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Well today’s video is for mr. elon musk’s tesla ceo we have a massive massive issue on our hands right now i’ve been thinking about this for a few months i’ve been seeing a lot about it and it has just reached a head at this point and we have such a massive issue and this problem is gonna get much much worse over the coming year if we don’t fix this really quick

So i got to give my full opinion on this um so first off here this kind of came to a head this week all right this gentleman rich rebuilds he posts a video on youtube gets a massive amount of views on his disaster experience with ordering this tests okay and what i found is i found that it wasn’t just him they were a ton of people in the comment section that had

Also ordered tesla’s had tesla’s and had issues okay either around the ordering process as far as like getting it to a certain location as far as maybe they had an actual issue with it and then that issue took such a long time for even like a simplest issue could take a long long time to get fixed okay and this has been neil all this is like countless amounts of

People that have come out and said this okay then he post another video three days ago about tesla again on trying to order this car and how he got such an unbelievably bad runaround in this situation okay this was a disaster like you have to go watch this video it is unbelievably shows emails from tesla everything across the board it was unbelievably like like how

Bad in my opinion he was treated in this whole situation and how much disorganization there is in the tesla organization right now especially when it comes to either service or coming to like you like ordering like pre used cars that pre use tesla’s or something like that it is a disaster guys and like i said this is not just one person that has this issue this is

A massive amount of people i’ve been seeing it for quite a while okay this isn’t something new this comment was my favorite okay you might only think it’s really funny if you actually saw the video it says hey rich this is the elon musk from tesla sorry for the wait i have more bad news for you we accidentally sent your tesla model x act into space you can still

Pick it up though you just have to go to space to get your car which is in the orbit of earth we haven’t found your career or we haven’t fixed your rims yet thanks elon musk that was a funny one okay and you look basically search on youtube there’s a massive massive amount of people that have had a lot of issues with tesla service and what and these people are not

Tesla haters okay these aren’t people that work for big oil or something or hate tessa a lot of these people are the faces of tesla customers okay the people that want this mission to succeed the people that like myself actually own tesla stock actually want this company since they succeed over time i think this has a chance to be a massive company and whatnot

And i’ve had nothing but a lot of a lot of issues anytime something goes wrong with their car the amount of time to get that issue fixes on like an unparalleled scale compared to most companies you would have to deal with in this situation it’s a disaster the disorganization in in the whole tesla system basically for ordering pre used cars for getting anything

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Service is a bad bad experience right now okay and here’s the worst part is it’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better okay this isn’t like something that’s magically going to get fixed tomorrow why because there have been a mass amounts of model threes put on to the market in 2018 and now in 2019 is gonna be the same situation where mass amounts of model

Threes are going out there and then we have model y coming in 2020 okay so what ends up happening is you get more and more cars out there which means you’re gonna have a lot more and more issues which means if you can’t even get these situations fixed in a timely manner now if you can’t make customers happy now imagine when there’s two times three times ten times

More customers out there now than there was in 2017 or 2016 or or ago in the past okay this is a problem that is going to get much much worse and we got to kind of ask yourselves like what can we do about this whole situation how can this get fixed all right no i know elon musk’s has come out and said several times we don’t need to raise capital anymore we’re not

Gonna raise capital we’re not going to raise capital and wall street is like to hear that but what i am here to tell you today in my opinion elon musk we have to raise capitals for our customers sake okay we have to raise cutley the capital for a customer’s sake okay we must raise at least one to two billion dollars in my opinion it’s still very easy to get capital

Right now okay we’re still in good economic times generally speaking it’s still easy like you know um us is not gonna have an issue raising one to two billion dollars okay this money is going to be only used to build out service in a very rapid time okay we’re talking about lots of people getting higher returns about a ton of service centers we’re talking about

Better systems most people are you know live a long long way from like a service center right now tesla doesn’t have nearly enough service centers for their current fleet never mind what’s coming over the next few years okay so we need to get mass amounts of service centers built out we need to get way better systems because if you hear some of these people’s

Horror stories like it’s bad guys like the system is not up to date especially when you’re ordering use pre-owned cars from tesla or anything service wise like the system’s just aren’t good enough and not enough people as of right now and there aren’t enough service centers that one to two billion dollars is gonna go a long long way with building out more service

Centers and getting better systems and getting a lot more people hired that’s what that money’s used for like like we have a lot you know tesla’s a lot of money going to a lot of different places right now i understand that that’s what you raise this one to two billion dollars out there and you use this just for building out service centers and better systems for

Your customers because your customers are having to basically get shaft in this whole situation being treated very badly and as any great company you want to be a chance to be a really massive company which i think tesla has that opportunity you have to have your customers feel like this is a good situation okay we can’t continue to put our heads in the sand in

