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Holy smokies guys we’re gonna talk about some competitive threats coming for tesla right as you know i’m a tesla shareholder and i wanted to give my thoughts around a couple competitive threats one is around rivia that announced some new vehicles and another around outtie which i came out with the e-tron and i want to talk about both those products into depth by

The way i have been slacking so much in the past week on youtube i apologize for that i need to save my voice for the conference yesterday which was amazing it was one one of the coolest days of my life thank you once again for everybody who came i know i thanked you guys about 85 times yesterday but thanks again it means a lot that was one of the coolest days ever

All right so let’s get into this guys first off rivia so rivia shows off some new products this week alright so this company named rivia and they show off a pickup truck that looks pretty freakin cool like i got to say it matches a good futuristic look with also being like tough okay i think it’s a good design i like it it’s the headlights are definitely very very

Different there’s not something you see every day but if you look at the pictures it’s a pretty good-looking car this is very very interesting okay vivianne also announced an suv which is very very similar to the pickup truck it just has a third row of seating and whatnot alright so following the launch of their r1t all pickup truck last night evie startup vivian

Is following up today with an all-electric suv alright they’re talking about 0 to 60 in around 3 seconds which is absolutely insane around 410 miles of range which is ridiculous as far as a pickup truck that’s supposed to hold about 5 passengers and the suv is gonna hold about 7 but if you’re fitting kids and you can put at least like 20 in there ok now as far

As the specs on this the r1t that one is supposed to be able to go 400 plus miles supposedly ok if you get the 180 kilowatt hour battery pack ok 180 like that’s amazing 400 plus mile range if it does that 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds as far as the r1s if you get the 180 kilowatt hours you’re looking at 410 miles plus supposedly and also that one 0 to 60 and around 3.2

Seconds which is you know amazing okay so if you’re looking at the specs of ribbon it’s really really impressive and like i said i think the max a good amount of of toughness in those vehicles was also kind of like a futuristic electric design all right now supposedly these vehicles are supposed to have some kind of autonomous driving features in them we don’t

Know how in-depth those autonomous driving features are gonna be okay that’s a very hard subject that only a couple companies in the entire world are really tackling right now all right now rivia and confirmed that the price is supposed to start around seventy two thousand five hundred before incentives and availability should be in late 2020 on these products so

These products are supposed to start around $70,000 supposedly asks before incentives and they’re supposed to be available in the late 2020 at some point all right that price point in when i just kind of look at like what you need to kind of make a profitable electric vehicle and i look at you know kind of like you know rivey ins kind of like more of a startup as

Of right now right they haven’t produce anything and any types of volumes right so i think that at that price point is a little aggressive there if i’m looking at this all right already and moved to the detroit area from florida in 2015 now it has its headquarters designing an engineering center in a former cash register factory in michigan all right so rivia now

Has four other locations a battery lab in irvine california a connected car and autonomous research & development center in san jose california a small engineering office in the united kingdom and a manufacturing center under the development in illinois’s all right they just bought a 2.4 million square-foot former mitsubishi factory for a report of 16 million

Which 2.4 million square feet for 16 million i gotta say they got a pretty good deal there and my personal opinion okay with plans to sink more than forty million into the plant by 2022 production is set to begin there next year now first off forty million into the plant by 2022 that is not a lot of money like if you understand like the car business like like forty

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Million you can go really really fast when you’re dealing with you know the auto industry and setting up lines and and setting up machines to move things around like the 40 mil can go really really fast like i saw that number i was like do they forget a zero in there 400 million like 40 million that’s not a lot of money all right we’ve already got a team of around

60 people in that facility said mark viii knows and the company’s executive director of engineering and programs all the tooling paint shop and everything configuring it for how we’re going to build this car those guys are intimately involved with the design of all components and we have been there for a couple years so the divine for manufacturing and the quality

Aspirations that we’ve got for the vehicle that’s the key part of it all right now the cushion that’s got to come to everybody’s mind for something like this is where is the money coming from to even fund a project like this right this company is not producing anything right now they got people hire they got staff they got factories where’s the money coming from for

