Stocks to WATCH in a BEAR Market

Stocks to WATCH in a BEAR Market – RICH TV LIVE – December 24, 2018 – Today I collaborate with Investing Hustler –

Let’s go hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich and i’m here with investing hustler how you doing today buddy going on man what’s going on rich so crazy crazy crazy crazy day so far first of all happy christmas eve how you do it you know happy christmas eve to you and to all your family and to everyone that’s watching all over the world i just wanted to wish

Everybody a happy christmas even to you especially mr. investing wrestler merry christmas to you too would you plant holidays my plans for the holidays man honestly as i’m gonna be with my kids so you know i’m going to do the christmas thing with my children and you’re the holidays i’m just gonna keep making videos for you the people and and continue to collaborate

And continue to look underneath every single stone and leave no stone unturned to make sure we keep finding you guys the winners yeah cuz if you’re not winning you’re not watching a it’s true it’s true and even in a market like this where right now the dow jones is in a bloodbath again the global economy seems like it’s just under siege we know our momentum in

The cannabis stocks earlier today the cannabis stocks were down everything was red now it’s actually been a massive trend reversal in fact we see a free up 16% father still continuing to climb and oxley up just under 60% yeah so that’s a good sign a canopy growth up almost 5% and climbing as we speak cronos group up 1% aurora cannabis up just number 3 percent so

All the top dogs seem to be up yeah do you think this is a beginning of a santa claus rally or it’s just like a one-day movement i don’t know i think that the cannabis stocks seem to move with cryptocurrency and the crypto lately have had a nice bounce and it seems as though the cannabis stocks seem to be having a nice bounce even though the rest of the world is

Selling off because you could see the dow jones is down and i know oil and gas has recent been down but one safe haven that people should be looking into is gold because whenever the rest of the world is in uncertain times and we are in the midst of what they call a recession or a bear market a lot of investors turn to gold what do you think about that well it is

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A a good asset to have it’s not very volatile so you won’t be making a lot of money but when everything is going down a lot of people trust gold because it’s an actual physical asset that you can own unlike stocks it’s more like technology so it’s all paper it’s all it’s all online stuff so gold it’s a physical asset and for sure it’s it’s a good commodity to them

I’m looking at a gold stock maybe you can pull it up it’s called beat-beat there 0.18 percent the reason i like it is if you actually would go to bar chart calm you would be able to see that they are a 96% buy on bar chart with the strongest short-term outlook on maintaining the current direction longer-term the trench train is maximum long-term indicators fully

Support a continuation of this trend so bar chart is looking very highly upon b to gold and i did my research and they made over 200 million in the last quarter so they are generating a lot of revenue and at two dollars and 80 cents right now btg to me looks like a company symbol btg it looks like a company that has huge huge huge upside if you like gold and i know

It’s up i think about i’m just pulling up to looking at it right now a bar chart well they’re out point seven two percent they have a they’re not thirty three percent since august so they’ve been on a steady climb kind of slowly climbing since as you see the crime there since yeah right here correct yeah you can see that they’ve been on a steady climb since august

So they’ve been a little bit higher they’ve come down recently as much as august and now there are 30 since august and right now with all the uncertainty could we see b2 gold maybe climb higher i mean a company whose revenue is is going in the right direction has a lot of momentum a bold stock and a lot of people are looking for a safe haven right now so are they

Going to be looking at b2 bolt well they do have a market cap of 2.7 to billion they have 989 million outstanding shares and a p/e ratio of 27 so that means they are a profitable company this is the first time i’m hearing about them and if you look at the analysis it’s a bias strong buying a strong buy so could be in one of those little companies that you know you

Never know it could be a sneak attack and just could shock the world another company if you get like penny stocks another company that’s on fire today is n o uv take a look at this one this is a super sub penny stock it came out of nowhere everyone in our communities been talking about it we can’t believe in canada it’s crazy i’m a suit of clothes yes it has been

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On fire we can’t buy it in canada it is just an on fire it’s like just insane look at it today up 50% this thing has come up from like the double the triple o 2 range all the way up to the double o 1 5 range in the last few days the last few trading days yeah like literally exploded it’s up about a thousand percent just under a thousand percent in the last couple

Trading days yeah it seems that it had a nice resistance at triple zero 3 and then once they broke that it just exploded and now i’m yeah so up 50% today well newville life pharmaceuticals we can’t buy it in canada for a lot of you investors in america this is one that’s been making a lot of money for our membership the bar chart technical opinion rating is 88%

Buy with a strongest short-term outlook on maintaining the current direction long-term the trend strength is maximum long-term indicators fully support a continuation of this trend lots of power there lots of power there so even in a bear market we are still finding winners now let me show you one more take a look at nhp i another penny stock would you would you

Buy that company right now though even though it’s one of fifty percent in one day um i would try to wait for a dip yeah cuz it’s doing its partnered up with a lot of other companies like calley that have been on fire well you know i you could write it as a momentum play let’s just put it that way but it’s one of those you got to be in and out really quickly because

For sure just in case it decides to these are very risky plays but they are they’re a ton of momentum as you can see this one right here about 95% and one day wow yeah so these are stocks that members within our community are winning on their day trading them n hpi has made a huge move as you can see way higher just recently and then they just came right back down

And now they’re hitting the floor and they’re bouncing back up again so this is just another momentum trade i wouldn’t chase it up 95% but it’s one put on your watchlist put on your radar it is moving today and even in a bear market where the markets are really bare and the dow jones is heavily oversold you can still make money and you can still find winners and

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That’s what we want to try to prove to the membership is hey i know it’s tough about that i know the markets are difficult but you can still find winners so let’s keep our eyes and ears on the prize and let’s continue to find these winners before they explode huh yeah for sure 95% in one day would be very nice and i like this company has a very small market cap

8.4 million only 31 million outstanding shares which probably explains why it’s so volatile um what it was what does this company sell hi nero hi tech i guess it’s from studio i need to research it further it’s something that was given to me within my membership within her community so i haven’t researched it that in detail but is one that has been going up and

Down and i can’t tell you too much about it because i haven’t researched it personally and i don’t own it but it is one that has exploded today so i thought i’d bring it to your attention yeah yeah it’s you would definitely have to do a lot of research on it or it could just be a nice swing trade and now they’re up a hundred percent so it does seem that they’re

Just climbing right now lots of momentum there so this is what i’m talking about momentum trading you can still find momentum you can still make money even in a bear market now investing hustler man i wish you an amazing holidays we’re gonna have to go now so happy little merry christmas my friend and everyone have a merry christmas and have yourselves a merry

Christmas eat don’t drink and drive don’t smoke your fly ok abide by the rules ok your boy rich and investing hustler bring you the winners even in a bear market you can still make money it’s true yep 100% in one day besting hustler man thank you for your time again today thanks for having me rich can you try to have a collab later on with the departures capital

Everyone’s busy nowadays because the holiday so we’re gonna try to squeeze these collabs in as we can all right brother all right we’ll catch you guys later have a good way you’re not watching it’s your boy rich with investing hustler and we’re out take it easy

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Stocks to WATCH in a BEAR Market By RICH TV LIVE

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