and services to the cannabis and hemp industries cushko holdings subsidiaries and brands provide product quality exceptional customer service compliance knowledge and a local

Presence in serving its diverse customer base founded in 2010 cushko holdings has now sold more than 1 billion uits units to growers processors and producers across north america south america and europe wow that’s that’s crazy amount 1 billion units the company has been featured in media nationwide including cnbc los angeles times the street comm entrepreneur ink

Magazine while cushko holdings provides products and solutions to customers in the cannabis and cbd industries it has no direct involvement with the cannabis plant or any products that contain thc or cbd love this company i see it going way way higher this is big news for cushko now if you want to use rich tv you can go to us pot index and we can take a

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Look at how the market is doing oh so far in the us we are green slightly up just over just under half a percent and you can see there are some big losers today wow tilt is taking it on the chin again uh it looks like some life from golden leaf holdings not much volume so you can see some of the winners there so far today cush goes at the bottom of the list and

If you look at the bigger players you can see cure as somewhat green today acreage is somewhat green charlotte’s web once again is maintaining that momentum cushko is green but nothing crazy so far see now we’ll take a look at the canadian index that’s the u.s. index let’s take a look at the canadian index we read or we green today oh we are read we are down one

Point one one percent one point three nine percent one point one one points and the thing that really gets my attention is we’re at seventy eight seventy eight that 52-week low is seventy three twenty two we’re very close to the 52-week low 52-week high is a hundred and ten we are very far from the 52-week high which to me screams opportunity look at all the red

There’s a lot of red lots of red here so definitely taking a bunch on the chin here well gana gram is slightly green delta-9 is slightly green chiron is slightly green for the most part we are seeing a lot of red can’t trust is leading the way in red with some really bad news i’m gonna get into that on another video but yeah they had some really bad news today

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Because of that the stock is falling and a lot of stocks are falling and once again canopy growth is falling while m tlo is climbing i think that’s a sign of what is to come this is your boy rich from rich to be live bringing the news we’ll keep you guys updated we’ll be back soon stay tuned stocks to watch right now our mtl o which just keeps winning for members

I mean unbelievable i can’t believe this thing has gone from 18 cents to now where it’s at where we at 65 cents up 18% and it’s not stopping folks bruce linton and martello are on a mission to shock the world and they are martello technologies group the hot pick of the day hot pick of last week the hot pick of july so far and i believe this continues all the way

To $1.00 just on hype alone and cushko bottles kshb has made an application to move to the nasdaq this is your boy rich or miss tv live we’ll see you soon

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