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Summa Silver Corp. (TSXV: SSVR) (OTCQB: SSVRF) (FSE: 48X) CEO Galen Mcnamara ⚒️ RICH TV LIVE – January 20, 2022 – #summasilvercorp #silver #richtvlive #ceo #interview #galenmcnamara #business #news #finance #education #entertainment #mining #metals – Summa Silver Corp. (TSXV: SSVR) (OTCQB: SSVRF) (FSE: 48X) (“Summa” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide an update on exploration activities and to report results from a rock sampling program at its high-grade Mogollon Property, near Silver City, New Mexico.

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade how you doing today i’m your host rich and we have a rich tv live with our very special guest many time guest the ceo of suma silver corp galen mcnamara how are you doing today galen hey i’m great rich how

Are you doing i’m doing great excited to have you back on the show and get some updates on what’s going on with your company so suma silvercorp is a canadian junior mineral exploration company with high grade past producing properties in two prolific mining regions in america can you tell us a little bit more about the company and the two projects sure so suma

Silver is a company that i actually co-founded back in march of 2020. if you remember that was right when uh the whole covet crash was happening uh with with with a real focus on the southwestern u.s and a real focus on these prolific and i’ll say famous past producing historically producing wild west style mining districts so we have two of those the first

One is in nevada we have the eastern half of the historic tonopah district and the second one is in new mexico where we have the historically producing muggy owned mining district now the thing is you know both these projects they haven’t seen any modern exploration uh since you know until we got there and started drilling uh and since getting started we’ve

Raised 23 million dollars and have just been very diligently drilling away on on now both projects wow congratulations on all those past successes and having a lot of cash on hand 23 million dollars is a good amount and what sets summa silver apart from other gold and silver exploration companies working in those regions you know it’s it’s funny you know first

Of all silver projects are really hard to find yes uh you know second of all a good silver project in a place like nevada or in a place like new mexico is almost impossible to find so you know the assets i think number one and then number two is our i’d say our approach to discovery and how we go about you know making new discoveries and finding more silver

And that we have a very very modern approach that uses all of the most cutting edge technologies um geologically and and really that just helps us if we go back in time the last time that these places were looked at was maybe 100 years ago so those guys back then just didn’t have the modern tools that we have now so you know that and modern thinking really

Allows us to to stand on their shoulders to take the next big steps and pull for these places galen why are silver projects like yours so important right now and why should investors be paying attention yeah you know well silver’s a really interesting metal and a really interesting commodity and that there’s just in my mind so many ways to make money you know

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The first is that this this word that’s just come into the into the uh you know the popular uh you know the popular attitude say right now and that word is inflation you look at what happened last month with the cpi and there was a 6.1 year-over-year inflation rate i mean that i don’t know about you rich but that scares me and i honestly believe that you know

Truly that’s probably under-reported it’s probably you know at least anecdotally from what i’m noticing and everything that i buy you know it feels a lot higher than 6.1 percent you know if you go back to last year uh and you know the fed is in a really hard spot right now where you know inflation you know it’s it’s running they’re trying to pretend it’s not

A problem but that’s quickly changing you know and then you’ve got debt levels that are extremely high they keep saying they’re going to taper but they don’t so you know i think they’re really being painted into a corner where inflation is going to be a very significant part of our lives for the next few years so that’s number one number two silver is also

Uh an emerging esg metal and if you think about things like solar panels you think about things like evs you know some silver goes into each one of those things and if we’re looking at mainstream adoption of both evs and things like solar panels you know in the next few years we may need to double the silver production um which which you know is very crazy

To even imagine because you know where’s all that production gonna come from you know like i was saying earlier uh silver projects are really hard to find you know and i’m on the ground looking for them every day you know all the time and i tell you they’re really hard to find so i don’t know where that supply is gonna come from i think it’s a perfect storm

With that factor and the inflation factor that silver prices could be in for a very significant jump up so you touched on a little bit what are the benefits of mining in nevada and new mexico why those regions yeah so starting with nevada you know nevada is actually the silver state uh when you drive into nevada it says welcome to the silver state but bigger

Picture even nevada every year gets ranked in the top three by the fraser institute as the best mining jurisdiction in the world this year it’s number one so right there it doesn’t get any better than nevada and then new mexico actually has very deep mining routes there’s two large open pit copper mines operating in new mexico right now but it just has this

Rich history that has never really been dug into significantly by too many groups so it’s the geological potential in new mexico is very very strong and of course it’s like it’s right in our backyards in the southwestern us right so both of those places for me are exciting places to work now summa silver just completed a 10 000 meter 2021 drill program at

