TECH STOCKS GET KILLED! – Has the Stock Market Correction Started?!

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Hey stock market gods how are you i’m good thanks it’s jeremy yeah hey i was asking if maybe you could do me a little favor yeah do you think you could just drop the stock market by like eight ten percent especially than as that especially tech stocks you can do that for me oh my gosh thank you so much hey what one one that one other thing one other thing do you

Think you could please just put gopro shares at $25 a share hello hello damn it great day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i’m jeremy this is the financial education channel and we got a talk guys tech stocks have done absolutely destroyed today we go look at so many of these tech stocks that just got absolutely nailed today now i am loving this

I am absolutely loving this and i feel like i’m the only one in the entire stock market who’s along meaning i don’t have any short position i don’t have any short term put i don’t have any shorts on stocks but i am loving what happened today and i want a lot more of this i would like like five or six straight days of exactly what happened today to happen again

And again and again guys because we need a market correction this this market has crept into over valuation and i don’t like it and i know so many people like are like they don’t want to take the short-term pain they don’t want to take the short-term painful a long-term game and it amazes me and money is like one of the only situations in life where i find people

Just don’t want to take the short-term pain to the long-term game like imagine negative michael jordan said coach i just started to sweat a little bit we’re going to have to stop today’s practice like i met jeff you saying bowl setup oh coach my heart’s beating a little fast we’re gonna have to stop today’s practice my legs are a little tired like where whatever

Situation like would people not take the short-term game our short-term loss you know for a long-term gain in the end that’s exactly what i want to do i’m accepting i’ve all my stocks went down some i’m cool with that because there’s a ton of average stocks out there that i absolutely love and they’re ridiculously overvalued right now ridiculously overvalued even

After today’s drops so many stocks i look out there i’m just like i would love to be invested in that the debt of ridiculous price it’s like going to those short of the store and you want to find yourself a new t-shirt and you know you expect that t-shirt to be 20 or 30 bucks and the stores trying to sell it for 150 and like what the hell they i love that shirt

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But it’s $150 what makes that shirt so special that deserves $150 a fair price of $30 for that shirt so that’s how i’m feeling right now guys now let’s look at some of these stocks that you’ve got absolutely cream so all these screenshots i took with about an hour left in the market trading day so i’m not sure if these stocks got worse as a trading day we went on

Or they got better but this is what we have with about an hour to go so google went down around 4% today we have cruz cirrus logic the main apple supplier that went down about 7% today then we have snapchat went down over 4% today qualcomm just dipped about 2% micron technology it’s seven and a half percent amborella chip supplier for dji products gopro products

And some of those they dropped almost 6% today facebook facebook the ultimate beast dropped over 4% amazon dropped about 4% what else do we have here indy dropped about 8% apple dropped almost 5% us taking a screenshot and video dropped 10% $16 a share in that stock has just been an animal alibaba the biggest retailer in china dropped over 3% zelo top 2% skyward

Solutions dropped almost 5 percent their twitter dropped over 5% activism blizzard drop about 5% ebay drop three and a half percent all told the nasdaq lost about two point three nine percent as of when i took the screenshot but again i don’t know if it got better but then you look at the dow jones the dow jones hardly dropped today smp had a little bit of a bad

Day but not like horrible the nasdaq has been a huge out performer if you look at how much of the nasdaq is up versus the smp and versus the doubt it’s not even comparable the nasdaq has outperformed them by a ridiculous ratio i mean we looked at last week on the stock market weekly recap i believe the nasdaq was up something like 17 or 18 percent year-to-date

When the sp and the dow was up like mortar like eight nine percent so the nasdaq is like just gone ridiculous and we’ve crept into like i said we crept in a low over valuation now the ridiculous over valuation but low over valuation and the question for you people out there is do you want to be known in a market that is overvalued is that the type of stock market

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You want to participate in a stock market that’s overvalued or do you want to participate in a stock market that’s fairly valued or undervalued i would much rather be in a fairly valued one in personally like i would i hate being a you know labeled in a market that is technically a little overvalued because if some people say it’s extremely overvalued like there’s

All different wide-ranging opinions on that right but a lot of most people would say it’s at least slightly overvalued so my question is why do i want to be known in the market like that like all that setting things up is to get severely overvalued and then you know what happens when you get severely over value you end up having a stock market crash not a correction

Now like a little bit of short-term pain i’m talking a massive amount of short-term pain and you know what happens when that pain happens is then a ton of people get killed you can tell people get destroyed in the market a ton of people leave the market forever or at least until the next bull market or something like that comes along i don’t want to see that situation

I don’t want to see a situation where people lose massive amounts of money i would rather just see us all have our accounts dip a little bit in the short term and then we get to a fair about market valuation and then we can start rising again as the years go on instead of this you know so far up here instead of you know ninety percent of us companies i look at our

Overvalued guys from big ones to small ones to tech one to ones that are profitable like the amount of overvaluation is absurd in the stock market so i’m welcoming this now well this well as continue is this whole stock market correction as it’s going to continue or it’s not even a stock market correction today’s just on rough day it’s not a stock market correction

Less we drop another eight ten percent then we’re talking stock market correction so will it continue on i have no clue i really don’t i wish i knew if i knew this would continue on i was replacing a short position right now i’d be buying short-term putts and things like that right now guys if i knew that we don’t know if that’s going to continue but i will say what

Happened here on friday should have happened last friday when the the horrible non-farm payroll came out whether it was 138,000 non-farm payroll with a hundred and eighty five thousand was expected what happened today was supposed to happen last friday and yet last friday the market still went up and it’s just like what what is going on like when bad news is good

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News and good news is great news it’s just the whole market off is back so i’m welcoming today and let’s just all hope for another week or two of this pain short-term pain guys and then we can all buy stocks at a cheaper value and that’s the name of the game buy stocks for cheap and so for high prices so that’s what i’m hoping and we’ll see what happens so don’t

Don’t like you know take it as a negative thing or all my gosh of stocks are going down like don’t just don’t feel bad about it guys just oh my account went down $500 today oh my counting down $5,000 today oh i lost $50 today or whatever you can make it all back as you know as long as we as long as you buy in the dips and run those dips come and you buying as long

As the stocks keep it continue to right after that you will make a lot more money in the long run guys so take the short-term pain especially if you’re young like i’m planning on being in the market for another 50 years like do i really care what happens tomorrow or the next day or even the next month or even the next six months like i’m going to the market from a

Long long long term so you know unless you’re a day trader or short-term trader or something like that like or you live off your earnings from the stock market like why do you care what the markets at tomorrow like i don’t know it just doesn’t make sense to me if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance on the channel we

Talk to entrepreneurs an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk to stock market more than anything i wasn’t even planning on doing this video today actually had a pretty cool video that was supposed to come out you follow me on snapchat you know what that video is that video wasn’t up be coming out probably sunday instead because tomorrow

We got the stock market wing cap to come out thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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TECH STOCKS GET KILLED! – Has the Stock Market Correction Started?! By Financial Education

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