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Good morning this is rich or mississippi live and we are looking at the markets i am going to be interviewing kay bev ceo very very soon kb evey however i just found out that it won’t be a live stream i thought it was gonna be a live stream it’s actually not going to be a live stream so in the meantime i will be doing that interview in about an hour so in the

Meantime we’re live and i’m just gonna look at some stocks and look at the markets for you guys so as you can see once again the markets aren’t melting up we can see that the dow jones is up the sp500 is up then as that goes up the global that was up and oil is up gold is slightly down but once again we see the market continues to melt up alberta ramo says hu tto on

An absolute tear a dollar five to a dollar sixty today wow let’s take a look at hu t now hive blockchain has been on fire as well up 11% again today hutt dot t– o– hut eight mining interesting move here for hu t i went down to $1 now back up to 160 definitely hut eight mining looks very very strong what else guys what else you guys looking at today one of the

Biggest stocks of the day thanks bro one of the biggest stocks the day is sprint sprint corporation huge day for sprint up 73% massive one-day move on sprint look at that move on spring crazy move by sprint corporation and that’s the type of move that you can see in a market melt up this is pretty standard in the market melt up and this is what you see here from

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Sprint what else is moving today guys anything else that’s moving look at amazon i told you guys amazon was one of my top picks for february 2020 they have not disappointed amazon continues to climb shop was one of my top 10 picks for january 2020 dave continued to climb what else is moving today guys well hexo showing some life today up 5.3 6% cannabis sector

Has been completely annihilated let’s take a look at the cannabis sector here we’re just gonna stay live for a little bit before i do my interview we will be doing an interview with ceo of kb evy i thought it was gonna be a live stream but it’s been changed to a courted edited video fire up 7% aurora up 5% finally coming back from the dead can be growth over $20

Cgc at five up five point four percent africa up five point three percent heck so up till right up and khronos group up so far the north american index in the cannabis sector is up slightly we are down in the united states and we are seeing slightly green in canada up 2% right now i’m doing good infinite how’re you doing just looking at the overall markets and

Trying to see some trends in the markets or a stock watch oh sorry guys we got to go i’ll see you guys soon

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