TAAT(TM) Distributor for U.K. and Ireland Places CAD ,075,000 Order

TAAT(TM) Distributor for U.K. and Ireland Places CAD $1,075,000 Order, Public Health England Issues Confirmation of Registration Authorizing TAAT(TM) to be Sold in Great Britain – RICH TV LIVE – August 21, 2021 – TAAT ™ GLOBAL ALTERNATIVES INC. (CSE: TAAT) (OTCQX: TOBAF) (FRANKFURT: 2TP) (the “Company” or “TAAT ™ ”) is pleased to announce that it has received a purchase order for two containers of TAAT™ valued at €720,000 (approximately CAD $1,075,000) from a wholesaler based in London, England who will be the exclusive distributor for TAAT™ in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In a press release dated April 30, 2021 , the Company announced that this same distributor had placed an initial purchase order of €100,000 (approximately CAD $149,000), and subsequently detailed in a May 20, 2021 press release the competitive advantages TAAT™ would have compared to other tobacco brands in the United Kingdom, where tobacco cigarettes must be sold in “plain packaging”, as shown below. The Company’s distributor has also been granted a Confirmation of Registration to the Tobacco and Related Products and Regulatory Competent Authority from Public Health England, providing clearance for TAAT™ to be sold in all of Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales).

Have a rich tv live and i have some big breaking news for you today and if you’ve been watching rich tv live you know that we love to bring in the news you know we love to break you the news and we love to bring it to you first this news is from tat global alternatives tact global alternatives with some big breaking news that i had to bring to you first so this

News broke yesterday after market you can see tad had a strong day finished off the week really strong pretty much finished off the month finishing off the month very strong and this isn’t really surprising considering tat was my number one pick for august 2021 and it hasn’t disappointed if we go and we take a look at the one month chart we can see how tas produ

Has performed this month they were actually at a price of oh well this is not right hold on let’s go let’s go to the three-month chart let’s go to the one-month chart so here’s the one-month chart so you can clearly see that tat was as low as three dollars and two cents at the beginning of the month and it’s hit a high now of what where is this 4 50 this

Month currently sitting at 423 so it’s been a very very strong month for tat to say the least and i’m gonna break to you the news because i think the news was uh was really good so here’s a line here i’m gonna move this up so you can see it hit a high of 464. so it started the month around three dollars hit a high of 464. great month for tat you can clearly see

This trended up right this trended up and it’s the trend line here you could see that this trended up all month so great pick for the month and the number one reason why i picked this for the month was because of the fact that i thought they were going to get listed on the nasdaq this month but they haven’t even been listed on the nasdaq and they’ve still gone up

Tremendously from let’s say three dollars the beginning of the month to a high of 464 and currently trading at 4.23 and they had some news and let’s break down the news and i think this is big news for tat now if you guys like these videos please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live now remember rich tv live

Is strictly for information education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talked about here in rich tv live in saying that invest in the best the best is blessed and you deserve the best so what’s the big news for tat global alternatives tat distributor for uk and ireland places a 1 million 75 000 order public

Health england issues confirmation of registration authorization for tat to be sold in great britain this isn’t a new state this is a new country congratulations to tat and all the shareholders of tac global alternatives it’s tat in canada t-a-a-t and in america t-o-b-a-f and it’s t-o-b-a-f in america so love to know what you guys think about these videos here’s

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The american symbol here t-o-b-a-f so you can clearly see in the last month it has also performed quite well in america let’s take a look at the one-month chart and it looks very similar so a low of 239 in america a high of 360 and currently sitting around 325 in america so very strong trend for tat a lot of people getting ready for this nasdaq listing hopefully

Soon but the reality is this has been going up and it’s not even listed yet so that just goes to show you how much excitement is building regarding tat i mean i just think this is one of the hottest stocks out there um it’s a very unique company you can clearly see it’s had an incredible month as predicted congratulations to everyone who got into this rocket and

