Tesla Stock Crash as Elon Musk Fires 3,000

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Oh man let’s see how my stocks are doing ten yeah yeah oh looks like facebook’s huh cruises up again sky walks up again alibaba us to 2018 was such a crap year but i gotta say 2019 has been amazing like big sean said last night it took it out but today i bounce back like it’s amazing eagle i stock up apple stock up every one of my stocks is up whirlpool into it

Holy smokes guys tesla stock absolutely crashed through the floor today down 13% on the day down $45 per share that is a massive move down for tesla tesla has been a hutt stock the last few months when the market was in trouble october november december tesla stock was roaring it was just it was a strongest stock by far i had my portfolio boost was so amazing and

Now i said today we just had a massive massive trump and tesla stock so i want to talk about why this happened i want to talk about my opinion on this i want to share with you the obviously my cost basis is on tesla and i’m gonna buy more shares of tesla if i’m gonna buy more shares of tesla what price do i needed that to buy those shares so i hope you guys enjoyed

This as always by the way first office what i’ll let you guys know last month i held my conference here in las vegas it was amazing event like more than the best days of my life one of the coolest days of my life and a lot of people had suggested that i had you know basically a team of videographers film the entire event so i went ahead and did that because not

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Was was like work the price of admission let me just tell you that was the best real estate investing presentation i’ve ever seen in my life like the way he broke it down it was amazing i also covered branding stock market investing like a lot of different things you guys can check it out if you want alright let’s get into this so tessa cuts 3,000 jobs as elon musk

Aims to make more cars for less money tesla is reducing its workforce by 7% more than 3,000 jobs according to a recent staffing estimate as a company continues its effort to bringing lower-cost electric vehicles the market ceo elon musk announced the layoffs on friday in an email to the staff saying the company is facing an extremely difficult challenge that is a

Quote from him they’re an extremely difficult challenge he also says we unfortunately have no choice but to lay off employees must said there isn’t any other way the company will also be eliminating all but the most important contractor in temps okay that is big news that is big news and kind of bad news i guess you have to say okay now there kind of a few worries

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On wall street today and why this stock is really crashing so much so one is now if the stock has moved down so big they might have to make that 920 million dollar debt payment essentially if the shares aren’t at $360 by march first they’re gonna have to pay that if it was over 360 like it was heading toward basically you’d be in a position where they wouldn’t have

To make that 920 million dollar payment so now house is in a position where they might have to actually pay that which gonna take a massive amount of cash off that balance sheet okay that’s the first big warrior on what people are talking about the second part is demand okay people are saying whoa that’s already cut jobs you know recently which was a few months ago

Okay and now they make this passive cut is tesla have a demand issue there’s there a demand issue we’re just not enough people are basically ordering model threes and the different tesla’s out there and ant s is in a situation where they got to cut back workforce okay so i want to talk about this on a few different levels okay so first thing i want to talk about

Here is the model three let’s talk about model three for a second so what do we know about model three first off it’s by far and away the best selling electric vehicle out there and it’s a best-selling luxury vehicle it technically kind of meets that class of luxury vehicles because of the price point so we know it’s it’s been selling amazing however the $35,000

Model 3 which is i think what the masses are kind of looking for out there it’s still not available at this point in time most people when they go to buy a car they buy it on a loan okay so the the fact that tesla with their some of the rebates and whatnot can maybe get it under 40 a lot of people honestly want to pay around thirty five thousand dollars for that

Model three take out the loan on it because that’s just how most people are okay so that’s not even available yet and that’s where i think a lot of the tesla model 3 demand is so we got to understand that also they haven’t started or they just kind of starting out to produce for china and for europe all right this basically in this first half of 2019 they’re supposed

To start you know manufacturing a lot of model threes for china and europe those are gonna be the higher-end models once again none of the cheaper models are gonna be available on either of those market so they’re kind of two pieces to that one is obviously there’s gonna be a ton of pent-up demand from model threes whenever the $35,000 model comes out which we

