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Always focus guys we got to talk about two very big subjects in today’s video i was thinking about splitting them up and i was like let’s just put it all into one video first we got to talk about the markets or we starting to get into actual stock market panic i’m gonna show you some charts today we’re gonna actually go through those and look at those and say oh we

Started to see activity that that is representative of an actual stock market panic now at this point in time and then we got to talk about some big news that just came out a few hours ago in regards to tesla so big big news there so let’s get into both these subjects hit a thumbs up if you joy today guys let’s get in this so first off as far as the markets went

Today a very negative day in the markets though with the dow down 500 plus points we had the nasdaq making the biggest move down of over a three percent today that’s a very very big downward move today especially on a week that it’s already been very bad needless to say now this is amazing because we had a tweet come out from trump before the market even opened

This is china talks are going very well this is amazing because that’s a very positive tweet right and for the market to just brush it off and for the market to go down the way it is the way it did today like that is a big big move once again we had the dow down over 2% today the nasdaq down over 3% today these are very very big moves in the market on a day when

When you would have thought with a tweet like that like maybe we would have have an actual big positive day right so if we look at the performance of the dow 30 so far this year it is down on the year as a negative year this year and unless we have some kind of a santa claus rally over the next few weeks we will finish it down on the year the three month is down

Nearly 6% the one month down nearly 7% for the dow 30 only reason the dow 30 i think is held up decently well over the past you know a few months let’s say compare the nasdaq which we’ll look at here in just a second and the s&p 500 is because some of those stocks like the proctors and gamble’s and johnson’s and johnson’s have held steady i think those will

End up eventually falling here but they’ve held relatively steady so far as far as the nasdaq in the last three months down nearly 12 percent in the nasdaq that’s up that’s a huge move downward for an entire index there sp500 down 8.3 1% in the past three months and yes it is negative on the year down 1.5 percent year-to-date alright now the question is are we

Starting to actually see some panic type activity out there alright so i’m not the biggest fan of looking at charts however if you want to look for a panic type activity you really have to look at charts and the way indexes are reacting and the way stocks are reacting okay so if we look at the dow jones industrial average here we’re gonna see there was some panic

Like activity a couple moments in the market today okay so first off the market heads up once we open all right it’s probably a lot in regards to trump’s tweet and then all of a sudden we’re over 25,000 and then a very rapid amount of time the market moves down over 300 points well over 300 points and about a 30-minute span over a 300 point downward move in about

A 30 minute spin that is that is definitely some panic like activity there all right then then things kind of balance out for just a bit maybe about 15 20 maybe 30 minutes there are things kind of start balancing out and then another rapid downward move up over 200 plus points in another 30 minutes span so in a in a mere hour to an hour and a half we had a 500 plus

Downward move and literally about an hour hour and a half time that is very panic like activity there in the markets for that look for those type of moves in just a very rapid amount of time where you get 100 200 300 400 500 plus you know downward move in such a rapid amount of time okay now if we look at the rest of the day after those shake outs you’re gonna see

Very orderly selling is no we like oh my gosh you know things just fell off a cliff or whatnot for the rest of day things just continue downward for the rest of day there were some peaks you know things would bounce back but it was an orderly move downward for the rest of the day in the dow if we look at the nasdaq absolutely same exacting the nasdaq olson has

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About a 20 to 30 minute span where it just falls absolutely massively around the 30 minutes after the market had been open and it does the same drop that the doubt does again about 20 to 30 minutes later two massive downward moves that and that are very reminiscent of a stock market panic type activity and the markets going on but then for the rest of the day it’s

A orderly decline of just you know consistency some some bounces back but it’s just a downward move over in general okay so what i would say out there in the stock market as of right now we’re seeing some panic like activity which i wish there would just be a full-on panic that way we can just kind of like get this washed out and what we’re seeing some panic like

Activity in the market but it’s not for a full day we’re just seeing it in groups like a 20 minute span or a 30 minute span where the market can just go boom boom boom down several hundred points just like that that’s when you start to see some panic like activity and people’s you know stop losses start to get hit and then more shares gets sold and people are like

