STOCKS TO WATCH: STILLCANNA (CSE: STIL) (OTC: SCNNF) – RICH TV LIVE – MAY 31, 2019 – StillCanna Inc. (CSE:STIL, OTC:SCNNF, FRANKFURT:A2PEWA) (“STIL” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it is trading on the OTC Markets under the symbol “SCNNF” and its shares are DTC Eligible. StillCanna’s shares are also quoted on the Börse Frankfurt Exchange in Germany under the symbol “A2PEWA” in addition to the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the symbol “STIL”. “Trading on the US OTC Markets will assist us with increasing our U.S. shareholder base and investor awareness as we complete our transition into producing high-quality CBD Isolate from our production centres in Romania and Poland,” stated Jason Dussault, Chief Executive Officer, “having recently announced a C$36 million supply agreement with a leading US-based producer of CBD-infused products, we look to increase our visibility with both US customers and shareholders alike.”

Hi guys this is rich from rich tv live and i have another special stock that i’m watching very very carefully called still canna and they have some new news today still canna is particularly this at a dollar 19 in canada 105 million shares issued outstanding and they just listed today that they are getting an otc markets listing let’s take a look at the news here

Breaking news today still can inc st il in canada s cnn f in america and in frankfurt a to pe w a is pleased to announce that it is trading on the otc market under the symbol sc n nf and it shares our dtc eligible still can of shares are also quoted on the bourse frankfurt exchange in germany under the symbol a to pe w a in addition to the canadian securities

Exchange cse under the symbol s ti l still canna is refining the future trading on the us otc markets will assist us with increasing our u.s. shareholder base and investor awareness as we complete our transition into producing high-quality cbd isolate from our production centres in romania and poland stated jason dassault chief executive officer having recently

Announced a 36 million canadian supply agreement with a leading us-based producer of cbd infused products we look to increase our visibility with both us customers and shareholders alike dtc eligibility is huge what is dtc eligibility it means that you can now deposit your shares it means now you can buy and sell stock in america which is gonna bring in so many more

Investors for still canada a company that people really don’t know dtc eligibility means that a public many securities are able to be deposited through dtc there it is dtc stands for a deposit trust clearing corporation dtc is the larger securities depository in the world and holds over 35 trillion dollars worth of securities on deposit dtc accepts deposits of

Securities from its participants only who are usually clearing firms most brokers clearly clear stock in-house or hire a clearing firm to do so on their behalf all movements of securities are made to the participants account electronically with book entry adjustments if an issuer is not dtc eligible then it shares cannot be transferred between brokerage accounts

Electronically which means it shares cannot be traded easily this is a huge step for still canada still a company that nobody even knows 105 million shares out at a dollar nineteen and this bad boys been way lower this this bad boys been way lower i mean just look at their chart they were 19 cents last year 19 cents now they’re well over $1 at a dollar 19 like

This company let’s just take a look here at this website still cannot calm let’s see what they say here on their site let’s take a little look you look doesn’t show weird it’s got a link here to their site little video but it doesn’t want to show the video i don’t know why says here six percent of the world wants to get high 100 percent of the world wants to get

Healthy still kanna is committed to providing quality industry-leading cbd oil for international medicinal use they are all about cbd guys look at this what is cbd our process investors you can break it all down look at their latest news this is their website this is what they’re referring to still can assigns a definitive agreement with biosciences enterprise to

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Supply 36 million worth of cbd isolate and implements a two-stage extraction plan for poland this is the news that they were referring to and this is the news right here still can assigns definitive agreement with bioscience enterprise to supply 36 million worth of cbd isolate and implements a two-stage extraction plan for poland this news came out earlier in the

Week just a couple days ago and let’s see what they say we are extremely pleased to formalize our relationship with still canon a stated richard parker president of biosciences enterprises not a day goes by that our firm isn’t looking for a company like still canna but finding a knowledgeable seed to shelf cbd manufacturer in this young industry is extremely rare

With access to their own biomass and years of extraction expertise still canna makes a perfect partner for us today and into the future to sell it to accelerate its product delivery the company is implementing a two-stage extraction plan for poland stage 1 will consist of equipment engineered to optimize the production of cbd isolate with permitting in place and