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Don’t know when it’s gonna come out there’s gonna be a lot of pent-up demand the second part of that is obviously the shanghai factory is supposed to open in some capacity in 2019 it’s not going to be finished in 2019 but it’s gonna open to some capacity meaning tesla’s gonna hire a massive amount of chinese workers over there to fill the demand for china for tesla

Okay and eventually that will happen in europe as well because a giga factory will open in europe eventually so the amount of workers you need in fremont or at the giga factory out in reno nevada eventually that’s just to fulfill that the us orders the chinese orders and as well as most of asia will be fulfilled by the chinese giga factory in europe eventually once

They get that giga factory open will be filled by the obviously the european giga factory so that’s something to take into account their second part is as far as a model why okay so this is gonna be their suv that they’re supposed to show off at some point in 2019 we don’t know when it will actually go into production maybe 2020 and the model y is really exciting

Because this is gonna be their more affordable suv essentially if you want to test the suv right now you got to get the model x right that suv you’re pushing a hundred thousand plus dollars if you want that one there’s a very limited amount of population that can afford a hundred thousand plus dollar suv the other part is a lot of people that can afford it don’t

Want to spend a hundred plus thousand dollars on an suv okay that’s just ridiculous so i think there’s not gonna be a lot of demand if they can come in at a fifty thousand dollar price point or 60 thousand basically anything under sixty thousand dollars price point for the suv i think you’re gonna open up a lot of demand out there and folks like myself who haven’t

Really got out you know went out and bought a tesla yep maybe look at that and say okay you know we got a family we could we have an suv that’s all electric and we can get it for a price point of 50,000 maybe or maybe 60,000 that’s worth doing but a lot of us just don’t either don’t have the money or just honestly don’t want to buy a hundred plus thousand dollar

Electric suv like that’s just a lot of to part with four car guys so you’re basically paying like a supercar type price like that’s a lot of money so i think that’s gonna be a big demand driver in the future okay so the worries about demand i i can understand in the short term but if you’re looking at this from a long-term game the demand is still gonna be massive

For tesla and if you look at tesla’s numbers they put up in 2018 there’s really no one doing the type of numbers they are especially in the electric field but even in the overall car field like their numbers are just ridiculous they’re up there with some of the way cheaper cars which is incredible okay so that’s having take into account there and as for the debt

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Payment you know you guys know what i did i said last week basically i begged elon musk to basically raise money i think he should raise money especially if he has to make that debt payment but i think you should also raise money so they can get the services built out more and so they can get kind of the pre-owned cars and whatnot built out more that’s my personal

Opinion kind of hearing other people’s opinion out there so as far as tough so we own it in a couple accounts here so we’re still up in the position but not obviously nearly as much as we were so this account we own like 50 shares 283 cost basis on that one and this other account we only own six shares so to 71 cost basis on that i’m very interested in acquiring

More tesla shares but i need it to get down to somewhere in the 280 to 270 level if it gets down to 280 to 70 level i’m absolutely very interested in buying more tesla shares and making that into a much bigger position but as of right now still around this 300 i’m not quite there yet as far as saying okay let me go put some more money in tesla just because there

Are a lot of stock still right now that i feel like you’re good values other than just tests out there and some that are a little less risky obviously because tesla does have this massive debt coming due and obviously it’s a newer business model and whatnot so they still got to prove that out so as far as me looking at tough so i’m still extremely bullish on the

Long term but as far as buying more shares i wanted to get back in that 280 to 270 level which it could do it could do it all this negativity just kind of keeps feeding up which we know tesla when they’re starts to get a lot of negativity in the press it just is like a snowball going down a hill and it’s just ramped up and ramped up and that can really push the

Shares down so if it gets back to that 282 70 level i’m absolutely gonna acquire some more shares but intel that i’m just kind of holding out and watching so anyways i want to know your guy’s opinion on tesla down there in that comment section are you buying any tesla shares have you bought any tesla shares i would love to hear from you guys by the way you want

Access to that full conference for 70% off 20 coupons i made that’s gonna be the pin comment down there thank you for watching and have a great day

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Tesla Stock Crash as Elon Musk Fires 3,000 By Financial Education

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