Super Hyper Growth Stock: Grande West transportation (BUS)(BUSXF)(6LG)

Super Hyper Growth Stock: Grande West transportation (BUS)(BUSXF)(6LG) – RICH TV LIVE – February 19, 2021 – Grande West Transportation Group Inc. (TSXV:BUS)(OTCQX:BUSXF)(FRA:6LG) (“Grande West” or the “Company”), a leading supplier of electric, CNG, gas and clean diesel buses, today announced that management will present at the virtual Winter Wonderland Conference: Best Ideas From the Buy-Side taking place February 16-19, 2021.

Hi guys how you doing this is rich from merch tv live and i want to talk to you about grand west transportation otherwise known as bus so i brought this pic and it has been a huge success there’s the us symbol bus xf and you can see that it actually went up quite a lot after we talked about them and more than doubled and now what we’ve seen since then is this

Sideways consolidation and the chart looks pretty similar in canada united states i’ll show you the canadian symbol soon but i want to show you something that i look for in stocks once this dog makes a big move up we look for sideways consolidation like an elastic band effect and typically after a sideways consolidation for a little while all this dog needs if

It has a tight float which bus does is some news and a catalyst to take it to the next leg up well i believe that bus is getting ready for this now i don’t know exactly when but it just feels to me like something’s coming feels to me like something’s gonna come and we’re gonna see some big news and then we’re gonna see the next leg up so that’s the u.s symbol

If we go to the canadian side the u.s it looks very similar so you can see here this leg up when we started talking about bus from 141 all the way to 459 and then this retraced down and then sideways consolidation sideways consolidation this is what this is what i personally look for when i trade i look for this type of sideways consolidation with tight float

Stocks and i look for a catalyst and some news and there’s a lot of different things that could come here for grand west transportation there’s obviously the potential of them uplifting there’s the potential of more sales there’s potential more contracts anything could happen at any point in time to make this really take off but i think that it’s getting very

Close for another potential breakout now it’s important when you’re looking into companies that you read the news and you understand the news and everything that’s happening you can see stock currently at 355 in canada trade 800 000 shares so it’s getting a lot of volume trading at these levels and it was down a little bit yesterday and then it right at the end

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Of the day it had a big move up you can see the shares listed 85 million shares you can see the market cap now at 302 million so it’s growing its market cap growing into its market cap as well and let’s read some of the recent headlines so just recently they let’s take a look at this on february 12th a week ago to the day granules transportation to present at

The microcap rodeo winter wonderland conference grand west transportation group inc a leading supplier of electric electric cnc gas and clean diesel buses today announced that management will present at the virtual winter wonderland conference best ideas from the buy side taking place february 16-19 so literally today’s the last day of the conference the winter

Wonderland conference is an event presented by the microcap rodeo featuring leading companies recommended by qualified institutional investors william traynor president and chief executive officer of grand west is scheduled to participate in a one-on-one meeting throughout the event and will host a virtual presentation as follows so you could see they presented on

Tuesday grand west transportation group bus in canada bus xf in america and 6lg in frankfurt germany a leading canadian supplier of electric cng gas and clean diesel buses for public both public and commercial enterprise use the company’s flagship line of vicinity buses which maintain a dominant market share in canada are produced by world-class manufacturing

Partners or at the company’s buy america act compliant assembly facility in washington state i’m super excited to see what they’re going to be able to do in the united states grand west’s innovative vicinity lightning trademark electric vehicle bus enabled through a strategic supply agreement with bmw that’s right a supply agreement with bmw seeks to lead the

Global transition to a more sustainable public transit system this is my number one electric vehicle play for 2021 they’ve already been a huge success but they’ve been consolidating i believe that something’s coming i don’t know what but i just got this feeling that something’s coming so in my opinion i think it’s time now for everyone to put bus put the usxf

On your watch list put on your radar it might be time for something typically when stocks are quiet for a while something’s brewing and these guys have been pretty quiet so if i feel like something’s coming i feel like something’s brewing i don’t know 100 i don’t know exactly what and i don’t know exactly why but it just feels like something’s coming so if it

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Does you want to be ready now what we really are proud of is that i like to get in stocks before they explode i’m not the guy that’s gonna sit here and tell you hey look at this stock it’s up jump in now like that’s not my style my styles do the research do the due diligence get to know the companies very well watch them like a hawk and if they are dipping or

If they’re consolidating or if they haven’t made a move for a while or if they’re on a dip position myself for the rip and it just feels like something big is coming and when it does we want to be ready take a look i’ve actually physically seen what this engine looks like what this battery looks like you can see what it looks like right here and if you’ve seen

My video with bus when i actually did a tour of the facility not too long ago you can actually see where i’m talking about how this works you can see the structural durability of the buses and literally i’ve seen these buses i’ve done videos and tours of these buses they are a thing of beauty and the revenue potential for this company is extraordinary take a

Look at some of their suppliers and don’t forget that bus is also working with control energy and if you’re looking to contact bus all you got to do is go to and you can contact them so super excited to see what this company is going to do next seems like they’ve been quiet recently and that typically is a sign that something is brewing i don’t

Know exactly what there hasn’t been a huge flow of news just a little trickle here and there which leads me to believe that something is coming so love to know your opinion on this if you like this video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe what do you think is this the right time to get into bus are you

Waiting for a bigger dip do you think it goes up from here i’d love to know your opinion let’s just read a little bit here grand west transportation is a canadian and american company that designs and engineers mid-size multi-purpose transit vehicles for public and commercial enterprises grand west utilizes world-class manufacturing partners to produce the

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Purpose-built vicinity medium and heavy-duty buses available in electric cng gas and clean diesel drive systems the vicinity lightning electric vehicle with an electric drive system is available for 2021 deliveries the company has been successful in supplying canadian municipal transportation agencies and private operators with new buses grand west is compliant

To buy american certification and with a strong distribution chain in the united states is actively pursuing opportunities in public and private transit fleet operations that would benefit from grand west’s vehicles and you can see choose the vicinity bus lower cost lower emissions and easy to maintain so definitely keep them on watch right now put them on your

Radar put in your watch list seems like something is brewing and i love this sideways consolidation you can see how it’s obviously been a huge huge huge huge success when you look at the long-term trend it’s pretty unbelievable you can see here last year last april it was at 24 cents currently sitting at 355 so the trend is clearly up the question is when is the

Next leg up coming i just feel like it’s coming soon love to know what you guys think love your opinion on this as well remember rich tv live strictly for education and entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live always invest in the best the best is blessed and

You deserve the best and i believe that this is the number one best electric vehicle play in 2021 and beyond love to know your opinion remember if you’re not winning you’re not watching bring in the winners and we bring them to you first we brought you this electric vehicle play first everybody’s talking about it now if you like the video smash the like button

Comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe i’m watching them like a hawk if any big breaking news happens i’ll bring it to you first hopefully i can get them back on the show again soon too stay tuned i’ll let you know if any big news is coming or if there’s going to be any interviews booked soon you want access to this information first join

My club go to join the trading club and win is your boy rich from steve live and i’m out peace

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Super Hyper Growth Stock: Grande West transportation (BUS)(BUSXF)(6LG) By RICH TV LIVE

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