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So i’m in my normal rant spot climbing up a mountain this is my favorite spot to rant at today we’re talking about stop making excuses there’s so many you guys out there who want to do this want to do that but you make excuses excuses excuses to not do whatever it is you want to do not go out there and achieve whatever it is you want to go out there and cheap give

You a perfect example this person’s been subscribed to the channel for a long long time like way before most people were on the channel i don’t know when they came on but i’ve seen their comments for such a long time classic raid he’s got like spider-man as a i think if spider-man is like a little icon of his channel or whatever right so he was talking about i’m

Guessing as to he i’ve never seen him but i guess it’s the he and he’s talking about and if you’re watching this class of grade don’t take this personal but you know i’ve got to come ask you for this one you were talking about how you want to start a youtube channel and you live in a dorm or whatever you’re at college and therefore you don’t have enough space to

Go ahead and start a youtube channel i’m like that’s some excuse right there i said i just said outside and then you started with another excuse well don’t you think the wind will affecting who the cares dude you’re just starting now like like all that doesn’t matter it’s all just excuses you just got a role you just got a started man like there’s no there’s no

Time to waste and far as do this do that and there’s in there’s so many people out there that want to do this want to do that and you just don’t do it because you make excuse and then that excuse get gets eaten away and then you make another excuse and another excuse and it’s just compounded excuses up to the sky and it’s ridiculous and it is oh man it pisses

Me off and i used to be there i used to be there i used to be one of those people that wouldn’t make excuses matter of fact you know what we’re climbing this mountain right now i always making excuses earlier not to climb that i was like i’m so busy i got all these emails i was email customers that were emailing me about projects i’m like dude there’s so many

Projects of my real estate business i’m not even pursuing right now i got a free book i’m going to be writing that i’m going to these two you guys it’s a motivational book i’m like dude i got so much i got to record the stock market weekly recap today like i got so much to do right so much and i got a family and like i need to go out there and get some exercise i

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Don’t want to be 800 pounds one would be the richest 800 pound guy in the world like come on now so that’s that’s like you can make excuses or you can figure out a way to do it so for me i’m like it i’m gonna go record a video while i climb a mountain i’ll get my exercise in hand i’ll record a video two birds one stone that is the type of thinking i want to start

Seeing from you guys quit making these excuses and making another excuse in other excuse especially especially when it’s something you want to do cost you no money in all it’s costing us time if you want to start some business and this business is going to cost twenty five thousand dollars to start up then you really need to think that through like this needs a lot

Of fun you got to put a lot of thought into that right that’s a lot of money you’re putting up for grabs twenty-five thousand but if you’re going to do something for free something that’s not going to cost you any money or very little money to start when it’s a side business where there’s some type of potential passive income stream like what are you doing making

Excuses for that there’s no reason you have nothing to lose other than time and then what that time going to be spent doing what’s that time going to be spent do it all well you know i could watch game of thrones for 17th time or oh well i could be playing call of duty some more i could be playing clash of clans oh my gosh like that’s what that’s what’s your times

Coming out expense come on man and everybody’s there’s one thing if you’re you’re not doing that well financially like there’s one thing you have it’s time you’ve got more time than anybody because the more money you start getting the opinion have noticed in life is the more money you start getting the more busier you are the more you’re doing stuff because it’s

Just like war more opportunities open up and you got this going on not going on so that then you start running out of time literally but when you don’t have much money you don’t have things going on man you got a lot of time you’ve got a lot of time to be doing some things so quit just plotting stuff all the time and then not doing it go out and start doing yet

Haha there’s so many excuses being made in the stock market right now about people not understanding a company understand the industry and not because they spent massive amounts of time trying to understand it because they thought about it play ten minutes and i i don’t understand that come on guys like if you spent if you don’t understand the social media industry

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Right you need to spend days if not weeks trying to understand that if you spend weeks trying to understand it and you still don’t understand it at that point fair game don’t don’t even mess with them i always say don’t get outside of your circle of competence but if you spend an hour trying to understand snapchat and facebook and instagram and youtube whatever

Other social media and you’ve decided that’s not for you you’re lost man because you need to you need to fully research those things like those are those are pillars for the future and if you’re just going to miss out on all the admin you’re missing out on so much oh my gosh you’re missing out so much and it’s like that for a lot of different stocks a lot of

Different companies people even bother to research and they just try to throw out an opinion on it without doing the the real research needed haha pisses me off and it’s just just a bunch of excuses all i don’t understand that yeah cuz you have any looking into it yet no wonder you don’t understand it like you think i would understand uh you know an nfl game if

I never played football all my life or never like looked up the rules of an nfl game like give me a break guys i be practical be practical quit making all these freakin excuses it’s unbelievable another excuse so many people use is oh i’m not good at such as such so then i can’t do such-and-such like how are you going to get good at it if you don’t do it how are

You going to get good at it if you don’t do it imagine if i thought that way when i started my youtube channel i was absolutely horrible on camera absolutely oh cringe i would never watch myself for a second watching any of my old videos right it’s pretty sad but i didn’t let that stop me even though i sucked i said okay you know what i’m gonna get better and by

The time i hit 100 videos i was a little better then i did another 100 video was a little better i did another 100 videos off with a little better then another hundred i was a little better you want to be good at anything in life it takes practice and it takes patience it takes executing time and time again going out there and doing it and getting better and better

And better so there’s no such thing as an excuse because i suck at something right now just because you suck at and now the proteins you didn’t put in any work to it i mean a manager mentioned every single person that ever you know picks up a football or basketball in their life right they’ll suck at the beginning you’re a little kid or your kid or whatever you’re

Gonna suck at it who cares you practice it you get better you get better and you get better and you go on to achieve whatever you want to achieve my real estate business oh my gosh when i started my real estate business i blue as a photographer i absolutely blue as a videographer it was horrible i was so bad i was so bad i didn’t let that stop me i was still proud

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Of whatever i was doing because whatever i was doing it was still the best i had ever done at photography right but with you compared me i was it works i was the worst in las vegas and now you know less than two years later have one of the biggest real estate marketing companies in las vegas have some of the biggest customers out there or my customers now all

Because i believed in myself and i got better and better and better and as i got better more and more people came to me i didn’t make the excuse of oh i suck now so let me just forget about this no i went out there and i did it no no such thing as excuses guys stop making excuses for pissing me off you probably can’t see this very well because i can’t zoom in

But right over there as a guard gated community guard gated community and beautiful a bunch of million-dollar houses over there its way up toward the top of the hill there got straight views on las vegas strip from up there and everything i wonder how many people that live in that community will just walk around making excuses all day i’ll bet you any money more

Than 70% of those people that live in that community probably sucked it whatever they were doing at first when they first started when they were everybody started the business if that’s what they did to get there or if they were trying to climb up the executive rings i guarantee you they sucked when they start it not any excuse guys it’s not an excuse quit making

Excuses because you’re not good enough because old man i got a lot of things going on right now or whatever just quit making excuses guys go out there and do it and achieve whatever it is you want to achieve in life and i don’t know what to say it’s a about it just it just pisses me off when i see people making excuses after excuses when there’s no reason for

Excuses to be made go out there and do it man go out there and do it especially if you’re not putting money toward it like come on man just do it put in the work and then see what happens by the way not sure if you guys saw the shirt or not but just do it just do it guys that’s the best slogan ever created by nike right there i don’t think you’ll ever create

Something better than that just do it just do it

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