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Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Product Testimonials (TAAT) (TOBAF) – NOVEMBER 2, 2020 – Taat Chief Executive Officer Setti Coscarella commented, “Part of why I am so confident in Taat’s ability to sell consistently is because of its proven track record in retail market testing, in which the test inventory of the product sold very well. What I believe is most impressive about these results is that they were achieved with no marketing or advertising of any kind. In 2018 the tobacco industry spent USD $9.06 billion on marketing in the United States alone2. With 216.9 billion cigarettes sold domestically in that same year3, or approximately 10.8 billion 20-stick packs, that theoretically works out to an average marketing cost of more than USD $0.83 per pack, which is 13.47% of the USD $6.164 national average price of a pack of cigarettes. While we certainly did not sell 216.9 billion sticks of Taat, we did sell over 65,000 units of test product in the form of both packs and loose units in no time with a marketing cost of zero dollars. While we do intend to carry out some marketing activities when we launch in Ohio, we now know Taat is capable of getting steady sell-through with no marketing at all. As such, I am very excited to see what effect marketing can have as we introduce Taat to current smokers of legal age in Ohio as part of our push to gain market share in the tobacco industry.”

Okay guys this is the older cigarette we’re gonna try to get some a newer pack but this is the older original pack of tat and what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna actually test one of these i’m a non-smoker actually haven’t smoked a cigarette in like years so this is what it looks like this is the tat cigarette it’s what they look like actually it looks a little

Green there actually looks a little bit like cannabis actually that’s the old one same kind of color see what it tastes like see if it’s any good just like a cigarette to me tastes like a cigarette smokes like a cigarette pulls like a cigarette but it’s pretty smooth it doesn’t have that head rush normally if i was to smoke a cigarette i would get like an

Instant head rush and i would feel kind of uh like i would feel like nauseous because i don’t smoke but this doesn’t actually do that it’s pretty smooth and it doesn’t have a very uh doesn’t have a huge kick it doesn’t give me like a crazy head rush that’s pretty smooth not bad at all i would definitely recommend this for someone who’s a smoker i think you

Should try this and i’d love to know what you guys think i’ve got this entire pack here what i’m going to do is i’m going to try to get some smokers and non-smokers to try it out and get some testimonials and tutorials and try to give it to you guys so you guys can see what they say but you can see it’s burning like a normal cigarette looks like a cigarette it

Kind of smells like a cigarette and tastes like a cigarette it just doesn’t have that crazy head rush and i’m not feeling nauseous at all so that’s a good thing because i was kind of worried that i was gonna feel nauseous when i tried this but it’s not bad i’ll try to see if i can get some other people to try it out so stay tuned and we’ll make some more videos

And hopefully we’ll get a chance to see what other people think okay thanks for watching guys hey guys how you doing this is rich from richtv live and i’ve got the new pack of tat cigarettes so we’re gonna do an unboxing right now on packaging and i’m gonna try one out right now right in front of you guys and open it up like this okay oh it looks just like

Like a dunhill looks like a dunhill or a marley like okay you can see a little bit of green in there let’s see what it tastes like i’m not a smoker so this is not really a normal thing for me this is the second cigarette i’ve had today trying to old pack in the new packs let’s see now as a person who hasn’t smoked in years typically this would give me a head

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Rush or make me feel nauseous taking the first pull i don’t feel any of that right now it’s very smooth tastes just like a cigarette to me smells like a cigarette to me so yeah this is the new tad cigarette guys i’m impressed take a look at tat lifestyle wellness you can find them in ohio and what i’m going to do is i’m going to try to distribute this to as

Many people as possible literally on the streets just to get as many peoples possible as opinion people that don’t know me just average people i want to get as many people possible opinion about this product so far as a non-smoker this is actually a product that isn’t making me feel nauseous isn’t making me feel uncomfortable doesn’t make me feel sick is it

