Whoa howdy there folks and welcome into today’s video i hope you guys are doing great as always out there needless to say uh yeah this week is going to be a big week for me financially let’s just put it that dang way okay uh i have several stocks and i’m talking super important stocks that i hold that are reporting earnings this week uh there’s going to be some massive

Moves needless to say for a lot of my stocks out there and yeah it’s been a busy weekend and it’s going to be even a busier week this week and so i want to talk about all this and share my perspective and if some of these stocks tank and if some of these stocks skyrocket what i’m planning on doing so hope you guys enjoy this video as always all asking returns that

You smash that like button especially for a little weekend video here i appreciate you guys joining me okay so first things first tesla maslow obviously this stock is uh primed for a big move and a huge volume on monday now i think everybody is pretty much expecting tesla stock to be down i don’t think i’ve seen one person expect the stuck to be up on monday after

The whole elon musk situation and like you got to understand there’s also a lot of people that are in tesla stock now that are in this for short term play right and if they think the stock has any chance to go down a bunch in the short term they’re usually going to also you know sell sell sell and so there’s a situation now with tesla stock where with this whole

Elon musk situation up in the air you know expect massive volume on monday i’m talking you know i wouldn’t be surprised if it does uh 3x to 7x normal volume on monday uh what does that mean for the stock price i would assume it will be down on monday uh it’s just a big question of how far down and also do keep in mind that tesla is one of the craziest stocks you

Will ever find in the stock market not just because it’s been a beast but because this stock like nothing would surprise me with tesla stock i would not be surprised if this stock opens massively down and somehow comes back throughout the day that’s not what i’m expecting i’m not placing any bets that that’s going to happen but i’m just telling you tesla master

Is a different breed this is a different type of stock and i’ve seen it do some of the craziest stuff you’ve ever seen in your life okay i think actually tuesday is going to be the bigger day for tesla because i think if you’re looking at tesla stock price because i think that’s the day when you get to you know kind of really feel the vibes of the market inside

Is this one really going to keep going down or is it going to start moving up okay so i actually believe tuesday will be in a more important day for where tesla moves over the next couple months then actually monday is believe it or not okay so needless to say right off the bat yeah my my big dog tesla myself is going to be uh moving my net worth and that’s just

The start of things then on tuesday after the bell winning resorts uh reports earnings okay no obviously win resorts i i own this probably a couple different accounts but win resorts obviously much smaller position for me than win resorts and uh the next stockholder to get into after win here is even a bigger position for me actually massively bigger than this

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But win still important you know i i can’t say it’s not important it’s still 145 000 just on my big dog account here 1500 shares okay vegas is amazing okay the vegas properties are doing numbers that’s all i’m going to say about that they’re doing numbers you know probably you know record numbers for those months i wouldn’t be surprised now when it comes to win

Resorts the issue is macau macau is still like just in a place where they just don’t really have it open the way it should be open right now you can’t really travel there there the way you should be able to travel there right now if you live in china or anywhere in the world right and so wins in this really tough spot where the vegas numbers should be insane super

Impressive but at the end of the day macau is a massive driver for this business and um you know it’s one of those things it’s like it’s one side you can look at and be like well macau’s horrible right now so wins a bad stock on the flip side you could look at this and say okay uh you know it’s just a it’s a matter of time before macau opens back up for real for

Real okay and all these restrictions get taken off and macau starts putting up massive numbers again it’s just a matter of time and so when that happens that’s obviously a grand bullish thing for win resorts okay and like i said we know the vegas properties are extremely busy and if i recall just here in november now it is actually opened up to uh i believe folks

From even from europe can now start to come and just international folks in general can start to come to vegas as well vegas has been crazy even without any international for the most part it’s just been for the you know over the summer and whatnot was pretty much just americans and you know the numbers were the strongest you’ve ever seen okay and so yes i say

That’s a really big one this is one of those yeah if it dropped big i would be buying the stock if it drops big i will also be buying 2024 call options because there’s no doubt macau is going to you know open up fully in my opinion in 2022 it’s just a question is you know does it happen in the first quarter second quarter third quarter fourth quarter and so 2024

Calls would give me a lot of comfort there so yeah if the stock drops majorly i’ll probably buy some shares but more importantly i’ll likely be buying 2024 call options if this one drops in any meaningful way at all if i had to say i mean i would probably say it would probably go up rather than down on earnings just because of the fact that you know wall street

Does is more forward-looking than backwards looking and you it’s like dude it would just count down the days until macau opens back up for real for real okay now that’s just the baby start okay then we have the chef yes tattooed chef is reporting earnings uh after the bell on wednesday all right so when it comes to chef the stock price has been uh hit recently

Right it’s probably trading at 18 something a share right now all right now their their revenue growth in my opinion is going to be amazing they announced a bunch of deals uh two quarters ago that just started to fill in this past quarter all right second thing is they’ve gotten some skew expansion that happened at the very tail end of the quarter i think

