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We’re here at sushi assassin and i’m gonna try their omakase sushi it’s the best sushi in honolulu hawaii this video was kind of a talk so i didn’t take a good video i just took a few pictures here so you can see the sushi bar here an appetizer or two and this is iike with blue crab here you see me eating a two toro medium patty i show this so you can see what i’m

Thinking yeah it’s like kind of melty oh like which twist a little bit there this is an or otoro and it is very melty and and pretty expected and i wasn’t wild yet buy all this food it was good but as you can see i’ve just kind of you know trying to enjoy myself and i just had a red snapper there at i they call it and it kind of bursts it’s like a bland or white fish

So it kind of burst in your mouth i’m trying to taste taste they easily you can see when i’m eating it i put it upside down that’s the pop that’s the proper way you’re supposed to eat it oh i smiled and having some tea to cleanse the palate some sake all right good this is another fish what the heck is that it’s a huron me with some ginger on top no kidding i was

Getting a bit tired of filming myself here but i thought you know since i did it for one of them why not why not film every single piece that i’m eating so that’s why you’re seeing this one i don’t think i don’t think many people do this so that’s why i show you this one so what i just had there is a i don’t remember what that one is it’s a it’s a yale yellowtail

From kyushu it does not taste like regular yellowtail it’s it’s a bit more flavorful and less butter buttery in a good way you can see i’m trying really hard to examine the flavor here i just had a what is that a skipjack from japan you can see the blackness and on it i didn’t really taste the black skin it just kind of disappeared it doesn’t taste like macaroni

They’re kind of more like a very robust girl or red tuna and then the little bits of garlic is on top and those kind of surprised me i think all of a sudden i have been into it and i’m like oh what’s what’s going on garlicky this have been strong doses kind of like overtook the whole the whole piece and all i could taste was garlic for a little while and then you

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Know the hokkaido scout with yuzu flavor on top the the scallop i mean this is pretty expected it was very fresh gooey as scallops usually are but not sticky gooey it’s a you know very fresh kind i did not taste anything wrong with it but i did it was not crazy good the king salmon this is the king salmon with seaweed a very fresh salmon flavor it’s a very strong

Very robust king salmon flavor if you know what king salmon flavor tastes like and then you would think the sesame seeds are get into way but i didn’t even notice they were there i think that was too busy eating it and also all these oysters came and i decided to have one of the wall was and this one was especially kept my eight i was like whoa why is it so back

It was like first so i should have been oh there i let out a small sigh up like oh it’s good i don’t know what to do oh i’m closing my eyes oh okay i’m trying to enjoy yeah i just said wow i said wow and i threw the oyster shell down and i’m going for the next one and now this second one is the same type it’s a washington oyster but it’s a bit anorexic and they

Put all these messiah i think they call it my cycle eggs on top with our salmon and eggs basically they’re just really salty the whole thing really salty and if you like salmon eggs and it’s great it’s a good combo and then all of a sudden i’m eating this baked oyster oh my gosh look at that so delicious because all of a sudden i was eating all this bold stuff an

Ounce and cheesy and invoice durian and fresh oyster taste oh my god amazing from the juices from his third shell it’s so good i want it more oh my goodness it’s completely satisfied quit bothering me waiter but how are they bothering me yeah this let me eat oh yeah oh yeah that’s really good oh extra time to look at the moment decide to okay another piece is

Called local hawaiian fish moly they’re very buttery you don’t usually have this in sushi restaurant so they’re kind of a special item the it’s more flavorful than nike romney and less buttery than a yellow tie a little bit less butter overall i think i keep gauge what this tastes like so i’m just like just wondering what what it is i’m like okay yeah it’s good


I don’t know what i’m eating but it’s good uh-huh yeah okay on to the next thing which is a kong a local pond called ponder my favorite bahama head and so you can see me really enjoying oh when i close my eyes it means i really like it and i like it i can’t stand this close my eyes to taste the pod oh my gosh so buttery i feel like i can i can eat it now talking

To this funny rating over the video oh my goodness why am i in this issue a shot why oh i’m so glad i came i am giddy now giddy with with with with happiness in my heart what am i doing here prawn delicious yum oh so good i can’t describe what it takes i officer drinking some sake i think that’s the last of it there it’s toward the end baby that’s why i was giddy

Til here having some this is the crap the blue crab is very fresh it tasted very very fragile that’s all i could say it’s like when i put it in my mouth it was so fake fragrant you see i was like oh oh my god fragrant crab it was just bursted you know you can normally eat the crab a little burst with crab flavor but there it is somehow somehow very good maybe it

Was a little dab of sauce we put on top that made it really good yeah i think maybe i was drinking a little bit of sake there’s oh maybe maybe it’s a little bit of that gonna be you know a little bit giddy on all the delicious food so i just need a oh just a clam the clam she shy she’s so leaf inside and so it was a bit unexpected it has been kind of strong for i

Think i’d prefer maybe the piece of leaf was a bit smaller diameter one of my favorites and it tasted great oh my gosh i thought i’m doing like a head and palm palm face things oh there goes in a nikki like mints the world the meat from the tuda why was i so surprised him is because the the fish all the senate was newly ice cold somehow they got it all on top of

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That sushi and then right when you put it in your mouth it like it’s just melted and just disappeared i just said it’s really good the sushi chef was asking what to do i hate the other one there is like it puts up you can see they pre put some sauce on it so unit suppose a different racket any other i don’t think i really use much soy sauce and in any case i think

A few times i do but i was just so obvious with this call mia is one of the best meals i’ve ever had in terms of in terms of sushi it’s like a experience so they’re having a big lobster from south africa and it’s the whole tale it it looked small at first but it did a you know just chowing down on piece after piece after piece of lobster yeah it might actually

Be a little too much lobster oh my gosh but the lobster was delicious it tasted like lobster it didn’t taste like a special kind of spirit i didn’t know what south african mobster tastes like but it tasted like normal and lobster to me lobster connoisseur so you know it tasted good a little bit too much but i just chow down all that’s made available and yeah i’m

Still giddy over over over it took me a while and i just put in my mouth a knothole and tomahto combo with sweet sauce all over her drizzled and the tamango was a bit when you get into it all the it kind of bursts with with juices it’s not watery per se but it just bursts and i thought the combination was a little weird because i probably prefer eating one or the

Other and then a really cool thing still gave me one last thing because i refuse to not eat everything i would just eat everything because i can and this is a handle with more blue crab i’ll just chow down chow down and more and more and yeah it’s smudging away delicious too full and a napkin that i well wipe wash your hands and now back to the blowfish i am so

Happy i look at that thing that feel like a blowfish so happy by swimming and just so big up and now like a blowfish like a yellow and black don”t blowfish well thanks for watching everybody you

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Sushi Sasabune Omakase Piece by Piece Description (Honolulu, Hawaii) | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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