Making me cough it’s very very smooth and it smells and tastes to me so far exactly like a cigarette so that’s my honest opinion thank you guys for watching hey guys i don’t know here’s the testimonial to the bridge tv live for the tat cigarettes this is the new pack it’s had original it’s pretty you know pretty standard just like a regular pack the good thing

About this is is there’s no nicotine and replacing the nicotine i think there’s cbd so we all know cbd is good for you it’s not bad i mean it smokes like a cigarette looks like a cigarette it tastes like a cigarette so if you’re trying to quit smoking sorry about that that was totally mine if you were trying to quit smoking and these cigarettes are going for

3.99 on the shelves in ohio and marley’s marlboros and they’re right beside the marlboros are going for seven dollars if you had to go to the store and make a decision to buy these would you buy these if you’re trying to quit smoking would you try them it why not 3.99 does it taste like a cigarette like this is it smooth like a cigarette does it does it pull

Like a cigarette it’s just like a regular cigarette so it’s life it’s a light cigarette so it’s not harsh not at all it’s not like uh with the fact that you know that they’re seeing it’s not like a camel or a dunhill or anything like that cbd in it instead of nicotine or you know all those you have the pack on you you have the pack on you show us the pack

Again see what the pack looks like tat originals so i got another one in there too because yeah another pack but i’m gonna have this smoke so here’s the testimonial yeah man 399. i can’t see them going anywhere why would they go anywhere just hopefully that they just you know continue having these cbd better than nicotine it’s the same thing feels like the

Same thing it’s really about holding it in your hand and people that smoke so way better maybe they can do some kind of wrapping some kind of like character on the filter yeah so you had a question about the filter why don’t you give us that question i’ll make sure seti sees this okay so yeah the filter in itself is looks like a standard filter and we all

Know that like smoking cigarettes having like the tobacco and the leaf itself yeah sure it’s you know carcinogenic and whatnot but the filter is where the fiber got glass get gets sucked out and then that’s where you you start having problems health issues because you’re sucking in fiberglass and you’re sucking in whatever through the filter i think maybe if

You just took a look at that for a second smoking is bad for you i mean clearly right but at the same time maybe we can come up with something different even i mean as as far as you can’t just you know maybe put a little symbol of your of your cigarette on the filter and look it’s just burning normal running like a mall bro like a regular macro does it taste

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Much different than a marble just a little lighter you know marlboros you kind of get do you get that little feel in the back of your throat like like a cigarette yeah you do you still get the same feel like it’s a cigarette i can’t stress this enough man this is a cigarette it’s just simply but it’s just a cigarette yeah that’s what it feels like that’s what it

Tastes like because for someone who’s a smoker they want to know that rather spend 3.99 on a pack versus uh seven dollars seven dollars for marley you know you’re paying them just a little over half right so yeah so if you’re buying a pack a day you’re saving a lot of money and essentially getting almost the same product yeah essentially and you have no tobacco

And no nicotine in that and there’s cbd in there yeah the scene so if you’re trying to get off of all doses like a 0.03 or something of thc so hey do you feel different having the cigarette because a lot of people say that they feel different feel different no but do you feel different smoking the cigarette like do you have any different feeling like you know

Sometimes you feel i don’t know for me when i smoke a cigarette i feel like nauseous or like i feel like it’s just like uh i could i’d get like nauseous feeling like it’s a brand that i would have to get used to but does it feel any different than a regular cigarette does it feel any different in your body each cigarette pack like like cigarettes taste different

Right so um i would love to see the menthol come out yeah i’m gonna try to get the menthol for you these are just the original so a healthier version with cbd and with no nicotine and no tobacco yeah so labeling the real reason why they created this product is to get people that are smoking cigarettes to do this to get off of the tobacco and nicotine addiction

Do you think that this could help people get off of the nicotine and tobacco addiction have to be sold at every store just like a regular car like a curtain a pack whatever and it would have to sit beside all the cigarettes that’s what they’re doing it’s sitting right beside the marlborough advertising part of it is you’re taking away from like all the other