Oh my gosh we just got to sell sell sell that’s a type of panic like activity so we’re not seeing it fully yet but we’re seeing some glimpses of it when you see those massive moves in in a 15 20 30 minute span all right now imagine just for a moment if that tweet said china talks are not going very well imagine if trump still was sent out that tweet this morning

My question is how much would the markets have been down today if that was a tweet sent out because on a positive tweet like that like you would have thought the markets would be up today we would have a really good day and for it to be as ugly of a day as it was like imagine if that was a negative tweet on top of the downward move guys it’s crazy to think about

Know if we look at some specific stocks i lik to as first like some stocks i track that went down the most today andy was one of them amd had a very panic like activity very early in the trading day shortly after the market open but then for the rest of the day it was a very orderly decline there was no like panic selling there was just a consistent downward move

A little bounce back here and then just consistently downwards so once again not much panic like activity squares another soccer track that i had a had a you know a like panic type selling for the beginning of the market but then for the rest of the day it was a very orderly selling so it’s not like we’re getting consistent it’s not like we’re getting consistent

Selling like a panic type selling for a whole day we might just get a glimpse here and a glimpse there all right now in terms of like the put options are amazing right now i’ve been putting this out to you guys for several weeks now amd nvidia and square are the three stocks that put options are just being very successfully traded with you’re getting hundreds of

Percent gain their calls are good every once in a while because when the market bounce back these stocks tend to bounce back 810 percent but for the most part the puts is where all the action has been in once again they’re just you know knocking out a ballpark there so needless to say we’re getting some panic like activity but we’re not getting it for a full day we

Yet we’re just getting a couple glimpses here and there you know we’ll see what happens there as far as tesla so some big news came out here just a few hours ago this is coming out of electric if gm goes through with this recently announced restructuring that would see several north american plants shut down tesla ceo elon musk says he would consider buying some of

Those shuttered factories last month gm announced their closing three assembly factories in north america in an article we suggested which is electric they suggested that tesla should buy one of those gm factories after they shut down since it went so well last time okay now in a new interview sia is ceo elon musk said that he would consider it again it is possible

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We would be interested if gm i was going to close or sell any of those plants we might want to take it over there okay now ii though must wouldn’t just come out and say this to say this okay you don’t you don’t get somebody excited and you know this is kind of like elon musk putting it out there in the media like hey gm come talk to us we might be interested in

Doing something here you don’t just say something like that oh yeah we might we might be interested in buying a plane unless there’s some intent there at least that you’re willing to hear you know what gm has to say what price they would want would they work could you maybe work out a deal that’s non price related maybe some patents or maybe some designs or maybe

Tesla time can help to consult them as far as getting on the electric game we know elon musk is trying to be very open with other companies as far as will help you guys out we want an electric future we’ll help other car companies out most car companies haven’t wanted tesla’s help they’re very open maybe tesla wants to do something like hey we’re gonna help you

Out we’ll help you out with the other patents we’ll help you out with consulting on the electric side we’ll help you out with the supercharger network you know and you just give us those plants that you shut down or something like that or maybe it could just be a monetary thing and they pay forty million dollars or eighty million dollars or a hundred million dollars

For one of these plants or something like that all right now earlier in the week it was very interesting because this also came out of electric okay so documents were leaked around the model y leaked documents reportedly revealed that tesla’s plan to build malai at gigafactory one which is a one out in reno by the end of 2020 and we’ll have another production

Line in the china giga factory 3 a few months later that vehicle that suvs supposed to have a third row of seating as well and this was a supposedly a memo that went out to all employees in october that was leaked in the documents the company states that it plans to have a pilot model while i nat gigafactory 1 by june 1st 2020 and ramped up production to around

2,000 units per week in september of 2020 by the end of 2020 tesla plans to reach a production of 7000 model wise per week at giga factory one in nevada that would be ridiculous ok 7000 per week would be absolutely insane at giga factory one alone in nevada ok according to the same documents tesla’s plans also include a model wide production line at giga factory

3 in china by october of 2020 in a ramp production to 5000 units per week by february 2021 tesla’s own filings in china have already revealed the company plans to build model y along with model 3at giga factory 3 ok now tesla came out and said you know this was old data or something like that but it’s very interesting that is something like this would get leaked