This it’s not owned by another big corporation or something like that so where’s the money coming to fund this business well in may the chicago tribune reported that rivia had secured a two hundred million dollar loan to begin production and had raised 450 million dollars to date it said investors included the sumo-wrestling corporation of america and the investment

Arm of saudi company abdul latif jamel it has also received state and local tax incentives in illinois so first off for rivia i’m excited about this company like i’m excited i’m excited for for more push into electric space and get people excited and when people see a pickup truck that’s all electric and like i said i’m a fan of the design like i think they match

The good amount of the futuristic like you know electric look and i think they matched a good amount of you know looking tough and whatnot i’m excited because this just brings more and more excitement into electric space but i do worry about a company like rivia because it is so early days there we’ve seen a lot of promising evie companies come out with concepts

Or show off at one of these shows and get a lot of attention and then it ends up producing nothing okay couple of the biggest ones as of right now what does faraday future which is dealt with potentially a crippling blow this just came out earlier this week while almost out of cash now faraday future is okay now the good thing is for loosened motors at least they

Got the recent 1 billion dollar investment from the saudi fund they were supposedly struggling for a while there we’ve seen a lot of companies kind of you know coming to the evf space maybe announce a product or they’re gonna do something and you know people get excited around it and then all sudden next thing you know they’re they’ve run out of money or something

Like that but i’m excited for these companies that are really like electric first and the reason being is if i look at like what the big auto manufacturers are doing like they’re putting out such boring lame products that almost make people not want to get electric cars like and i think that’s literally their goal like let’s make the cars as ugly as possible so

If people don’t want to buy them okay if you look at the chevy bolt like look at that thing okay the nissan relief like are you kidding me like who would want to drive that thing okay you’ve got a like no no okay bmw like looking bmws i3 like the bmw is supposed to be like really good at design and like really make attractive cars and blah blah blah and look at the

Bmw i3 like what is that thing come on guys so if i look at just like like the the main automakers out there that are you know i’ve been you know the ice automakers let’s put it that way they have been putting out horrible designs there’s no excitement there from those guys awesome you know over the past year they announced all we’re going to invest blah blah blah

Amount of money into electric vehicles and whatnot and the lack of care and respect they have shown the entire electric industry makes me excited about the other guys coming up all right now something very interesting here i read here came out of tesla rorty okay ribbing got a surprise visit from tessa chief design i can never say his last name franz von hausen i

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Can never say that guy’s last name but anyways he’s one of the most important people at tesla when people think about tesla they kind of thing elon must first obviously and then they’re their chief of design they’re like so many people feel like if they didn’t have this gentleman like their cars would not be nearly as attractive as they are and made so many people

Excited around the tesla brand so it’s interesting he paid them a visit is it is this all a car company that maybe tesla would want to acquire maybe not at this stage just because tesla just is getting to like a profitable stage in and and i know tesla already has its own products in development right now around a pickup truck model why should be showing off some

Time maybe within the next six to nine months so it is pause tesla could try to buy someone like a trivia it is also possible that someone from the big auto sector could try to buy a company like viviane someone like a gm ford but i’m not sure i’m not sure you know if i was gm or i was ford this company being a being you know partly headquartered in michigan like

I would contact these guys on their regular and try to buy them out like if i was running gm if i was running forward realizing like like all the products we have are becoming less and less relevant by the day okay if i was those companies i would try to pony up whatever amount of cash i could to go ahead and buy a company like rivey and if i was those guys but

The question is do those guys even like you know recognize how serious this is going to get over the next few years with the electric wave alright so that’s a part what we got to talk about how to eat wrong not show it off and i gotta say dms is a good-looking car okay the audi e-tron this is a gt version my goodness that is a good-looking car they showed off all

Right now the inside not a big fan of that and i have some questions around the inside because they’re still using a lot of buttons and whatnot tessa especially with the model 3 was able to integrate so many things into their center console which makes it a more profitable car if you’re looking at audi from the interior perspective they’re still doing a lot of

Button work ok a lot of different things but i gotta say the car looks really really good in my personal opinion that is a sharp-looking car that’s a car i would be proud to drive right there ok now a lot of people got excited about this out he not just because it’s a good-looking car but also because this car is supposed to do 0 to 60 in or 0 to 62 we should

