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Cannabis stocks and ceo interviews brought to you by rich tv live remember hey guys how you doing is you’re bored rich here and i’m here with a very special guest nick disick who brand manager and which is a division actually of natera fx a division of naturally splendid i love this booth you have here today can you tell us more about your company

I certainly can very proudly in the turn of thanks naturally splendid approached me about a year ago and said you’ve to take this we have hemp protein organic naturally splendid has done a great way of taking this to a whole different marketplace we’re talking about the professional market practitioners chiropractors not traffic physicians practitioners such as

Medical doctors that are working in integrated medicine that recognize nutrition is valuable caballus macro nutrient profile that provides fantastic source of omega six and three in the ideal ratio of three to one great fiber satiety and very ology potential what’s great is also tastes great fluffy nice textures awesome so that’s what i thought it would be a great

Opportunity to promote and channel hem into the professional line because frankly professionals health care professionals don’t have the options many options that are knowledge of potential they’re doing the soy boon with rice that building weight and unfortunately these conditions the patients are experiencing a lot of times their adverse reactions are to these

Protein sources so on that note therapeutically speaking fantastic formula that incorporates and protein is lean effects lina facts deals with addressing the fat we’re talking about weight loss and maintaining lean body mass or muscle which as a result by reducing fat you’re able to reduce other cardiovascular risk factors other metabolic biomarkers that are such

As lower cholesterol ‘lord blood pressure and we’re talking about just only feeling good but we’re talking about amazing fat versus losing muscle so that’s a real distinction between use me medina facts and just the weight loss product and again this is something that is monitored by a health care professional so they can see the progress on how their patients are

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Doing and they can monitor and titrate or adjust the dosing as necessary with each patient hey guys we’re also going to be speaking right now to dr. lawrence wedlock off the medical adviser of natera effects i do laurie hey doing great rich they’re easy see you so what’s your role with the company my role well i’ve been in practice as a naturopathic physician for

24 years and so i’ve used a lot of products over the years to help my patients again healthier overcome health challenges and what i got excited about this company was is that we are missing a sector in our dispensary in our prescribing ability and that’s that’s revolving around hemp products mc hemp protein and oil the therapeutic benefits of those substances is

Immense and we don’t really have a lot of products and our arsenal so to speak to we help our patients so when i saw this opportunity to help out and to bring awareness to our my fellow colleagues and other health care practitioners i got excited and we happy baby oh that’s that’s amazing now what type of potential do you think that the terra has the terra effects

Has like do you think this could be a huge global company like what type of expectations do that i think you know by just judging from today’s response we’re here for the first time people are coming up people are excited they’re they know about him but even practitioners and doctors they haven’t really used it a lot so i think the sky is really the limit on this

One and i’m excited about it we have a lot of products coming down the pipeline that are gonna be incorporating different aspects of hemp i’m excited that the products are very pure they’re non-gmo there they’re vegan vegetarian their plant-based their sustainable products they’re being formulated with the highest purity and quality this is what doctors like and

Patient is deserved that when they come to see us they want the best products and i’m certain that the terra fx will be able to deliver that and we’re going to make sure that that happens a lot of excitement around that now one thing i hear from a lot of people is that when they go to a doctor they get prescribed pills yeah now this is obviously an alternative yeah

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So is this something that you know in a few weeks or in a few days like when legalization happens that we can go to our doctors and we can get some of these products like is it that easy or is there gonna be a process like what you see how well the one thing to clearly understand is that this product these products are derived from which is agricultural outfits it

Has nothing to do with medical marijuana or or cvd of this point because those are not yet legalized in this in this area we are using food-grade combining them with various vitamins amino acids various tatical substances and using the benefits of hemp whether it’s the amino acid profile whether it’s the anti-inflammatory aspects of it whether it’s the nutritional

Needs that support the product so eventually i think that market the cbd market once it becomes legalized or it to be compounded with these products we have another whole opening of products and becoming available that will have cbd in it and all of that health benefits incorporated with products that we already have so there there’s going to be more options and

We’re excited about that so that’s another sky’s the limit area this is a very exciting time for investors if i was an investor watching at home from 62 different countries what would i be looking at you know if as an investor there was one thing you could tell an investor to look for for the terra fx what would it be well i think the position were in were first

Out of the game for moversmovers for we are the first as far as i know and the professional market right we’re the first in that area so people are going to get excited and people are excited and we have great products so that’s a great combination and i think i think again we’ll do very very well i’m excited to be part of it i think there’s a great team i think

Naturally splendid is an amazing organization that really forward-thinking moving quickly to make sure that the products are delivered to the public as quickly and effectively as possible that’s fantastic i’m so excited to see how everything goes you guys have a beautiful booth here today thank you very well rep lauren one question what products do you think

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Would be beneficial for patients yeah we’ve launched a number of products as we launched here and i have a couple in front of me here one is called final mood and the other is relief very common conditions these these products treat final mood is used for anxiety conditions depression sleep mental fatigue it’s it’s a blend of vitamins amino acids and plant-based

Material along with hemp oil so that combination is really effective in supporting the central nervous system the nervous system the sleep centers the relaxation centers let’s face the loop we all have stress today yeah we all need support and we all experience our stresses differently and when you find products to help in those areas to reduce our stress level

Get its good night’s rest you’re gonna feel better and you’re going to live longer well that’s huge i know that anxiety and depression and mental illness is a major problem huge profits it’s one of the most commonly nowadays visits to the doctor absolutely long with so you guys are doing some great work yeah in that area and we also have a wonderful pain relief

Remedy that incorporates three botanical remedies that are historically been very effective for reducing pain and inflammation in the body so if you think about it a pain relief enhancer you know you feel better you have less pain you can sleep better a sleep powder you have less pain you get a very positive cycle of health that recurring pain just like food food

And balances is very big out there we have a pain academic is out there so we’re pleased to launch a couple of these products that’s going to specifically target those conditions that will be affected wow i love it thank you so much this is great anibus text and see you interviews brought to you by rich you

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