TechX Technologies CEO Peter Green (CSE: TECX) (OTC: TECXF) (FRA: C0B1)

TechX Technologies Inc. (“TechX” or “the Company”) (CNSX:TECX.CN) (OTC:TECXF) (FRA:C0B1), a company focused in emerging technologies across growth sectors including: crypto, blockchain, AI and cloud technologies, is pleased to announce that it’s new portfolio company, Catalyx Exchange has launched , a platform that offers the fastest Bitcoin purchase and withdrawal in Canada.

Foreign hi how’s everybody doing today i am your host rich from you have a rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of light link technologies peter green how you doing today peter very good thank you nice to meet you nice to meet you as well light link has been on fire congratulations on all of your success recently thank you and why don’t you tell us a

Little bit about yourself and what made you want to become the ceo of lightlink yeah no problem so just a little bit of background on myself you can probably tell from my accent i’m from the united kingdom so i moved to canada in 2007 with my family wife susan and daughter darcy and we set up home here in west vancouver and i worked for telus as the president

Of their business solutions group for a very happy 12 years lots of success with that organization and i moved over here interestingly enough with darren and whissel the chief exec who i worked with previously in cable wireless in the uk and so that’s a little bit of background on myself in terms of light link as an organization i think there’s huge potential

In the business so that’s the predominant factor that attracted me to the company and in speaking with some of the partners and investors in the company there’s a huge back swell of support to make the company healthy and grow and so we have a tremendous opportunity in iot which as you know is a huge growth area particularly in the north american market but

Worldwide and we have access to that worldwide market so that’s very exciting and we also have the ability to make uh some quite diverse investments actually which is also really attractive to me so we can help grow the business on multiple dimensions and i think uh in the last day or so you’ve seen an announcement on our most recent investment which is into the

Blockchain cryptocurrency world with a company called catalytics yes there’s that level of flexibility and diversity that i find really attractive and what are the main focuses of light link for the first half of 2021 and what sets you apart from your competitors so the focus areas for us early on in this financial year will be to consolidate and grow our iot

Business which right now is founded on a waste management solution predominantly in the construct heavy waste construction area and so we have a unique opportunity to grow that market with what i think is a truly unique product so within this market we can enable operators and distributors to fully monitor the performance of their waste management assets on site

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So it’s that’s typically a 40-foot open-top container so our iot device can monitor and measure the performance of that that bin on-site monitoring fill levels when it needs to be collected advising both the distributor on the site that it needs to be collected all that that’s done automatically and reported on a dashboard as opposed to the pen and paper process

That’s largely in place today and that will increase the efficiency for those bin distributors significantly so maybe up to an extra six to eight hundred dollars per month per bin as an upgrade to their efficiency so we’ve got our first contract in that area so we need to focus on implementation for that client and then we’ve got many more opportunities in the

Pipeline to grow that business that’s great the secondary area of focus will be on making sure that we um implement the cryptocurrency organization that we’ve currently acquired partner with them they’ve got a fantastic leadership team looking forward to working with them and we believe they provide a really strong capability to the market and more to come on

That in future interviews i hope but that’s a very exciting opportunity with a ton of potential for growth i agree with you two of the hottest sectors in the world right now blockchain and iot and you guys are in both so can you explain a little bit about how light link has been making some moves in the blockchain and the iot you’ve mentioned a little bit and

Go through some of the moves for our viewers sure well if you look at as i previously mentioned in the waste management side for iot this is a hugely underserved market so as we look at our capability and measure that against the market demand and the competition i think we’re in a hugely strong position to grow that business and that’s predominantly because

The industry has not adopted a lot of technology to date and so there’s our opportunity and the competition is pretty light there is competition in the market which validates the market obviously but that competition is pretty light not to underestimate them but just to say that i think the advances that we can make with our technology on behalf of that market

Are significant and so that’s going to be very powerful for us and on the blockchain side and with cryptocurrency you know we’ve acquired 19 of catalytics as a starting point and we hope to do great things with that company but we’re also looking to augment the capabilities of that company with other acquisitions and so as we find and identify those target

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Acquisitions that gives us the ability to enhance the catalytics platform and provide a much broader solution in a marketplace that’s growing terrifically so that’s incredibly exciting to have that capability now you did a press release that light link is going to work closely with cadillacs which you just mentioned which has the tightest spreads and lowest

Prices in canada for bitcoin and other coins can you tell us how important this relationship is for light link well i think it’s an incredibly important relationship for us as with any acquisition or partial acquisition or partnership we’ve gone to this having done our research we’ve spoken at length with the partners at catholics we think there’s a great

Cultural match between the leadership teams the product development roadmap that they’ve put together is very impressive and they’re already operating very successfully in the market in canada and will expand globally and so for us that opportunity is huge and that’s why when we look at augmenting their capability with other acquisitions or partnerships we

Think if you look at any of the comparables in the market unless this market has many then our unique characteristics will give us a very serious advantage in this market now light link is looking potentially to do more financing like all public companies do if this is something that you’re looking to do in the future is there a larger financing coming and

If so what would the funds be used for right now we’ve just undergone a small capital raise which gives us enough enough capital for our immediate requirements however as we look into the opportunity to grow our business i think we’ll grow both organically and through acquisition and so yes we will be raising funds in the future and those funds will be used

For acquisitions and solidifying the growth of our business through sales and marketing initiatives so those are the two specific areas where most of the money will be spent now light link recently did a 2.5 to 1 reverse split can you break down the share structure for us and how much is held by insiders and friendly hands yeah for sure so just to give you a

Bit of background we had a lot of shares outstanding with light link over 170 million so as we’ve consolidated that down to 96 million that gives a much tighter held spread on the market most of that stock is held by insiders and friendly partners and so that gives us a great ability to establish a much stronger platform for current and future shareholders it

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Will enable us to be much more attractive in terms of future capital raise and i think we’re in a much stronger position now with a much healthier outlook for for investors peter if there was one thing you would want shareholders to know about light link today what would it be well i think that’s pretty easy for me to answer right now we have a foothold in two

Incredibly exciting markets both markets are growing rapidly and it’s all about execution now so we have a very strong leadership team we have a very strong partner with our latest acquisition through catholics we have many more exciting opportunities ahead of us and right now i think we’re an amazing place to invest if you look at some of the comparables that

Have been achieved in the market on cryptocurrency and blockchain then the huge share growth potential is pretty obvious and so we’re at 60 cents today as we do this interview i think that would be a very attractive starting number for any investor what would be the best way for shareholders to get in touch with the company most efficiently would be through our

Website um if you access our website there’s a contact us component of the website and that will any inquiries or questions that come through that website will be responded to very effectively and efficiently very good well i’m really excited to see what light link has in store for us next like i said two of the hottest sectors in the world iot and blockchain all

Into one and i believe that this is a company that’s still undervalued under appreciated underexposed now remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live if you like this video please smash the like button comment

Down below share the video everywhere and subscribe put light link technologies on your watch list put on your radar i think it’s a company that has a great future and thank you so much for joining us peter green the ceo of light link technologies great to meet you and have a great day thank you so much peter thank you for joining us and for those of you that

Are watching all over the world put this company on your radar put on your watch list if you i think the future looks really bright and thank you guys for watching have a great day you

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