TAAT(TM) to be Sold on Three Continents with Australian Container

TAAT(TM) to be Sold on Three Continents with Australian Container Order Valued at CAD $536,000 – TAAT ™ GLOBAL ALTERNATIVES INC. (CSE: TAAT) (OTCQX: TOBAF) (FRANKFURT: 2TP) (the “Company” or “TAAT ™ ”) is pleased to announce that Green Global Earth (“GGE”), the exclusive TAAT™ distributor for the U.K. and Ireland who recently placed a CAD $1,075,000 purchase order in addition to its previous CAD $149,000 order as announced in the Company’s August 20, 2021 press release, has issued an additional purchase order for €360,000 (approximately CAD $536,000) for a full shipping container of TAAT™ to be distributed in Australia. Last year, the Company proactively applied for trademarks in Australia as well as dozens of international jurisdictions as described in a press release dated December 31, 2020 .

Guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and i have some big breaking news from tat global alternatives big breaking news from tat global alternatives and i wanted to bring it to you first because that’s what we do here rich tv live we bring you the winners we bring in the news and we bring it to you first this is the tritat website feel free to go to the

Site and learn more about tats and you can get a free pack of tat if you’re in america all you do is go to trytat.com if you’re over the age of 21 plus click enter looks like this send me my free pack of tat that’s it you click on that and bam get yourself access to some free tag just like that doesn’t get easier than that and everybody should be taking advantage

Of this offer because tats are great so if you can get a free pack of tat i mean it doesn’t get much better than that this is the new website they’ve done some magicians and some uh some cool things here so take a look at the new site at tritat.com and tat congratulations to investors now officially trading at five dollars despite the fact that we prepped you guys

And told you guys about the pre-ipo in june of 2020 at 41 cents and today 15 months later tat has become a mainstream name no longer are people saying what’s attack people know who tat is it’s at five dollars over twelve hundred percent up since day one when i brought it to you first t-a-a-t in canada in america you can see we’ve been marking this up for over a year

T-o-b-a-f and the thing i love about tat i remember when i used to talk about tat and nobody knew who tat was now everybody’s talking about tax everybody wants it on tat everybody’s interviewing tats and who brought you tad first your boy rich that’s what we do and don’t you worry i got more rockets in my pockets i got more tricks up my sleeve but let’s break down

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The news big big big news for tat good morning chang zhong are you doing early biz amanda five dollars and they didn’t even need nasdaq to get there never seen a company grow like this one tat is blessed tad is special and if you’re looking for a winner you really don’t have to go much farther than tat tat will be sold on three continents that’s right i remember

When i brought utah and it wasn’t sold anywhere it is now in three continents with australia now on the list and an australian container order valued at 536 thousand dollars i remember when tat was putting on news and there was no sales now there’s hundreds of thousands if not million dollar orders seemingly coming in every single week this is the beginning of

Something bigger for tat tag global alternatives on the canadian securities exchange under the symbol t-a-a-t on the otcqx under the symbol t-o-b-a-f and in frankfurt germany under the symbol 2tp is pleased to announce that green global earth gge the exclusive tat distributor for the uk and ireland who recently placed a canadian 1 million 75 000 purchase order in

Addition to its previous 149 000 canadian order as announced in the company’s august 20th 2021 press release has issued an additional purchase order for 360 thousand euros approximately 536 000 canadian for a full shipping container of tat to be distributed to australia i sat down with some of the guys from tat last week uh sort yesterday and asked them like where

Did this order come from and they literally said it just came out of nowhere tat is becoming so popular that orders are starting to come in from all over the world that’s right all over the world last year the company proactively applied for trademarks in australia as well as dozens of international jurisdictions as described in a press release dated december 31st

2020 with australia having the highest average price of a tobacco cigarette pack in the world oh my goodness the equivalent of usd 25 dollars and 12 cents for a 20 pack of marlboro that’s mind-boggling compared to usd eight dollars in the united states the company has long contemplated launching tat in this market to capitalize on its competitive price point as a

