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The Syncwire iPhone cable is surprsingly durable. The cable is tested to charge even after it being plugged in for minutes indicating the authentication chip is working properly. The wire is cut to look as the construction. It is also put under a vacuum cleaner to see how well it handles getting sucked up into it.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i got ten iphone lightning cables to give away they’re three feet long and their bikes in choir sing choir gave these to me to review so i’m gonna review this cable first and then i’ll let you know how to win torching another video it comes in a small box like this is seal i pre opened it and it looks something

Like that you also get a card that says get your unconditional lifetime warranty here i assume this means if you cut it in half you’ll still get a replacement to remove that and it unwinds you can see right away that it’s kind of stiff here’s an original 30-pin cable it’s beaten up pretty badly but you can see if you release it it kind of goes straight right

Away it doesn’t try to hold its shape but this sync wire here it kind of makes it seem like there’s like a little wire a really thick wire in between and it tries to hold its shape i can almost make shapes out of it since it’s kind of stiff i assume it’s just gonna stay kind of curly this may or may not be what you want this appears much more durable than your

Regular cable so you might put up with this being stiffer because it can last much longer so we’ve got to plug it in to see if it works of course so here i plug it in and unsurprisingly it does charge this thing says it’s made for ipod so which means it does have an authentication chip inside hopefully it’s a legitimate one we can find out by just you just plug it

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In and make sure it stays charged you know i plug this in for a while and it does stay charging so which makes me think that this is a legitimate authentication chip inside one thing you’ll notice is that this has a braided nylon shield on here i have this 30 pin apple cable here it’s a really old cable but you can see that towards the end here the jacket kind of

Got loose from the head part and i actually ran it through a vacuum cleaner one time and it actually shaved off a bit of the jacket here it just kind of burned away and i can see the braiding the metal braiding inside it’s not quite ruined because i can actually still use it but you know it looks damaged so now i’m gonna run this sink wire cable under the vacuum

Cleaner and see what happens yeah that’s pretty good oh i don’t know how i’m gonna get this out oh hey so i’m actually pretty impressed i was expecting this sink wire to disintegrate just like this one i inspected all around this cable and i don’t see any damage at all so let’s see a villa charge the phone still plug this in and as expected just based on what it

Looks like it’s still charging the phone that’s good there’s no way i’m gonna let nothing be destroyed today because i try to destroy something and it didn’t go so there we go we’re gonna cut this in half bam no more cable we saw we see here the nylon braiding is actually a braid this is what protected it from the vacuum cleaner just now and i removed the plastic

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Jacket now inside here is a shield let’s remove that and so it looks like this is the positive power supply this is the return or ground and d plus d minus and that’s all there is to this cable i like this braiding here this braiding actually makes this really durable this casing here is actually metal i’m gonna try them yank that out here so this is what’s inside

Pretty much just fill it up with plastics very careful not to cut yourself i got the little piece of plastic off and it’s connected to the nylon braid seems like that’s a really good connection there so that the nylon brave won’t slip off now that i remove this little filled plastic thing it’ll just slip all the way down and i’ve removed all of the nylon braid right

Here so here’s the circuit board just based on what this looks like it looks like a real thing so made for iphone very good they have the circuit board it’s then wrapped with this little piece of plastic it’s injection molded to this shape and then they wrap around this little metal thing around that and spot weld it over here close it up after they close it up

The injection molded again to make it a little bit bigger and that injection mold gets stuck with this nylon piece over here and with that assembly they put this over this this shell here the shell is pretty dang good it’s it’s a metal shell see you can i’m scratching it i think this is made out of aluminum with their logo on it sink wire and over here we got the

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Usb side i’m not gonna take this apart because there’s gonna be no circuitry in here it’s just the connector connecting to the cable there might be a pcb that just jumped wires and stuff but who cares about this side we like this side with the chip in it apparently this chip made for iphone or ipod is very expensive for the manufacturers about one to four dollars

Just for this chip and then they have these other stuff in here i don’t know what they are but you need this in order to talk to the iphone to say that yes this is a real apple lightning cable or else it won’t charge the phone because if it doesn’t authenticate properly you’re looking for a very durable cable i would recommend getting this i’ll leave a link down

Below in the video description on where you can get this and i think i think well it’s gonna give me a promotion code where you can actually buy it if you don’t win the contest or anything you can actually buy it with a discount code so now for to giveaway i have 10 of these to giveaway and i’m gonna give them away you know within a month or something and the way

To win is just leave a comment down below if i find it funny i’ll let you know and then can private message each other and i’ll get you address so i’ll send one to you and that’s it this is pete the bush don’t forget to give me a like on this video make your funny comment down below and subscribe over here thanks for watching

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