If you didn’t get into this rocket i don’t think it’s too late yes kind of high right now i think you want to get in on dips but there’s nothing wrong with putting a rocket in your pocket okay now let’s just break down this new so tat in canada under the symbol t-a-a-t in america under the symbol t-o-b-a-f and in frankfurt germany under the symbol two t p okay

And let me just share with something here if you guys have any questions please put it into the group chat i’ll do my best to answer your questions and let’s see here so this order and tat is pleased to announce it has received a purchase order for two containers of tat valued at 720 000 euros approximately 1 million 75 000 canadian from a wholesaler based in

London england who will be exclusive distributor for tats i think that’s huge huge huge huge for tat and like i said to you guys in my opinion this is just the beginning for tats you know we’ve had so many huge breakthroughs and we’ve had so many things happen throughout the years here and i’ll be honest with you guys we’ve had so many great picks to meet as one of

Our greatest picks because not only is it trading up now a thousand percent since day one in about 13 months and congratulations to investors all over the world on winning on tap but in my opinion it is just in the first inning so there’s still so much room for growth kazam trader g money inc says i still think it has lots of downside downside 157 will be my next

Entry okay okay well listen you know you’re entitled to your opinion jay gonzo says good morning all you legends jay how much you up now man i know you’ve been in the group chat talking about how much you’re winning on tad how much you up now amanda says wow tat always making moves love the uk expansion ranking up so exciting thank you amanda and thank you guys for

Joining us so let me just break down this news so pretty big order england who will be the exclusive distributor for tat in the united kingdom and ireland in a press release dated april 30th 2021 the company announced that has the same distributor had placed an initial purchase order of 100 000 euros approximately 149 000 canadian so the first order was for 100 000

Euros and this is their second order for 720 000 euros or 1 million 75 000 canadian attack previously it was 149 000 canadian this is almost a 10x order from the previous order this is huge huge huge for tat and i’ve been saying this for they need revenue this is revenue so this is good and the last order which was 149 000 canadian and subsequently detailed in a

May 20 2021 press release the competitive advantages tat would have compared to other tobacco brands in the united kingdom where tobacco cigarettes must be sold in plain packaging as shown below in the press release the company’s distributor has also been granted a confirmation of registration to the tobacco and related products and regulatory competent authority

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From public health england providing clearance for tat to be sold in all of great britain england scotland and wales let’s go tat because tad is where it’s at let’s go that’s right so the launch of tats in the united kingdom will coincide with anticipated market changes in the coming years resulting from the planned withdrawal check this out of philip morris

International from the tobacco cigarette category in the uk by the end of the decade wow that is huge for dad which the firm announced in late july 2021 with the recent ban of menthol cigarettes in the united kingdom as of may 20 2020. tat menthol can provide legal age smokers who preferred menthol tobacco cigarettes a familiar favor flavor profile that cannot

Be had with any combustible tobacco product in the country game changer additionally tat will be sold in the united kingdom at an attractive price point compared to leading brands of tobacco cigarettes which stands to allow legal age smokers in the united kingdom to benefit from a cost savings by switching to tat and i mean look at that trend guys and that’s

Just the last month if you guys want me to show you what it’s done in the last year it’s been an absolute rocket ship look at that in america from 62 cents i know it’s been even lower than that we can see it’s been even lower look 10 cents in america it’s been as low as 10 cents it’s now at 3.25 cents had you got in at those prices you’re up 3 000 this is game

Changing wow look at all these messages x factor says hey rich great show these orders are going up steadily what a great story and it’s only going to get better in my opinion everybody wants their hands on tap jay gonzo says diamond hands from her last dip where i bought at 302 holding till nasdaq baby well done jay work buddy and you know we called that dip

And we were telling everyone in our community under three dollars this was a buy and clearly we were right yet again we were right yet again imagine that imagine that had you only just been buying tat when i brought it to pre-ipo in june of 2020 you’d be up 10 times your money on this game-changing product which we brought first to the world and we’re very proud