Guidance should be strong i think there’s a possibility that they uh project for 2022 numbers and i think um those numbers could even be above analyst expectations and everything across the board for the chef is phenomenal we also want more information on the most recent deal also investors are going to be looking at what is going on with the snack category so

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Basically tattooed chef has said they want to get into nutritional bars snack items things like that and maybe a lot of different healthy choices for the snack category and so i think a lot of investors are really want to know okay are you guys likely going to enter those markets in one queue 2q 3q things like that and so that’s just another one of those factors

That we’re all going to be listening to on those that earnings call now as far as me when it comes to tattooed chef i own so many of these dang shares this is just one account and i own this you know stock in probably three different accounts so when it comes to tattoo chef if this stock was to tank back down to 16 which we know the stock goes from 16 to 24 to 24

To 16 16 to 24 and back and back and forth it’s done that about a thousand times now just in a small history of being a public company at some point this stock will break out uh we just don’t know if i had a guess it’ll probably be in 2022 at some point i doubt it’s going to be anytime soon but if this stock drops in any meaningful way i will be happy to pick up

More shares maybe get up to 52 000 or 54 000 in my big dog account here also if it drops in any meaningful way and by meaningful way i’m saying like 16 a share or something like that uh i would probably pick up some 2024 calls now 2024 calls for tattoo chef it’s not my most interesting play as far as that goes for 2024 calls and the reason being is one tattoo chess

Wellness companies that i want to be in for the next five ten years and it’s a massive growth company and when you’re dealing with massive growth companies that are you know decade type plays you never know when these stocks are going to move but when they do move they move massive as every single company has been a game-changing company in a growing industry that

Has massive tam and those stocks when they move they you know they fly and they don’t come back down okay and so yeah that’s where i’m at with tattooed chef there and uh yeah happy happy shareholder if it goes down sweet i’m gonna pick up more shares if it goes up i’m just gonna hold the current shares i have right now when it comes to chef the number should be

Extraordinary honest company hnst so next stock up here this one also reports i believe after the bell on wednesday as well okay now this is a somewhat new buy for me in regards to the honest company this is a stock i am likely especially if there’s any weakness going into earnings so meaning monday tuesday i’m going to likely be picking up more and more shares

I might try to get up to 20 000 shares before earnings here’s why okay i feel like especially with the stock at nine dollars and especially if it goes to eights i feel like there’s a higher probability or there’s more risk of this stock going to eleven dollars than going to seven dollars now let’s say hypothetically it goes to seven dollars sweet i will load the

Boat this is a stock that i wouldn’t mind having a half a million dollars in okay so i’m gonna try to get up to maybe right before earnings maybe like two hundred thousand dollars in this stock and hey if it tanks and it tanks down to seven bucks sweet i’ll add another 200 000 plus dollars in the stock and be ready to rock and roll now let’s say it skyrockets up to

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11 12 something like that after earnings then i will just hold essentially what i had put in the stock so i’m going to likely be a big buyer especially if there’s any weakness going into monday tuesday wednesday and then hopefully get up to maybe 20 000 shares or so and then just uh hold this baby and like i said if it goes down to seven bucks i’ll pick up another

Yeah i’d pick up probably another 200 000 shares not all in one day but over a course of a period of time but i would be aggressive aggressive adder of this stock this is one of those that i just love i love the business model the products and this is one of those stocks that i look at and i say um you know this is just a you know a decade type play here where they

Have a decade of growth in front of themselves in a business model that i feel very very safe in at the end of the day recession no recession it doesn’t matter this is one of those companies just just in a prime prime position so yeah that’s all the moves i’m making that’s all what i’m going to do if these stocks you know crash if they go up huge and needless to

Say i have literally millions of dollars at risk this week uh in a big big way because of earnings and because of all the stuff going on so yeah i need to say that’s not it yeah i mean look at all these other earnings coming up this week you know you got small direct club which we didn’t even cover here you have lemonade obviously amc gets a ton of attention still

You have paypal you got palantir reporting earnings neo coinbase uh you know fubu i mean look at these earnings you had this week guys this is going to be a massive massive week fiverr fiverr could end up moving uh you know upwork stock for me right you have wish which is uh stock a lot of the retail investors in uh walt disney’s you know disney’s reporting sofia

Firm open door beyond me i mean it’s just you know it goes on and on beyond me that’s a confusing one i thought they already reported but anyways uh this is just you know you got just a crazy amount of company celsius this is a super fast growth drain company massive valuation on it but uh that’s one of those that a lot of people tpr is a stock i own in my dividend

Account right we didn’t even cover that one i mean for me for me this is the biggest week of earnings for me it wasn’t last week in the week before when all those big texts were reported and everybody was all you know going crazy and honestly not just for me but i can almost guarantee you every single person watching this virgin galactic almost every single person

Person still watching this video by the way thanks for watching the end almost every single person this is your super bowl week right here this is your super bowl week much love as always guys don’t forget to smash and uh yeah have a great day oh by the way massive black friday sale coming for the private stock group we haven’t done one of those in like 100 years

So check that out and if you want to get notified as soon as the deal drops check out ping comment much love have a great day peace

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