Say in around 3.5 seconds or 120 40.3 miles per hour and around 12 seconds so a very powerful car howdy claims that you’re gonna be able to do a 20 minute charge in that 20 minute charge that’s gonna be able to get you 200 miles that is a big big statement there that audi’s claiming ok so tesla claims the model s 100d can recharge for a hundred and seventy miles

In around 30 minutes all right now obviously the model s is actually available for people to actually own and whatnot now to e-tron is still just like talked about so we don’t know if out of these claims is maybe just too ambitious we’ve seen a lot of companies in electric space when they’re when they show off a car at a car show or something like that they make

These big old claims on all this cars gonna be able to do this and that and then when the car actually comes out with mullin most of them never even come out but if they do come out they don’t hit those numbers or you have to pay like a ridiculously absorbent price to like get these type of features all right buddy and needless to say that would be it saying if

They had something that you know you can get 200 miles of charging it only 20 minutes like that’s awesome okay now this car is not set to go on sale till around 2021 maybe maybe late late 2020 you can get it but looking like around 2021 the price is estimated at well over a hundred thousand dollars and that doesn’t surprise me at all because audi’s probably not

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Gonna want to lose money on that so that’s gonna cost a fortune so me when i look at this are kind of like three takeaways for me just kind of looking at this okay the first is rhib ian is really exciting like that’s really cool what they got going on but it’s really early days there and it’s not it’s not time to get too excited about a brand like that i’m excited

That they got tension i’m gonna say that they you know got the idea out there of electric pickup truck that is so cool but at the same time is so early days here and we’ve seen so many electric car companies fail that have had you know investment funds the vc funds put money into them and they just it just doesn’t work out okay so maybe it could work out what rivia

And i actually been rooting for them because i think that the faster and a second or third competitor to tesla who could succeed and actually become a real competitor in the evie space i think it pushes uh not only tesla faster but then it also you know will hurt the ice automakers even more and they’ll realize oh my gosh if we even want any chance to survive we

Got to put money into v’s okay number two you can’t just buy your way in the space okay you know a lot of people say to me you know especially friends and what now oh man you know did you see vw they’re gonna put twenty billion dollars into electric cars by such-and-such year and we’ve seen a lot of car companies auto companies say they’re gonna do this and do

That around they’re going to put this much money you can’t just buy your way into success okay if it was that easy like everybody would have bought their way into success in the smartphone market right you know many companies over the last 10 years have spent tens of billions of dollars or hundreds of billions of dollars on research and development of smartphones

Coming out with smartphones trying to have them succeed and two companies make all the profit and smartphones apple and samsung they make all the profits and smartphones every other company you you could possibly think of every big tech company has come out with smartphones and they’ve all flopped and they’ve lost a lot of money on that okay there you can’t just

Buy your way into something especially a space is difficult is this in the last point i want to make number three is outtie is fighting an old war at the end of the day okay 2021 release let’s remember the model s the original model s came out in 2014 all right that’s us seven years late out e seven years late guys like you know you guys are fighting the old war

And by the way model s could have a refresh sometime here in the first part of the 2019 and whatnot okay that’s what a lot of people are starting to think so how ds fighting this old war of you know trying to sell the the very high-end car market and whatnot while tesla’s already on to the next war which is the affordable electric car that people actually want

Okay the thirty thousand and forty thousand dollar price point electric car that people actually are excited about and actually want to get okay so tesla is like so many years in front of these companies this is why i try to explain it such a big competitive advantage for tesla there are five plus years out in front of all their competitors whether we’re talking

On this in the startup space or whether we’re talking on the ice automata makerspace they’re so far out in front of everybody then it makes them a really tough company to compete with when you got when you got this type of head start and everybody just because the funding wasn’t there or companies just didn’t pay attention as closely as they should have so so how

Do is finding the old board which was the high-end luxury market and you know tesla’s are he on to the next war so just staying you know two three four five steps ahead of all the competition but needless to say i’m happy those those vehicles got more attention bring it into the space it just makes it bigger and bigger into the space thank you for watching and have a great day

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