Tai O, Michelin Star, and Lamborghinis Oh My

Travels in Tai O and also a visit to Times Square in Hong Kong. How does a Michelin Star ramen taste? Beverly Hills of Hong Kong is Causeway Bay? Some more observations during my Hong Kong Travels.

How’s it going everybody doesn’t beat the bush today i have a big-ass screen behind me and i am in times square in hong kong right now supposed to be a place where we can see three lantern has a very nice lots of food for hong kong dollars picking up some fish ball before i get on the bus ride back the reason i don’t get more fish ball is because it’s sort

Of like processed food they take the fish they beat it up i don’t know what kind of chemicals they add in core preservatives or whatnot those seems like a lot of people like to get it mmm is a tasty treat i am in times square now in hong kong check out the background it’s here on i’m not waiting for that because there’s a lot of other good things to eat look

No lie this is a michelin star rated restaurant it’s tokyo i’m going there so i wonder if i should have this i just kind of wanted eighteen dollars later i just thought that ramen was yeah all right yeah i so i got the cheese flavor just time to test it out and see how it is my first time having a negative labored and original mixed feeling very makes

Feelings i really don’t know about them like the cheese kind of mix it a little bit more soggy than usual we sorta transformed it to something else completely it’s not the regular egg it’s anymore overall i think i prefer to original you know i take it back this kind of grows on you like the first time you eat it it’s kind of shocking it’s like oh it’s not what

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You normally eat but like after having a while it’s like cheese hmm more cheese and then you just have more and more cheese and then i don’t know i might be torn next time i get this probably right now i probably won’t get the cheese but maybe i might want to try chocolate flavor or something else next so thanks for watching everybody don’t forget to give me a like

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Tai O, Michelin Star, and Lamborghinis Oh My By BeatTheBush

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