Surprising Things That Appreciated in Value

Have you ever bought something only to sell it for much more later? How often does it occur? If only we can recognize these opportunities then we can use it to make gains on the resale of these items. I have a few examples to share that can be very interesting.

How’s it going everybody this is peterbush most of the time when we buy things they depreciate in value over time sometimes they depreciate so much that they end up with a zero value at the end now today i’m going to talk about some of the things that i bought that they actually appreciated in value over time and sometimes to a large degree i find that this is very

Very interesting i actually sold these things at a large profit so i’m gonna share some of these things with you guys for today this video is brought to you by weeble you can get three free stocks valued up to thirty three hundred dollars just for opening up and funding an account you can also get five dollars worth of crypto just for enabling the crypto trading

Aspect of weeble and trading just one dollar of it in there if you guys are interested in helping out this channel you can sign up for this free trading account it’s completely free it’s not going to cost you anything and you get free stocks just for signing up check out my referral link down in the video description below the first thing i want to talk about

Is this really large cache of bulk legos i bought long time ago i was not really searching for legos i was just looking around on facebook marketplace and there was one listing saying you know there’s a whole bunch of legos for sale they wanted i don’t know 50 60 dollars for and then when i got there it was actually a lot more it was like five six boxes worth of

Legos and i actually had to fill them up my entire card all the trunk the entire passenger seat seat just just it was just filled to the top so i got it down like a little bit lower it seems like this guy wanted to get rid of all his legos so i spent an entire week assembling all this stuff and i put a lot of legos um in you know inside this entire home it just

Kind of spread across every single piece of floor space over here and i just organized it by color and i eventually assembled all of them into various different sets there were like 20 star wars sets in there or something like that and a bunch of other sets like ninjago and there’s so many different ones and i eventually sold off each and single one of them they

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May not include all the pieces so i just tried to uh put them together as much as i could and then i just flipped on on them on ebay saying that this is not a complete set whatever you see is what you’re gonna get and still a lot of people bid on it one of the more interesting aspect of these sets is one thing that i sold which is just one single piece it’s an

Octagonal piece from a ucs thai interceptor ucs stands for ultimate collector’s edition it’s like a higher end type of lego where there’s more pieces usually it’s like for star wars stuff so i sold this just one part for like around 120 dollars i was like oh my gosh right so when i look it up right now you know they’re selling it for only 50 so the timing of sale

Also matters right for some reason back then people really really like star wars legos because the star wars um i think episode two or three just came out and people were like really hot on it so you might want to wait for the star wars release of the films and then all of a sudden the prices for all the legos is going to jump up a little bit but of course with

All nine episodes released now you know there’s not as much as a fervor but you know you still have boba fett being released so then there’s like a continual star wars fever going on but maybe not as much as for the old pieces the next thing that i bought and sold for a pretty good profit was a game that i never taught anything of i bought a game called mr mosquito

On playstation 2 for like 20 bucks right i just thought that was a really interesting game you fly as a mosquito and your task is to fly around this japanese household and try to extract blood from you know the people that are living there and then you’re just trying to avoid detection if you get detected they’re going to try to swat you and you die so this game

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You’re just it’s just basically a mosquito simulation and check it out these days if you buy the game completely new and unopened it’s going to be 200 i actually sold it for around 60 or so because it was open and i you know played with the game and all but this is a really really expensive game considering it’s a really old ps2 game and considering games these

Days are like 70 80 dollars for a brand new game another interesting thing that i bought was a mid-cal soldering iron when i bought it at the time it was actually three non-working mid-cal power supplies it was just the base unit so i got the schematics and i can salvage from one into another maybe i can like combine them to create one working power supply but it

Turns out as soon as i took it out of the box all three actually worked and i eventually sold um two of the three for 300 each or so 200 to 300 so this was a definite gain of i don’t know maybe like 300 or so the next item is just some random stuff that you buy from your childhood you know like monopoly stock trading add-on from essex i think this was like ten

Dollars or twenty dollars at the most and if you look on ebay right now they go for around a hundred dollars maybe less right now but i definitely sold mine for like a hundred dollar 110 or so just maybe like six months ago you just have to do a bunch of research for a lot of different items and eventually maybe one out of 30 or 40 you’re gonna find that wow you

Know this actually is worth a lot of money another item is a early roomba i bought refurbished for 200 and then i sold it probably like two years ago on ebay also for roughly the same amount it’s weird like it’s like a 10 year old roomba but someone was still willing to buy it even though the battery is dead it’s completely used it’s still functional but then people

Are still willing to pay a lot of money for us another thing i bought just for my own curiosity is the lego monorail it’s like a futuron thing if you just buy one set used is 300 i bought this set and an add-on set so it’s like two sets put together it’s like an extended set it should have been worth about twice as much and i eventually sold the entire thing for

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Around 700 for like double whatever i paid so i thought i was buying it for like a really expensive thing right you’re spending like three or four hundred dollars on some old lego set this is like a big deal it’s a lot of money but then eventually i played with it refurbished it made sure everything works and then when i flipped it back on ebay when after i got

All bored of it right you’re like oh okay my life goal has been fulfilled once it has been fulfilled you actually don’t want it anymore you don’t have this kind of urge always thinking what if i had it what if i played with it right it’s just the weird thing you’re gonna get it out of your system and then you don’t even want it anymore like for myself i bought

This voltron vehicle force that’s another thing that’s similar to this lego monorail thing and you just don’t want it anymore and you flip it and lo and behold wow you know i made actually made a profit just doing this little sort of like childhood pilgrimage i guess you might want to ask how the heck do you duplicate this half the time it’s just dumb luck right

I never knew buying a monopoly stock trading add-on it’s going to 10x in price but i did know that when i bought the bulk lego i was gonna definitely make a lot of money on that because i was buying it at such a low price you make your money when you buy the item and you know no matter what you do if you sell it for like really really deep discount you’re still

Going to make a whole bunch of money on it thanks for watching this video i hope you guys enjoyed looking at all these random items that appreciate it in value i always think that these things are very interesting for myself i always tell other people it’s like look i bought this thing i sold it for more you know it’s kind of like like a mental trophy it’s always

Kind of fun so thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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