Of it thank you tax and thank you community for trusting and believing in this rocket ship which has brought our investors who got in early 10 times their money in 13 months that is absolutely spectacular well i guess now it’s 14 months robert cross says hello rich where do you see tad in eight weeks what price greetings from germany that’s tough to tell you know

Tat’s been going up obviously we’re waiting for the nasdaq listing i think the nasdaq listing could take it as high as five or six dollars but i’ve consistently told our community that tat needs to grow their revenue in order to justify their market cap because they’ve gone up a lot on future growth and excitement hype and a very strong community of investors and

A management team who’s holding their shares tight they’re not loose with their shares they’re not issuing shares to anybody so it’s very tightly held it’s growing it’s growing its revenue and it’s a company that has a chance to be a global giant it has that potential that’s why the stock’s done so well clearly so very difficult to predict but i think with the

Nasdaq listing and all the revenue rolling in and all the news that comes in with tat we could see it go as high as six dollars we’ve seen it at the highest six dollars before i think we could see the highest six dollars again if we take a look at the uh the one-year chart you can clearly see it’s been as high as six dollars um it’s been over five twice it’s been

Around six months it’s been over four multiple times but it struggles to hold four so you need to be aware of that so in my opinion you want to try to enter intact if you can on dips if another dip does present itself the investment abc says this recent news is really big ted is expanding way faster than i had thought into other countries well if you guys have

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Been watching rich tv live you should know that you know that’s a rocket i mean there should be nothing surprising there jay says they need to get over four usd tat and seti are absolute beauties always delivering and meeting goals if they are going to the nasdaq i feel safe holding while they make the dreams happen just make sure that if they start to drop and

You’re in and you start seeing your profits disappear lock in your profits you can always buy in on the next dip that’s the rich system amanda the pip queen says oh jay for sure i’m with you they’re not going to stop raid hyatt says some youtuber just started talking about tat i told him you too late rich tv been talking about tat forever my man we were the first

To talk about tag not the second not the third not the fifth not the 55th not the 100 the 50th the first and that’s what we do here rich tv live and if you like to learn how to trade and you like to learn how to win all you got to do is join our club at richpixdaily.com where you two can win and we have a free section we have a vip section where you actually

Get education live trading trading ideas almost 80 hours of live trading now and growing every single week forever our club is where you go if you want to win in stocks and cryptocurrencies and we brought you fat first we’ve brought hundreds of picks first and we’re going to continue to do so i promise you that i appreciate ray thank you man all right so let

Me just finish off this news and let you know because i know it’s your saturday some of you are on sunday and i want you guys to enjoy your weekend but i want everyone to know about this news from tat tat chief executive officer who we’ve had on our show many times this man is a living legend i’m so proud of his accomplishments and what he’s done with that as the

Ceo he’s done an extremely good job and he works really hard ceti cosquerella commented on the news less than four months after a distributor for the uk and ireland placed their initial purchase order valued at 149 000 canadian we are very pleased to have already received a second order which i just told you for several times that amount about what six times the

Amount not bad in addition to clearance from public health england which is huge for tat to be sold in all of great britain we fully support philip morris international’s plan to stop selling tobacco cigarettes in the uk not just because it creates opportunities for us as we enter that market but also because it validates what we’ve been saying all along that

Smokers of legal age deserve access deserve access to a better choice than tobacco cigarettes after adding distribution for tat in several in seven new us states in two months we are thrilled to be executing our first international launches as the next big chapter in our journey to make tat a global brand in the u.s 814 billion tobacco industry there it is

The big news for tax huge order and this is just the beginning thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first that is where it’s at there ain’t nobody else that brought you tap first only your boy rich it’s true thank you guys for watching have a great weekend your boy rich university

Live bringing you the big news from tat and i’m out peace

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