Tai O Village in Hong Kong

Tai O village is a bit different than all the other islands. Just how different? Housing is vastly different along with a lot more boats certainly. Watch to see the differences.

How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush i have about two full days left in hong kong and normally i would just kind of cruise along i didn’t really want to do all that much but i decided to go to tayo to show you guys what it’s like over there but first i’m gonna have some breakfast now what is this tayo place i was told that llama island and chinatown is very

Similar so i’m gonna go to trial supposedly it’s gonna be a lot more different than those other two islands so let’s check it out let’s see here they have some sort of fish broth and most importantly they have a milk tea which i call tato and they add in that condensed milk in it for sweetener it turns all hana congee places don’t even serve milk tea so although i

Would want congee with milk tea they just don’t have something like that so that whole thing turns out to be three dollars and fifty cents how much can i make a breakfast meal i’d say about two to three dollars or so so it’s really close to the costs of what i need to pay to make the same thing so twenty minutes later i’m in and out of that place i’m finished with

My breakfast and now let’s head over to ty oh thank you senor concrete change a scene yeah hi-de-ho tea please mind the gap to the ground after right to the end of this bus line that’s a 42 minute bus ride from the tung chung subway station i really really dislike bus rides especially through the mountains because i get a little bit of carsick we are at i/o why

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Are we here i don’t know so we’re gonna go explore and see what’s here okay it makes sense to probably just kind of walk around in a circle like that taste sit over there a bunch of boats and i need to walk over there that’s me in that i think some people are living on the pier over there actually looks really unstable yep that’s me more interested in the daily

Lives more than riding those little boat things husband this is the part where there’s not much on this road so should i hurry i don’t know if i should run again maybe a light jog can’t cafe this is a mic that i’m using right now and this is the fuzzy thing that everybody looks at i’m gonna put it back on the camera now i am very intrigued by these houses that

Are built on these stilts how do they stay afloat they just put some cement on a block of wood and then build on top of that what if one of the structures falls down do they fall down the hole do people ever fall down the hole these are the questions i asked myself as i walk through this place and it is interesting because you don’t have anywhere else in hong kong

That where you see these houses that are built on these stilts and i’m sure if i look at it enough i might start getting bored of it now did you have electricity here concealed if it runs through some of the houses there’s a rundown example of one of the places i assume someone abandoned it all the floorboards are all torn i guess that’s what happens if you don’t


Keep it up all the way in there though you do see the living room that might be a little intact so people do have boats over here andy still structure seems like they’re not all completely cemented down some of them are just regular pieces of wood i guess they just attach it you know push it down as far as they can and you know call it a day whereas you have those

Other ones that has a little bit bigger thing at the bottom over there with a bit of cement in it and i guess they provide a bit more structure to hold up everything else this is a nice stroll i suggest that they need to have someone clean up all this garbage and it’ll make the place a lot nicer i assume is all the tourists that’s walking along here that’s throwing

All this garbage on the side it is a shame oh no lontel norv all blisk and it’s up all these stairs no thank you i’m gonna go back over all so far i think it’s worth the experience just to see the sights it’s a lot different and the other island so yeah it’s worth the 42 minute bus ride even if this is all i see so far i hope i think it’s dead already let’s look

At all the seashells that washes up on here they are quite large my hand for comparison this one looks like an oyster i think that’s some sort of fish-catching contraption some sort of a random mochi thing this is warm still i’m not sure what’s in it it’s actually some sort of being okay let’s give this a try jade said it’s supposed to be a little salty i’m okay

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With that it’s nice to have a little snack along the way seven hong kong dollars hold a dollar u.s. so i have stopped in here to eat one abalone and one razor fan this is the abalone this is the shrimp there is a bologna what better way to just eat the whole thing cold easy money yeah so out of this chance encounter i went into this place it was really really

Good i think they call it back to you girl okay but if you go to tayo you will pass by this place and stop i have some fresh seafood so the razor clam i think could be cleaned a little bit better there were just you know one or two pieces of hand in it but you know what can you expect the first abalone was very delicious as was not overcooked at all the second

One was overcooked a little tiny bit but it was still good the shrimp was also overcooked a little tiny bit but it was also still good and and then i also had a scallop which was perfectly done so the timing of cooking the seafood is very very critical you can just be off you know if you just cook it just ten more seconds and it’s you know a little bit too overcooked already

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Tai O Village in Hong Kong By BeatTheBush

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