SWOT Analysis – What is SWOT analysis?

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel i am jeremy and as always my goal is to provide the highest level of financial education possible today we’re talking about an extremely important subject not only for businesses people looking to start a business people that own a business like people looking for management

In a business but also for every person to understand this and look at yourself in this light so swot analysis let’s get straight into it and i will explain it all so swot stands for strengths weaknesses opportunities threats now number one most important thing my spelling is horrible i have the spelling ability of probably like a seventh grader i might know a

Lot about business and those kinds of things but spelling is not my strong suit so opportunities that’s probably misspelled weaknesses is it with two s’s or one s i don’t even know anyways let me explain swot analysis so the way i want to think about this is i’m going to tell you about let’s talk about apple corporation everybody can relate to apple so we’ll do

Their strengths their weaknesses or opportunities or threats and this will better help you understand how to view all this and then you as a person looking at yourself what are your strengths what are your weaknesses what are your opportunities in your organization you work what are your threats in the organization your work or the business you started or what not

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So strings strings let’s look at it a like i said the strengths of apple would be they have a huge global brand recognition you can almost talk to anybody and say you know what’s apple they’ll know oh that’s a cell phone company that’s they make the iphone they make the ipad ipod those kinds of things that’s a huge strength then the most profitable company in the

Entire world that’s a strength they have a great balance sheet they have like 200 billion in cash that’s a huge strength what are your businesses if you have a business what are your strengths you as a person what are your strengths if they asked other workers at your workplace what are your strengths what would your other workers tell you tell boss you know all their

Strengths are this and that map weaknesses weaknesses for apple would probably be over saturation on the market because they’re too big now they might have lost their cool factor because everybody has an iphone or some type of apple product now then it’s not as exclusive and so they lost their cool factor a lot of people view apple as being behind technologically a

Lot of companies have passed them they say that’s a weakness what are the weaknesses of your business if you have one where the weaknesses of you what are some things you could get better at opportunities what are the opportunities out there for apple they’re talking about maybe doing a car making a car if they could make twenty five thousand dollars a car profit

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And they can sell 10 20 million cars a year that’s definitely an opportunity for them what are the opportunities at your business where the opportunities for you as an individual what are your opportunities for growth all those kinds of things what are your opportunities to make more money at your company so viewing opportunities threats threats that apple would

Be huge they have a threat from pretty much everybody big companies like samsung to smaller companies like johnny and huawei and china everybody’s trying to come after their markets cuz if other companies could just get 1% of the market share they would be so happy a small company you’re kidding me because there would be billions of dollars in revenue and those are

All threats to apple what are your threats you know as a business if you have a business what are your threats who are your competitors who’s trying to knock your block off and you as a person in an organization who what are your threats who’s the person that’s trying to take your job who’s a person that’s trying to take the job that you want to get next what are

The threats out there that folks is swot analysis broken down very easily very simply it’s nothing more nothing less swot analysis should be taught in every single high school in my opinion it should be beaten into your head i didn’t really know about swot analysis tell college and i took business classes that i was a business major sad that i had to be a business

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Major to even learn about swot analysis because it is something that’s so vital that everybody could use in their own life for starting a business for running a business before you even start a business you should do swot analysis when every year you have a business you should do swot analysis every year as a person that you’re working at a company if you’re trying

To rise the wrench you should do swot analysis on yourself what are your strengths what are your weaknesses what are your opportunities and what are your threats anyways thank you so much for watching this guy’s subscribe if you haven’t hit that thumbs up button it helps more than you think and you know what have a great day

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SWOT Analysis – What is SWOT analysis? By Financial Education

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