The hughes property in tonopah nevada and has already seen some impressive early results can you tell us a little bit about those results yeah sure so you know what we’re finding when we when we’re going into these old districts is that of course there’s lots of juice left to squeeze and there’s even some you know low hanging fruit and what we’re finding in

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Tonopah is that after we’ve done all of the geological work targeting and drill these targets hey we’re finding some really high grade results you know we’ve got we’ve got grades in excess of 10 000 grams per ton silver equivalent which which is like percent silver stuff it’s it’s unheard of it’s probably 20 times the average underground grade or you know or

Something like that for everywhere else in the world um so that’s the high grade nature of it but even zooming out from that a little bit you know thinking about the whole property scale we’ve drilled several targets on the property over say three and a half kilometers uh and each one of those targets we’ve hit grades in excess of a thousand grams per ton so

Now we’re at the point where okay we know we’ve got a lot of silver on our hands and we have to keep keep drilling and keep working to try to wrap our hands around what could be left the company also recently began a 15 000 meter drill program at its high grade silver gold magolan property in new mexico what can you tell us about these early results yeah so i

Mean that’s another interesting one it’s kind of like a double header here where we’ve got strong results from both projects now we haven’t seen any assay results from the drill core uh in new mexico yet but what i can tell you is that i mean we’re hitting these veins in the first target area i mean the first hole that we drilled we intersected a vein that was

Had you know over 50 meters right you know that’s extremely wide i don’t expect it all to run high grade by any means but it just speaks to the strength of the system and really what we could be in for here going forward now summa silver is led by a team of award-winning mining professionals with a ton of experience who are your key members and what do they

Bring to the table yeah that’s a that’s a great question something that you know what i don’t talk about often enough so i’d say very high level where a you know a group of of exploration geologists that are all in at the you know in the middle of our careers maybe career geologists that have cut our teeth and have had some some pretty good success but are now

Hungry to keep finding more and to build on that so just to summarize the people briefly uh some of the people not all of them i’ll start with our vp exploration chris york he’s a guy that joined us from a major mining company about a year ago a little less than a year ago where he was really responsible for implementing very large exploration programs both

At surface but also as importantly underground uh in in situations very similar to what we’re drilling now you know vein system vein systems not to get too far into the weeds and he had some very very good successes there uh second guy i’ll discuss is chris leslie uh he works with me here in vancouver he’s a geologist uh and he was one of the guys that have

Discovered the blackwater deposit here in british columbia that’s now uh eight plus million ounces of gold in the proven probable categories and probably significantly larger next guy i’ll mention is garrett ainsworth uh he’s had some some very very strong success in the uranium field he was the guy that discovered the original uranium zones in the western

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Athabasca basin back in 2013 that led to all of fission and next-gen and all those big deposits as well uh and him and i worked together at next-gen and then finally myself galen you know i’m a geologist with about 15 years of experience before founding suma i was managing the drilling in the field for next-gen energy and of course we made some some very very

Significant discoveries there as well so one of the key things here at rich tv live and within our club at rich pigs daily is we like to identify companies that are undervalued under appreciated underexposed what should investors be watching out for from summa silver in 2022 yeah so you know what our motto in 22 in 2022 is licensed to drill you know so we’re

At the phase now where we can really justify drilling a lot of holes and if you look at classically on any exploration company that’s typically you know the phase in the cycle where you see a bunch of appreciation because you can really investors will really start to understand um how big deposits can get so that’s what we’re going to do next year is just

Drill as many uh high grade holes as we can and and you know i’m a geo so just based on what i know and based on my experience i anticipate that we’re gonna have some very strong results all through 2022. that sounds fantastic and finally how can investors get in touch with you yeah okay so uh i i’ll start with linkedin you know you can either get in touch

With me on linkedin or at summa silver on linkedin and then of course the company on twitter summa silver on twitter or at galen mcnamara on linkedin and then finally our website is summa fantastic i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you

Invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live past performance is not always an indication of future results in saying that i do believe that metals are grossly undervalued i believe that silver has been grossly undervalued all year i believe that there is going to be a metals super cycle coming i think that everyone needs to put suma silver

Corp on their radar on their watch list right now the symbol in canada s s v r on the toronto stock venture exchange in america on the otcqb exchange s s v r f and i want to thank the ceo of sumer silver corp galen mcnamara for joining us today well thanks very much rich thanks for having me on and uh i’m looking forward to coming back again sometime soon to

Talk about more results yes anytime you have any big breaking news or anything you want to discuss i’d love to invite you back to the show thank you for all your hard work thank you for joining us again today galen continue on your journey of making this a huge success we’ll be watching very very closely and for those of you guys that are watching if you like

These videos smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners we bring the news we interview the ceos and we bring it to you first thank you for watching everybody you

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