Equipment ordered for poland it is anticipated that the initial line will produce and ship isolate q4 of 2019 allowing the company to begin fulfilling its obligations under the biosciences agreement one of many benefits in our aqua of all the macs in poland is its infrastructure including buildings and existing licenses to extract cbd but having these licenses

In place all emacs alleviates what could be a lengthy bureaucratic process to obtain such licenses the purchase and installation of equipment is not the delaying factor in building an extraction facility in europe it’s the time required to obtain the many licenses and permits to manufacture cbd explained jason the salt chief executive officer of still canna the

Company is a static about being able to hit the ground in poland running stage two of the companies extraction plan in poland is a brand-new ground-up gmp certified cbd extraction facility engineered to produce over 80 million grams of cvd per year wow the company has budgeted an initial eight point five million canadian for construction and equipment completion

Of stage two in poland is expected to be completed in ten to fourteen months since the company’s initial financing in october 28 2018 it has been focused on the building and completion of its romanian extraction facility originally the company had anticipated a 12 to 14 month build to be fully operational the company remains on-time and on-budget over the past

Seven months the company has let’s look at this secured the physical location completed all architectural drawings electrical drawing and fire plan updated the architectural drawing to be gmp compliant ordered installed and wired all the equipment required to produce cbd process tonnes of hemp and have stored tons of flour waiting final processing purchased and

Received all laboratory equipment for testing and chromatography completed construction on a minus 26 degree 400 square foot walk-in freezer secured leeming leading chemists and phds to oversee production built gmp compliant facility including special floors ceilings falls light doors and ventilation achieved a major milestone by receiving final approval from

Environmental protection agency completed our gmp standard operating procedures the company’s equipment and personnel have been in place in romania romania romania for many months as we anxiously await our final permits to manufacture cbd the company expects that it will receive all required licenses and permits and be in full production within its original 12-month

Timeline the company is waiting for certain approvals including but not limited to the romanian general inspectorate for emergency situations a geotechnical report health ministry approval and final fire inspection the company expects to receive all remaining approvals required to be obtained in this normal course of business without complication the company looks

Forward to manufacturing and shipping cbd to meet the needs of its current and future partners the company is also pleased to announce 1.8 million stock options have been granted to certain officers and consultants pursuant to the company stock option plan the options are exercisable after three months from the grant date for a period of five years at a price of

123 per share i can live with that that’s higher than what the stock is trading right now a boat still can ink still can ink is a canadian early stage life sciences company focused on large-scale cbd extraction in europe i love it there focused on the european market guys you know what’s not marshall the company believe is this proprietary intellectual property

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Allows it to extract cbd at a lower cost the company has signed an initial extraction contract in europe to be the exclusive extractor for dragonfly biosciences llc a united kingdom based supplier of cbd the company also recently completed the acquisition of automax nt sp0 which is expected to increase the company’s market share in the european cbd in this is

The news that is trending and circulating right now about still kanna i’ve never looked at this company before and they are a freaking giants they have a potential to be absolutely enormous let’s take a look at this from pot stock news hemp market exploding with major drug stores chains selling topical products in 2300 stores now the symbol is sti l in canada sc n

N f in america it is now dtc eligible i would not be surprised to see them start trading more heavily in america under the symbol s cnnf which is now dtc eligible today he oh you’re checking me up from vietnam mad respect brother so look at this discover why still canada still canada still canada could hit a seven hundred sixteen point eight percent profit margin

Being a first mover in isolate production in europe this is huge so big one possibility is an under-the-radar canadian company still canna that has figured out how to produce hemp isolate for seven hundred and forty four dollars per kg wow that could be a game-changer according to hemp benchmark 2019 april report the wholesale price per kilogram for hemp isolate

In the united states was six thousand seventy seven per kg can you imagine if they can do it for seven hundred and forty four the profit margin is massive with a production potential estimated at sixteen thousand kgs in 2019 still khanna’s forecasted production value can be expected to be an impressive usd ninety seven point two three million given the exploding

