TAAT(TM) Now Sold in Over 1,000 U.S. Stores, More Than 600,000 Packs Sold to Date in USA

TAAT Global Alternatives – Breaking News – (TAAT, TOBAF, 2TP) – RICH TV LIVE – September 24, 2021 – TAAT(TM) Now Sold in Over 1,000 U.S. Stores, More Than 600,000 Packs Sold to Date in U.S.

Live and rich pigs daily with some big breaking news for you today from tat global alternatives t-a-a-t in canada t-o-b-a-f in america 2-tp in frankfurt germany bring in the news and we’re bringing it to you first here’s the big news tats here is the title tat now sold in over 1 000 u.s stores more than 600 000 packs sold to date in america big breaking news

Breaking right now and a big day for tat going up seven percent huge day for tat tat global alternatives inc t-a-a-t in canada on the canadian securities exchange t-o-b-a-f in america 2-tp in frankfurt germany is pleased to announce that it’s nicotine-free and tobacco-free flagship product tat trademark is now carried in more than 1 000 retail points of sale across

The united states to include puerto rico approximately 10 months after tat first launched in the united states in december 2020 in ohio additionally cumulative sales of tat in the united states now exceed 600 000 packs amounting to a total of more than 12 million sticks each representing a better choice for smokers of legal age in its august 17 2021 press release

The company announced that it had added distribution for tat trademark in seven new us states in just two months shortly after announcing in an august 6 2021 press release that its store count nationwide had reached approximately 500 points of sale less than two months later the figure is approximately doubled with a confirmed total of more than one thousand tat

Retailers following the addition of an entire 147 store chain in michigan announced in the company’s august 25th 2021 press release as well as several retailers in the southern and western regions of the united states as shown in the map below in their press release the interactive store locator map can be accessed on tritat.com on the following link in the press

Release in addition to the continued expansion of the market presence of tax in the united states the company has been planning launch initiatives in multiple overseas markets to include the united kingdom ireland and australia this week the first tax shipment to fulfill purchase orders from the company’s exclusive distributor for the uk and ireland was dispatched

From the tat contract manufacturers facility and is expected to arrive by the end of the month furthermore the launch of tat in puerto rico could prove advantageous based on its excise tax being the highest in the united states at usd 510 per pack which can make tat an attractively priced alternative for smokers age 21 plus as a non-tobacco product by comparison

The highest tobacco excise tax in the mainland us in the district of columbia usd 450 per pack with the lowest rate being in missouri usd 17 cents per pack and overall average of usd one nine a dollar ninety one cents per pack what did chief executive officer centi costarilla have to say about this news our trade show exhibits have been a major catalyst for

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Growth in the united states as retail chain buyers and wholesalers who deal with tobacco products intuitively pick up on the value proposition of tat for smokers age 21 plus the second they step into our booth we have had incredible velocity over the past couple of months in terms of gaining new us store placements and we could not be more excited for tat to begin

Hitting store shelves in the united kingdom and ireland as early as within the next couple of weeks with our first shipments to london currently on route big news for tat what do you guys think of this news big breaking news i wanna hear what you guys gotta say here we go we got some people here hi how you doing chang zong how are you what do you guys think of

This news jeffrey how you doing jeffrey did you get yourself some tap tad is definitely getting it done my friend there’s no doubt about it big breaking news for tat sandra word says the journey has begun with tat and it’s just the beginning i agree with you one thousand percent or should i say one thousand stores i remember when we brought you guys tat and they

Weren’t in anybody’s store in fact do i not have yeah i gotta pack a tat right here i gotta pack a tat right here this is what they used to look like this is what they used to look like that’s come a long way guys and they’re just getting started and we’re talking about a company that has a chance and goals to be global we’re talking global starting in ohio and

We’re going global message kaziel says hey what’s up rich finally some tap vids there’s been no tat news my friend we gotta wait for the news oh and what does co have to say tat is where it’s at i agree with you one thousand percent my friend anthony rice says when is tat going to the nasdaq you know what it’s a great question probably need to ask that to the

Nasdaq my prediction i have a crystal ball here so if i look deep into my crystal ball my prediction is tat will be listed on the nasdaq in october maybe november that’s what my crystal ball is saying october maybe november so stay tuned mark how you doing brother happy friday everybody hope you all have a great weekend big news for tat now sold in over 1 000

