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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and where you can go and win learn how to trade stocks learn how to trade cryptocurrencies and we love crypto currencies we love

Nfts and we have another play to earn nft game called supernova the token is the lfc token put it on your radar put on your watch list i’m going to show you how to simply connect your wallet how to play the game how to earn tokens then after the sale is completed you can then convert your tokens into real tokens with a bonus let’s talk about it exclusively

Here with your boy rich from rich tv live let’s take a look shall we all right so this website is sunday dot games backslash play backslash supernova backslash so in 2020 they created their first public concept video in april of 2020 you can actually watch a video to explain that it’s on youtube it’s this video right here on march 31st 2020 i’m not gonna

Play the whole video for you uh because it’s on youtube but you can see references on here and i’m actually going to show you what the game looks like i’m going to actually play the game for you you can see the target audience men over 25 who don’t like action they prefer strategy design world exploration and responsible social interactions uniqueness hardcore

Mmo mechanics are simplified they become more accessible to a wide audience grind is minimized to give more space for social adventures of an open world new monetization model based on tax collection and you can then scroll down and you can see sunday games i’ve subscribed to sunday games and you should subscribe too if you’d like to learn more about these

Games now what i’m gonna do is they’ve got a couple videos here and you can see in 2021 more videos first public gameplay video launched and now in 2022 they’ve got a white paper start of the lfc token sale so be aware of the lfc token sale which started in january of this year private sale and now as of march the release of the token shooter game so here we

Go we’re going to play the game let’s see how we do so just click on play a game click on start and literally you’re just pulling left at all that was terrible let me try that again you’re just going left and right oh that was terrible let me try again you’re just going left and right here we go there we go it’s kind of like asteroids one of the first games

I ever played um when i was a kid was asteroids collect the coins all right i’m getting the hang of it here we go all right this is fun game oh here we go doing good oh i want that oh so there we go i collected 1.98 tokens you can try again to win up to 10 promo lfc or withdraw the collected amount so if i wanted to i could go and withdraw immediately right

Now but let’s just try that again this is fun i think i can do better than that oh lost that token ah oh so not a great job again let’s try one more time guys let’s see if we can break our personal best here it’s a fun game though i’ll tell you that much it’s not easy whoa here we go we’re doing better this time that’s for sure oh that was our best score


So far so if i wanted to withdraw just click on withdraw and then i need to go to my meta mask select metamask connect your metamask all right just connect your metamask click on lock you could also use the ox wallet i have a metamask so i’m going to use my metamask click on next connect and now i’m connecting to my metamask sign in all right so if i want to

Put in my nickname so that’s my profile i can add a nickname and my email address all right if i want to log out click on log out otherwise just hit the x so you can see next game in 6 hours and 41 minutes so if i wanted to play the game i’d have to wait for another six hours i would have been able now i’ve withdrawn you can see my tokens are actually in my

Account 3.56 lfc so i’ve now earned 3.56 lft lfc tokens simply for playing the game it’s pretty cool and i love games so why not earn tokens to play games you can see the public sale is on now and the tge and listing will be happening on decks on march 25th this is the road map and if we scroll over here you can see in april earning gov tokens by lfc staking so

They’re going to be launching staking in may they’re going to be listing on sex exchange a tier one exchange cex exchange in q2 the release of super nova verse in q3 blueprint nft sale for lfc so they are getting into nfps and in q1 2023 release of creator tools tools for creators and more releases coming in q3 of 2023 so this is supernova games the website

Is backslash play backslash supernova backslash so simply connect your wallet collect your tokens then after the sale you will be able to exchange them for real tokens with a bonus it’s not a fact that they will launch the project on launch pads because there are a lot more people willing than launch pads can take out again you play the game

Connect your metamask collect your tokens after the sale will be able to exchange for real tokens with a bonus to your purchase all right i’d love to know what you guys think of these videos i must remind you that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk

About or discuss here on rich tv live if you want to withdraw click on withdraw and you’ll be available to public sale participants after tge so just going to go to log out right now and once again you can see if i wanted to play the game i could do it all over again if i wanted to read the white paper i just click on read white paper it’ll take me directly to

The white paper so you can learn more about this project supernova white paper version 1.12 you can learn everything about the project project overview supernova is a sci-fi sandbox survival mmorpg in an open world featuring indirect controls and an open economy our goal is to make the classic role-playing gameplay as clear and convenient as possible invite

Players to explore a huge open world make the game accessible on any platform and implement an open economy with play to earn features love it and if i can play this game and earn nfts i think it could be so exciting i’m excited to be a part of it and i’m excited to learn more key features open world a character can wake up in a space station equip a space to

