Stop Learning and Start Doing

All our lives we have been delaying what we really want to do because we have to prep for it. This might be getting that degree, or studying something to prepare. No matter the amount of preparation, it is not match for a single drop of real world experience. Everyone has their own unique set of skills that can be combined to create something uniquely their own. So by doing now and practicing what you already know, you’ll realize you a lot more potential than you think.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about why you should stop spending all your time learning and start spending some of that time doing instead you see most of our lives we’ve been studying and learning most of the time to complete a high school degree you’ve been studying for 12 years and if you happen to complete a college

Degree you have to spend another four years this is sixteen years total that you’ve delayed your life basically from actually doing anything useful sure you’re completing your education and this is really useful to get a degree during all this time you’ve been spending all your time learning and studying you’re not actually applying all of this in the real world

How many times have we said to ourselves oh i need to do such-and-such thing maybe i’m gonna lose weight first before i do a certain big task other times people might say let me finish learning this language first before i do something else but this learning process is like a lifelong thing people never really finish learning something what i’m saying here is

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Not to stop learning completely because it’s always good to keep on learning however you should not spend all of your free time learning because if you just keep on learning you’re not actually doing anything you can just be a lifelong learner oh you can go to library all the time you can get multiple degrees but then yeah at the end you’re gonna know a lot more

But you did not produce anything the idea here is to cut back a little bit on this learning if you you know you got your degree or whatever already you’ve learned you have some core competency that you can exercise already okay then you say here you can go okay out of all these skills that you have you can make something out of it what can you do to utilize all

These skills to your fullest extent the point here is most people will never be fully ready whenever you’re sitting behind some books learning about something you can spend many many years doing this and you’ll find out that once you start something you know the actual practice of it you realize like the first day that you’re doing that thing you learn so much more

Than the whole year of trying to learn it through a book do your prep work you need a little bit of background first but you should step right in start doing stuff make mistakes the first mistakes is your experience here it’s gonna be highly valuable so you’re just gonna learn from it and try again i feel like every single person has their own contribution to make

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Throughout their lives you have learned various different skills it may be very very unrelated maybe like your grandma taught you how to cook something a certain way and then your profession is like a finance person but you might be able to combine these somehow in your own unique way and produce something so this is using all your skills to your maximum potential

And just doing something with all of this i feel like every single time that i actually practice something that i learned solely through a book or a manual the first day or the first minute that i’m trying to practice something i’m learning something completely new it’s completely different from what the manual says it’s like learning everything from scratch so

Yes you still have to prep for it first just to know the basics but once you start it’s like a completely different world it’s like you know you can have someone practice by the book buy some simulation all the time but this is no replacement for actual real experience i can just sit here behind the camera and try to tell you all this experience but it’s no match

For you actually going through life and experience it for yourself because if you have the experience yourself you actually you know you feel the emotions through it these grandpas you know they’re always trying to give you really good advice but you know as a young person when i listen to older people it’s like oh yeah you know they’re saying this stuff but it’s

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Hard to kind of implement things that people tell you without going it through it yourself so yeah later on you realize the wisdom in these words but by then it’s a little bit too late because you had to go through some of it yourself already and you kind of maybe expended your cost same thing as an older person so then you know they’re just trying to warn you but

Then it’s kind of usually hard to take the advice as is without at least experiencing some of it yourself whatever you’re thinking of doing maybe it’s something really big stop prepping for it if you’ve prepped enough just jump right in and just start it already stop learning and start doing

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Stop Learning and Start Doing By BeatTheBush

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