Demand the total revenue number could balloon if the supply starts to dwindle and the price increases based on those numbers still canna profit margin could be as high as seven point seven hundred and sixteen point eight percent based on their breaking news that they have signed a definitive agreement with biosciences enterprise to supply thirty six million worth

Of hemp based isolate and implements a two-stage extraction plan for poland that’s the news that has been circulating and here it is still khanna’s has still khanna’s has signed a contract with uk-based dragonfly biosciences one of the largest hemp retailers in europe to be their sole extractor of hemp-based products the extraction contract between still canna and

Dragonfly is worth 48 million over the next three years the 36 million only represents 30 percent of the company’s total potential 2019 production giving still cannot plenty of room to wholesale to other retailers still canna is investing six million in ahem processing facility poland the facility is initially designed to produce 40,000 kilograms of hemp per year

And based on its cultivation of 1500 hectares they also recently acquired 100% ownership of poland based hemp producer olli max only max’s management has over 40 years of combined experience in industrial hemp agriculture and will oversee still cannas polish operations providing them with invaluable expertise add it all up and still kanna is primed to be a major

Player in the massive global hemp marketplace they also just completed an oversubscribed 24.3 six million private placement i don’t know if you guys ever heard of still canada but i’m telling you guys this has a chance to be a giant and guess where you’re hearing at first right here from your boy once again we breaking ground and we bringing you something new okay

Now i’m not gonna go through the whole article i’m not gonna go through their entire website i just want to put this on your radar i want to put it on your watchlist franco de pollo is saying bro enthusiast gaming shares will be bought by j55 for each share of egl x you will receive 425 shares of j55 capital yeah there was big news i know that enthusiast gaming

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Was halted so i’m not surprised that they have some big news they are a sleeping giant and they have the chance to be a big winner so just going through their website you know do your due diligence do your research i’d love to know what you guys think about still canna which is now dtc eligible in america today do your due diligence do your research the symbol

In america is sc n and f and a symbol in canada is sti l i’m not telling you guys to go buy the stock okay put on your watchlist put on your radar do your due diligence i want to know do you like the stock are you watching it do you think it’s a winner do you think it’s a loser why do you like it why do you dislike it and still canna if you guys are watching your

Boy rich has a facility in phoenix arizona producing 50 litres a day of cbd oil if you guys need cbd oil in any capacity in any capacity please let me know i do not have just so you guys know i do not have any shares of still canna none this company is just getting on my radar they’re just getting on my watch list obviously i love cbd companies i have my own cbd

Company that i’m working with this is another company that i would love to work with in some capacity still canna is relatively new on my watch list and on my radar so i decided i bring it to your guys watch list and put it on your guy’s radar because this company is just getting started and they’ve exploded from 19 cents as i showed you guys earlier all the way

Up to where they are today in canada at a dollar nineteen so they’ve had a good run i’m not suggesting you go and you buy it right away remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here on rich tv live okay invest in the best because

The best is blessed this is a company that i think has huge upside huge potential i’m going to continue to research them i’m gonna continue to watch them if they have any other breaking news or anything that happens i’ll bring it to you guys first this is just another company that i want to continue to watch and add and put on a radar okay i’d love to know what you

Guys think i’d love to know if you guys think that this has a chance to be a winner i’m gonna continue to read about them i’m gonna continue to do my due diligence but please if you guys like this video smash the like button share the video everywhere and remember if i win and you win we all win it’s true so why not hit that like button why not share this video

And why not take a look at still canna still relatively new still just getting started only around 105 million shares issuing outstanding at a dollar nineteen in the cbd space and i say they have so much potential all right guys i’m gonna go back to doing my due diligence i gotta do more research and yeah i mean look at this in 22 if 2020s harvest has grown as

Planned and if the price of a ham isolate remains steady revenue could potentially exceed 197 million in 2020 and this is a $1 stock let’s just say it’s a gift from your boy rich okay guys have a great day remember if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching it’s true this is your boy rich from rich tv laughs bringing you still canna a cbd potential giant

That is now dtc eligible in america s cnnf and st il in canada put on your watchlist put on your radar your boy rich from rich tv life and i’m oh peace

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