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The situation and saying oh maybe i’ll just get it says you know fixed overtime we can’t just put our heads in the sand and act like this doesn’t exist because it’s massive amounts of customers that are having to go through this and when this happens you end up ruining your word-of-mouth advertising okay tesla doesn’t do any advertising on tv and whatnot so tesla

Really relies on the word-of-mouth alright people telling their family their friends talking up that guy you know oh did you see the new tesla oh i got a new tesla it was so cool man it can drive itself and it’s all electric and blah blah blah and all the cool stuff people tell each other right that word of mouth all of a sudden now is starting to get shifted from

Oh man yeah yeah my tesla’s cool but did i tell you that my door handle broke and it took a month and a half to get that fixed okay i tell you i ordered a pre-owned tesla and it took six months to finally get it did i tell you that when i ordered it the ribs were still all scuffed up they didn’t even fix the rims on it that’s the type of situation we’re dealing

With right now that’s a type of word-of-mouth you don’t want your word-of-mouth to go from very positive how cool the brand is to a disaster okay i look kind of look at like apples business model apple kind of you know one of the beauties of apple one of the things they were very smart about they built all these tons of stores okay tons of stores where you could

Take your product if you had an issue if i dropped my ipad or it magically stopped working i could take this to an apple store i probably live within 20 or 30 minutes distance of at least two or three apple stores and i could get it fixed today okay or they can you know we swap it out with another device or something especially if it’s under warranty right now

Tesla is not a good experience it’s not a seamless experience and if tesla really wants to get to where it’s going over time we’ve got to get to a point where it’s a seamless experience okay piper change brought out a phenomenal point on his video he posted a few days ago about a very you know pretty much a very similar video to this okay and what hyper changed

A great point he brought out that i thought was so worth addressing as he said there’s gonna be a lot more picky er customers coming and a hundred percent agree with galli on this okay galley is one of the most bullish people on tesla he might even be more bullish on tesla than even i am and he’s a super big fan of tesla okay and he says basically there’s gonna

Be pickier customers coming and i a hundred percent agree with him okay right now as far as anybody that ordered tesla so far has got a tesla so far they’re the early adopters okay and these are type of people that will go through anything with you just because they want to see tesla 60 to succeed over time okay so they’ll deal with a two-month wait time to get

A very simple part fixed or something like that they’ll deal with that type of stuff okay and if the process isn’t as seamless they’ll still deal with it because they want tesla succeed they’re the earliest adopters of this they’re the biggest fans all right but now you’re getting a lot of regular folks who aren’t necessarily big tesla fans they see a tesla i’m

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Like oh that’s cool it’s electric vehicle i want that i you know it looks like a cool vehicle but they’re not necessarily tesla fans and so when these people have issues that’s gonna be a massive issue for the company because those are the ones that are going to go up to the rooftops and really start screaming how bad things are okay there’s some of the other

Folks you know they might you know just kind of quietly say some stuff but when when you got the pickier customers coming the mass amounts of customers when they have an issue they’re gonna scream it from the rooftops okay and that’s the situation we have coming and so my opinion we got to ask ourselves do we care more about what wall street things or do we care

About more what customers think and what customer experiences in my opinion we’re caring too much about wall street right now in this whole situation with you know big profitability and not raising any more capital and when i look at what customers are having to go through a lot of them it’s not a good experience at all from most tesla customers as far as getting

Their deliveries as far as ordering anything pre-owned as far as anything services wise you know customer experience i would describe it as poor for a ton of tough customers out there and that’s an issue so i say screw wall street right now you’re talking to somebody that’s a stock market investor and whose life revolves a lot of round stock market investing and

I’m telling you screw wall street right now tesla ceo elon musk and worried about your customers okay raise that capital you can get it no problem okay a billion to two billion dollars is nothing to raise for you we put that money into service centers and better systems so the customer experience is great so that when customers have that word-of-mouth experience

They can not only say oh my tesla so cool it can drive me around it’s now that self-driving oh my gosh it’s electric is so awesome but they can also say the the process was seamless if they ever had an issue with that that process was seamless right now that is not the case and we don’t want to ruin this massive opportunity for tesla over the next five to ten years

Because we had a bunch of poor customer experiences and then everybody’s word of mouth goes to how bad the service experience is how bad the order experiences and then all sudden you got a situation where people start driving ice vehicles and they’re like who cares i don’t want to deal with that you know a two-month wait time to get a problem fixed or something like

That i’ll just drive my ice vehicle around that’s not the situation so screw wall street in the short term don’t worry about it all right let’s focus on the customers long term there’s a big we can’t put our heads in the sand any longer about this so that’s my that’s my video to you is a ceo elon musk we got to raise this capital let’s get this infrastructure built

Out and let’s get everybody to have a great experience with tests overall because it’s not it’s not that right now and that’s the bottom line with this whole situation so anyways hope you guys enjoyed this as always thank you for watching have a great day

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