I think you know whether it’s old data or whatever or you know things that were you think in a couple months ago or a month ago or whatever regardless it’s unlikely that their their thinking has changed so massively around it so these are some big numbers we’re talking about as far as production on there they’re much even more bullish than even i thought ok no if

We think about tesla in regards to maybe buying some gm properties right so there’s some plants and whatnot it may make a lot of sense all right here’s what we have as far as the fremont factory which is world tehsils are made currently then that factory is maxed out okay they’re not going to be able to produce many more units out of that tesla that occurred in

Fremont factory right now that baby’s pretty much an axe out all right then they have giga factory – which is out in buffalo but that is really for their solar business and they need that fully for their solar business to go into the future alright as especially as solar starts to expand and they start to become a mass produce solar cells and whatnot like that and

That’s a that’s and that factories all for that okay so as far as increasing production from here in a real way and in a big way right and maybe they can get a little more out of fremont but not a lot so in terms of increasing production in a massive way they have one option and that is tesla giga factory one the one that’s out in reno they have a lot of space out

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There they’re already doing a lot of interesting things out there and they’re supposed to expand that even more but needless to say that’s really their only other option as far as our increasing production into the future as of right now so why buying maybe a plan out in michigan or something from gm would be a very interesting play is when you pull up a map you

Really get a good sense of why this might make sense for them to acquire maybe a plan out in michigan from gm or something like that because reno nevada is a long dang way from the east coast alright think about this way tesla wants to produce hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of units in the future that’s a lot of shipping cost that’s a lot more freight

Cost shipping from reno nevada out to let’s say south carolina in florida and up to new york and whatnot and you got to think about it on hundreds of thousands of units or millions of units more distribution costs like that’s a lot of money in the end okay would just be a lot of time waste too and a lot of money wasted in more freight cost right so think about this

Way then the vat in the california so fremont and giga factory one in the future with with bottle y and then eventually the truck is going to be coming probably in 2021 or 2022 and then you have model three plus any new future tesla products and whatnot those can be serviced out of cali the fremont factory and then also giga factory one in nevada and those can kind

Of support all of the west coast and they can support you know even it’s a lot of big markets like tests of like texas or growing markets like utah colorado you can kind of get the the whole left side of the united states serviced by just those okay and then if you acquire a nice big plant out in michigan that can kind of help support all of the east coast and that

Can help bring down a lot of costs as far as the transportation of all your new vehicles going all over the place and probably bring down the cost by by at least a few hundred bucks if not a thousand bucks per vehicle on tesla side so it just makes a lot of sense if you kind of look at it from that perspective because like i said like imagine you order you know

You get a vehicle produced at the fremont factory that’s a long transportation ride just to get up to new york or virginia or kentucky or george or south carolina or something like that right you have a michigan plant it’s a much shorter distance there so if i’m looking at from tesla’s perspective i think it’s definitely definitely makes sense to maybe get a car

Distribution plant out you know somewhere on the east coast i think it would be a very good idea i think it would bring down a lot of costs on all these automobiles in the future it’d bring it down the consumer side in the tesla side and make things just a lot easier i think it’s definitely worth looking into i think elon musk is on to something there we’ll see if

Any actual deal gets done but it’s exciting needless to say because i think tesla’s gonna need more production just for the united states alone than what they’re gonna be able to do at gigafactory one because gigafactory one also a lot a lot of what that factory is gonna be you know up and running for is also for you know solar cells in big production as far as

You know think about power walls measure when tesla starts to get huge into the solar roofs and you’ve got the power walls at your house and whatnot that give your factory is gonna be needed for that and then on top of that you have obviously all the batteries that are going into the cars and whatnot so tesla’s gonna need more room in it in a few years and maybe if

They acquire when these plants especially somewhere on michigan that might make a lot of sense guys anyways i would love to hear your opinion on anything we talked about here the stock market possible panic we could be coming on in in how things are going there and if you have an opinion on tesla i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section as always

Hit thumbs up if you enjoyed today thank you for watching and have a great day

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