Smokes that are different but they look the same you know so i don’t know it’s gonna be a little bit of a it would have to be in your face consistently advertised this is what i i do know this like it would be half you would have to consistently see it like a burger king or a mcdonald’s you know what i mean like a bus stop like shopping malls like you know

What i mean you’d have to see this everywhere billboards patterson signs whatever you’d have to see this consistently to keep reminding you that this product is actually out there for you now it’s out there and well it’s it’s a lot better than you know everything else so and this is brand new stuff right and this is the new pack yep it’s a public company and

You can buy their stock their symbol is t-a-a-t in canada t-o-b-a-f in america i would definitely like it 2-t p 2 in frankfurt germany so there’s people buying the stock in germany canada the united states the stock has gone from 41 cents pre-ipo it’s trading now at 2.50 it’s been as high as 4.40 cents so they’ve been a success story already and they haven’t

Even sold the pack in fact you are smoking that before anyone else can legally buy that in the world just so you know yeah there you go you’re one of the first people ever to smoke that cigarette there you go so how does that feel like after the smoke is done um i’m holding just like a regular like a filter it feels like i just had a cigarette it honestly

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Feels like i had like my you know hand to melt kind of reaction the internet like how the normal smoking experience all right well thank you so much for your honest review man keep it up keep it up guys tat keep it up it’s hey good so you’re getting a chance to try the tat cigarette you’ll be one of the first ever to try the tad cigarette in the world you’re

One of the first ever in the world there’s people literally all over the world invested in this company you are invested in this company correct yeah i’m excited to try this because i’m invested in it yeah so you’re actually personally invested in the stock as well it’s actually my very first stock that i ever bought here it’s at there you go look at that and

Where did you hear about tat from you rich okay perfect oh wow it even looks like a cigarette just gonna fold me okay very good so let’s see if you uh like it andrew nonsmoker well you’ve tried cigarettes before yeah okay happy halloween everybody it’s halloween right now there’s supposed to be a blue moon today apparently is that it looks blue does that

Look blue to you wow it looks blue folks blue moon it’s uh so is it smooth would you consider it smooth yeah i i feel like it’s not giving me that um sensation to want to cough okay as much as like maybe a regular cigarette but uh i’m still getting like a lot of smoke in the back of my lungs and maybe it’s just playing with my mind a little bit but i gotta

Say something about holding a cigarette just kind of feeling a little bit relaxed okay and now that you’ve tried it as an investor do you think that this is something that you would continue to invest in it’s uh i mean i think it is but it’s it’s tough to say because i’m not a smoker okay so if you uh tried that for the first time would that turn you off of

Smoking because you look like for someone who’s not a smoker you look pretty comfortable smoking it um i feel like from when i’ve tried a real cigarette it tastes enough like a real cigarette that i think i could see smokers liking this for sure um i kind of don’t mind the smell and the taste of it it tastes a little smoother than a cigarette the ritual of

Just taking a draw so just it’s like a cigarette yeah i think smoker’s gonna like this the price is way cheaper a marlboro is seven dollars for a pack of 20. this is 3.99 for a pack of 20. oh really wrong so it’s like less than half the price what do you think about that that said i definitely could see this being hit then because i mean if you can save money

And it’s a cessation project or product that you can help quit then i could definitely see that having it now knowing that it’s like cheaper do you feel like someone would try this at least once if they saw it on the shelves and they knew it was cheaper they’d give it a shot yeah definitely all right well thank you so much for your honest opinion is there

Anything else you want to say about tat now that you’ve tried the product this is it’s growing yeah as far as mimicking a cigarette i can definitely see how people who are smokers would appeal to something like this does it still give you that feeling though when you smoke a cigarette or is it a different feeling the smoke as far as like it coming in my lungs

And everything yeah i’d say there’s maybe even it feels like there’s like a slight bit more smoke in this um and yeah i think it burns a little faster i think that’s pretty much the main difference but as far as the taste and the smell i mean i’d say it even tastes slightly better nicely smoother than some cigarettes i’ve had

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