Locations how incredible is that sandra wurtz says absolutely great news i agree with you one thousand percent hope you guys are winning i hope you’re watching we bring you winners and we bring them to you first we brought you tat global alternatives before anyone else in the universe and they are currently trading at 10 times since we brought it to our community

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First pre-ipo at 41 cents june 2020 fast forward a year later they are now in 1 000 locations and expanding worldwide time to get excited all right let’s see what some of you guys got to say before i say goodbye no date we don’t have a date it’s up to the nasdaq nasdaq will tell us mazda miata corvette hopefully tat won’t have the same problem like tnt with

The nasdaq i don’t believe they’re gonna have any problems i just think tat has a lot of things going and when you have a lot of things going on that’s just more questions and answers going back and forth with the nasdaq it’s taking time but most things that are worthwhile take time good things come to those who are willing to wait it’s true i mean it’s only

Been a year attached trading at a thousand percent return i think we’re doing pretty good so far koh says market cap will have to double and price will need to pass five usd before nasdaq consideration no i don’t think that that’s the case in fact i think like they’ve already qualified for the nasdaq as far as all their fundamentals i believe it’s just a lot of

Questions going back and forth and i believe tat pretty much is already qualified it’s just there’s a long list of companies moving to the nasdaq attaches got to wait their turn like everybody else anthony rice says tat on the nasdaq i believe that will be a huge catalyst for tat but despite the fact that they’re not on the nasdaq yet we’re still looking at a

4.20 stock and we brought it to free ipo at 41 cents we’re talking about a 10 bagger this is a 10 bagger and we’re not even on the nasdaq yet and we’re just starting sales where are we going with this bad boy i think we’re going higher and amanda says so exciting i think tat works almost as hard as rich tv live tat works hard i promise you that tat works hard so

Does sethi cosquerella congratulations to everybody on tat a company that is just getting bigger and better big breaking news what do you think of this news now if you like these videos smash the like button comment down below subscribe if you’re alive hit the bell for notifications so every time we go live bring you big breaking news like this you get access to it

First if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first if you haven’t joined our club go to richpixdaily.com where you can get access to rewards literally free money for members that just join the club and get into the chat if you’re a vip member you make more you get different incentives more incentives you get the

Ability to get access to our education center that is fully proprietary with trade ideas and different training information every single week we’re doing two live trainings and trading with our community giving buy zones sell zones great trade ideas for some of the biggest and best companies in the world up and coming companies and growth companies like tat global

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Alternatives which we brought to the world first not second not third not fifth not 55th but first it’s true if you’re not winning you’re not watching subscribe if you’re live is your boy rich mr live couple more questions let’s go through your questions before i say goodbye marseille says the weight is good they need to expose their products more before nasdaq

Hey i agree nothing wrong with waiting and mazda mister corvette says i think they have to have a three dollar plus for 15 days so they should meet the nasdaq requirements they have met the nasdaq requirements there’s no doubt in my mind it’s just a back and forth right now and nasdaq asks questions tad answers the questions i believe it’s coming and my crystal

Ball says between october and november they will be listed on the nasdaq that’s what the crystal ball says because the ball never lies but we’ll see and fat creates as cat needs corporation cooperation with cardano ada so they can buy tax with cryptos i like that idea but why cardano why not bitcoin imagine if you could pay with tat with bitcoin that’s a good

Idea all right guys thank you for watching it’s your boy rachel wish to be live bringing the big breaking news with tat global alternatives comment on the video let me know what you guys think about the big news tat in 1 000 thousand stores one thousand locations i remember when they were just an idea not even in one location and in less than one year they’re now

In one thousand locations in america it’s huge any guess about nazdat yes my guest crystal ball is saying nascat between october and november coming soon stay tuned and marseille says cardano is the future i like cardano i like cardinal but i like a lot of other coins too howard says holding strong long and strong my friend and cardano is future yeah cardano is

A great coin but there’s a lot of other great coins too bitcoin ethereum ripple i put all three of those ahead of cardano but that’s just me thank you guys for watching what do you think of the news on tat t-a-a-t in canada t-o-b-a-f in america 2-tp in frankfurt germany it’s your boy rich wish to be live and i’m out peace that does it again breaking news at market

Close on a friday thank you tat for helping so many people achieve their financial freedom helping so many people achieve their financial goals you guys are a special company tat is blessed it’s true your boys out peace naztat let’s go nasthat let’s go

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