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A space suit and venture into a space capture a hostile ship land on a nearby planet and continue exploring at ground base all seamlessly and in real time such an approach allows achieving a unique gaming experience so lots of information here i’m not going to go through all of it you can go through the team background as well always important to understand

Who’s behind the project so they are not anonymous and you can see here sunday games on december 2021 the team in sunday games has grown to 16 people with a very diverse technology background the average experience in game development for each member is over 10 years so these are not people that are new to gaming these are people that have you can see the team

Here anywhere from 11 to 18 to as f as high as 25 years of experience in gaming talked a little bit about the road map so they are moving forward on scaling and growing this team and the project you can see the technology stack you can see the different kryptos that they’re working with some of the biggest and best out there which include binance heco polygon

Waves and ethereum just to mention a few and what is the storyline in the year 4100 the year war between life and global corporations ended reborn technology was the cause of the conflict thanks to this innovation in the event of the death of human or any other sentiment like form it became possible to clone a new body and transfer the previously saved mind

Onto it the religious leaders of the grobo considered this resurrection against the will of god so pretty interesting you can see there’s a whole storyline here and you can see the entire build out and i’m sure there’s going to be nfts to follow since nfts is the hottest newest sector which they did mention in the roadmap and i’m also assuming they are also

Going to be following this up not just with nfts but i’m very very much expecting that they’re talking about being in the supernova verse which means i believe that you will see them also in the metaverse which is one of the fastest growing sec sectors also in the world of blockchain you can see the economics of the lfc token so they break down the entire

Ecosystem you can see nfts an nft marketplace a crypto exchange so there’s a lot there’s a lot coming here with this token and you can see here the breakdown of the currency there’s 100 million tokens you can purchase lfc tokens before the game launches by participating in the token sale after that you can buy coins on the decks and the cex so the exchange

For usd is a fixed rate 100 units equals one dollar usd commission for deposit withdrawal is 10 guaranteed by the issuer backed by required amount in usdt so that’s the tokenomics this is the blueprint for nfts as mentioned on the professional page scientists will be able to invent new blueprints they serve as intellectual property in the supernova verse the

One who owns the blueprint components and production facilities can produce new goods in addition the blueprints can be licensed to other players allowing to collect royalties from each copy purchased i love nfts and these look really cool and i think there’s a great opportunity here for early stage investors that want to collect these nfts and we told you

Guys we want to bring you guys projects first that are undervalued under appreciated underexposed we told you we want to focus on nfts and this is a project that is focused on play to earn games with nfts and we love play to earn games and nfts and these guys have both the symbol is lfc that’s the symbol the name is life coins total max supply of 100 million

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Coins an initial circulating supply of 1.7 million with an initial market cap of 513 000. so i think this has a chance to really go up you can see the pre-seed round private sale round ideo on launch pads so we are early to this project 17 for the private sale 3 for the public sale 20 for the team 6 for listings and liquidity 14 for ecosystem growth fund

And 40 for game and ecosystem activities and play to earn you can see the partners and advisors and a summary with an ambitious team that has been involved with blockchain gaming since the first projects appeared in 2017 supernova is on track to become one of the most anticipated games in the blockchain community accessibility via other major platforms ios

Android will attract an audience new to the genre and blockchain gaming without a doubt play to earn games that have recently received increased attention from both enthusiasts and the general public the team of supernova is looking to capitalize on this wave of interest by releasing a true gamer-focused project that will appeal to the masses in 2021 we have

Raised enough angel capital to grow the team and deliver a playable demo with multiplayer at the moment we are seeking to raise further capital and tell the world about our project via closed and open token sales with commitments from reputable financial backing in the crypto blockchain ecosystem we are confident of reaching our goal sunday games is not just

Interested in raising capital we are looking for partners that will help us solve and overcome challenges along the way hey listen love to be able to help these guys grow their platform love to know what you guys think of these videos if you like the video like i said please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if

You’re live this is rich from merch to be live breaking you supernova and love to know what you guys think guys go and play the game at backslash play backslash supernova backslash i will have a link in the description of the video to the game love to know your input on supernova fun game an entire ecosystem with nfts brought to you exclusively

Here on rich tv live if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners we bring in the news and we bring it to you first super cool i’m not gonna go through the whole game but man i’ve seen some cool stuff here and i’ve played the game a little bit for you guys but i want you guys to play it for yourself and see for yourself what you

Guys think about supernova this is their youtube page supernova right here i am subscribed to sunday games this is their youtube channel sunday dot games and there’s more videos as well on their youtube so feel free to review it and love to know what you guys think thank you guys for watching this is rich from rich to be live bringing you supernova we love

Crypto we love blockchain technology we love nfts we love bitcoin and this is just another project that we’re bringing to you guys first with the lfc token sale now and with the release of the token shooter mini game this is rich reverse to be live and i’m out you

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