Tesla take over of Auto Industry

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Is tesla gonna take down for takedown gm and a lot of the other big manufacturers of cars i think i have a few ideas on how they could in why they might hey guys it’s jeremy from the financial education channel thank you so much for watching this today today we’re talking about tesla the car manufacturer and can they take down for gm and a lot of these other huge car

Manufacturers over the next decade or so can they become the apple of cars well let’s talk about tesla they’ve only really been actually manufacturing cards where people can buy them for about the last three or four years i still remember my first time going in a tesla store it was out in huntington beach california a really nice area and whatnot at this mall and i

Went in this tesla store and they just had a model they were not even selling the cars at that time that was around 2012 and it was cool and it had this big display and whatnot i remember man that’s really cool now i see tesla’s a lot in the area i live in the area the people could really afford most cars and if you can afford a tesla you could probably afford most

Cars because tesla’s are pretty expensive they’re choosing tesla over all these other car options they have why is that why are they choosing a tesla to buy over these other cars well i think tesla has a few things going for one being is freaking cool for whatever reason tesla’s are cool they’re like a conversation starter they’re like oh i drive a tesla oh really

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Let me check that out it doesn’t take gas blah blah blah it is really just a cool car that people love to show off and it’s a fast car they make cars with power those cars can really get up and go and people love some power in their cars so that’s interesting but how does tesla go from just being a car that uh you know maybe the top ten percent of the population can

Afford to the the rest of the population well that’s the big question and they have a big battery plant they’re building out in nevada right now it’s going to be insanely huge so they’re obviously prepping up to wage war ford and gm and these other guys and those companies like ford gm they’re lost they’re way behind the game you know that test was like playing the

Game in the next heading in for gm they’re still playing the game in last inning and nissan and a lot of those companies they’re fighting all over the game that was you know already played or still being played not the future game which is what tesla is going after so we’ll people pick tesla over ford gm a lot of those cars when tesla can actually come out with an

Affordable car a thirty thousand dollar car a twenty-five-thousand-dollar car that is gonna be the day of judgment when you can really say wow tesla’s doing it they’re taking these guys out there taking huge amounts of market share right now tesla they’re just taking market share from the very high end the cars are taking market share away from porsche and maybe

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Somebody buys a nice tesla’s to buying a ferrari or something like that or they taking market share instead of somebody buying on shelby mustang they by tesla or instead of buying a chevy corvette if i tesla so right now tesla’s just taking those guys market share it’ll be fun to see how all this plays out i thank you so much for watching guys subscribers let me

Know what you think about tesla can they really battle with these for gm these big guys nissan honda can they battle with those guys in those low market prices and if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe to talk about a lot of different companies a lot of different businesses a lot of different financial subjects and have a great day

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Tesla take over of Auto Industry By Financial Education

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