Non-tobacco product current estimates indicate that will retail for approximately thirty percent less than tobacco cigarettes in australia tat could also join a compet attack could also gain a competitive advantage in australia from its ability to be sold in branded packaging as australian law requires tobacco cigarettes to be sold in plain packaging because australia

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Was the first country in the world to impose plain packaging requirements based on a 2011 law the company believes the colorful tat packs can be especially eye-catching for smokers of legal age in australia who have become accustomed to the uniform appearance of plain packaging for tobacco cigarettes at this time the company and gge are in the process of finalizing

Certain elements of the launch plan for tat in australia for example taxation compliant packaging legal considerations in each state and territory in the event that gge’s initial supply of tap for the uk and ireland approaches depletion before the australian launch plans are approved gge intends to allocate the australian container order for distribution in the

Uk and ireland what did chief executive officer ceo ceti coskarella of tat global alternatives have to say the global interest in tat from smokers of legal age grows daily and this australian opportunity is a testament to that popularity australia has been of interest to us as a potential expansion market for tat for some time now a major reason for this is our

Ability to sell tat in most markets for significantly less than the price of tobacco cigarettes this will have a larger impact in a market where smokers of legal age pay more per pack and anywhere else in the world there have been several successive increases to tobacco cigarette prices in australia in recent years and we believe that in addition to providing a cost

Savings tax can prove to be a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes for smokers of legal age who aspire to leave nicotine behind and tobacco we are very impressed with gge’s ability to generate interest intact in multiple markets globally which can put tat in its third continent since it was first launched in ohio at the end of 2020. wow big big big news for tat

As you can see here this has been an absolute rocket it’s been as low as 10 cents in america currently sitting at 3.96 that is unbelievable it has been an absolute rocket ship everybody who’s invested in tat has made money within our club we are literally up now 12x for members that got in day one at 41 cents it’s been an absolute dream stock congratulations to

Investors all over the world on top global alternatives and it’s not done i sat down with some of the key members of tat yesterday and they told me that they believe this is going to be a big week for tat there’s a lot of things coming a lot of things planned and like i told you guys tat has orders and interests coming from all over the world so i do not believe

That this stops with australia i believe that we’ve got the us the uk and australia now and that’s just the beginning and i believe there’s way more to come so stay tuned if you like this video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live is your boy rich or mr live we’re bringing the winners and we bring them

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To you first we were literally the first ones ever to talk about tat and bring you tats to the world and we’re definitely not the last literally when i look at youtube now i see tat everywhere everybody’s talking about tat everybody’s interviewing tat and that’s what i love i’d love to bring the winners first and then just sit back and enjoy the ride hope you

Guys enjoyed the ride if you like these videos smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live is your boy rich remiss to be live good morning cindy good morning peggy sue wow cindy you got 87 000 shares of tat my goodness you are on fire and you deserve it cindy thank you for all your support thank you for being

A member of the club and thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring you the winners just like tat and we bring them to you first thanks for watching everybody have a great weekend get ready for another huge week for tat congratulations to everybody on tat now trading at five dollars in canada 396 in america and this

Rocket you better get it in your pocket before it’s too late because they come in they’re they’re working on getting on the nasdaq we can call it the naz tap thanks to tony for that thank you guys this is your boy rich from us to be live and best in the best the best is blessed and tad is absolutely one of the best and that’s why tad is blessed and if you invested

In tat you’re blessed too you’re more rich from rich to be live and i’m out peace wait a second you remember rich tv live is strictly for information education purposes past performance is not an indication of future results just want to make sure you know that make sure you consult with financial advisor and ask them and tell them about tat and get their opinion

Chances are they’re going to say where’d you hear about tat and you could say for my boy rich and they’re gonna say man that guy’s good all right guys i’m out peace

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