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Chelsea and Lauren break down the finances of beauty and drugstore makeup vs designer purchases, and their biggest beauty mistakes. Looking to tighten your beauty budget? Learn how one woman did just that in this video:

Hey guys i’m chelsea and i’m lauren and we are the financial diet and this video is brought to you by fresh book and today we thought we’d do something a little different and kind of fun where we answer some kind of tough questions about how we look and more specifically the money we spend on it i loved women out there can probably relate the cost of just looking

Like a reasonably well cloth professional woman can be excessive for example just getting my hair cut and colored every few months cost me like hundreds of dollars and well clearly there are some expenses that are more necessary than others i think most women can relate to the times when you’ve gone into any kind of professional or social setting without your

Hair and makeup done and people ask if you are ill and when it comes to things like hygiene and professional clothing that has been escapable but no matter what your beauty cost there’s probably a good chance that somewhere you could be spending smarter so to help you guys think more critically about how you spend on your appearance we’re answering five questions

About the best and worst money we’ve ever spent on beauty so let’s jump right in with question one what is the single worst beauty product you’ve ever bought my worst thing by far is this product by benefit it’s an eye liner called they’re real footing here so you can see it and avoid it like the plague so basically i am someone who wears eyeliner oh say maybe fifty

Percent of the time i mean i definitely like i’m wearing it now it’s always kind of on a hunt for a good black eyeliner that stays on all day and easy to apply and this woman is sephora like just quartered me and she was like i’ve got the best eyeliner you’ve ever seen it’s so different and i thought you know maybe because different it would have automatically been

Better so basically the way it works is it’s like a little like rubbery top with like a eyeliner split and one stuff that you a crank and it comes out but it’s not liquid it’s like gel it’s like charcoal painterly it’s the work that’s neither a liquid super solid right outlet super quickly i’d warn you i didn’t get one but like and when i was trying to put it on

Like literally what would happen is i cranked it up put it on my i start like full economy hinges and would fall out in big chunks probably $40 matter of the twenty thousand dollars which is the actual eyeliner i do to l’oreal nights i forget the name but we’ll put it in the description it’s like seven dollars it works perfectly as a model they love it so that was

A huge beauty mistake for me so my worst beauty product i’ve ever spent money on has to be like probably an eyebrow pencil i bought a lot of eyebrow pencils in my day and i feel like you just get really bad ones that do like smear facial exercises yeah i need a walk at the house and going to do it sorry like you’re a master building your eyebrows a lot away or fade

Or bed oh yeah it’s just down my side of my face but that’s how it the worst thing i’ve ever spent money on i’m just like trying to find a really good pencil and just like family finding somebody bad one and i was going on i only personally feel like a lot of beat eyebrow pencil like don’t look natural no not at all it’s really we’re going to be people’s eyebrows


Release their completely outline it was like a bar table yeah yeah no that’s number two what is the item in your closet you consistently get the most use out of honestly it sounds boring but probably like my jeans just like my standard skinny dark jeans this is a little bit of insight into these wonderful versatile jeans they’re gasps dark skinny jean $79.99 worth

Everything actually more expensive than i thought gachy yeah actually if you get with this stylish catchings they’re like almost under bucks yeah it should know kind of expensive but they’re worth it in i wear them i’ll be like four times a week in winter for me that’s probably the items that i get to most use out for what it is is i have a new dark net gray winter

Coat that is late it is a straight cut it cannot go it hits like mid-thigh is it go not too light not too dark gray and it goes with everything and the thing is before that i feel like i would buy black coats but then it would look weird with blue and brown stuff and then like you know it bought glucose and it was like the great coat really goes with everything

And it’s also just like that that cut that is like very neutral looking so it can place it doesn’t have any like fancy details so it can either be with a nice dress or with a pair of jeans and it looks normal so i feel like because of winter coat it’s something that’s already kind of expensive go with a better quality but i really recommend a gray coat that goes

With my wallet i even borrowed it once for a honeymoon yes i went to vienna and a freezing like i was operating the ground like well that kovich number three what is your biggest insecurity based spending when it comes to beauty um hands-down no questions asked my skin and for all of you that keep talking to me about a shiny i am i can’t help it have brothers

But help me with my acne and it makes me really dry and so i moisturize a lot otherwise it looks like a snake in all seriousness i’ve had since i’m very young i was like 12 it had cystic acne rosacea like i’ve done accent ain’t on birth control for again and every skin treatment you could possibly think of like i bought a lot of skin products that were not even

Particularly tailored to my skin issues but which people were like this is a miracle product and it’s never a miracle product and honestly my favorite moisturizer is actually one but more introduced me to that $17 on a store called surveys right here so under eye wrinkles and like bad are the kind of thing that people say are really noticeable and i’m really

Conscious of my own like x”k i always have dark bags are my eyes and yes you can spend so much on those types of under eye cream but they’re ridiculously expensive so i sit in sephora today i saw a good one that quemic has recommended and i looked at the price i was like $45 for an under it one single under eye cream but i think that a lot of people feel like

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Insecure about only going to get wrinkles it’s preventative but i get to absorb it i need one you there looks working investments in care stuff and i definitely have fallen into that traffic yeah maybe i should be taking care of my skin now along my 20s and like we needed we’re spending like a lot unnecessarily on looking under eye cream but that’s probably like my

Biggest insecurities but it’s number four what are some of the last few closet items you’ve gotten rid of and why so a couple the things that i’ve got rid of really my closet have been items that like do not fit well but i want then to just baby kits or cute clothes and they’re like quite trendy so i’m like i’m going to definitely fit into that soon one day i don’t

Know if i could suddenly grow taller with new twenty pounds like i have no idea what i’m expecting is going to happen but like those pants like will just never look good on you lauren or like that top is like is way too small and so i thought i heard a lot of stuff like that for my closet and then also like yes like people have bought me like clothing whether my

Mom or like friends or stuff like from a few years back i’m like oh it’s cute but i were never in love with the item but you like felt too bad to say so so it is kept around that like you know fur trim like who need it come upon join your legs laughs have a carrot of it which two lessons there really any number one only buy things that fit you today and number two

When you’re doing people again do the great thing that we would all want and give them a gift receipt so i had three skirts in the past two years that have all fallen to the same fate which is that i 5-under like shift skirts right which for the fellas out there means that it’s just basically like a straight cut but it doesn’t kind of go in and out with the body

As with most human bodies mine hips butt area is definitely bigger than the weight area so the skirts are always rather tight through you know the pair cart by being i bought to receive these skirts with the intention to go to a tailor and have the waist part taken in my ass had like never been to a tailor like i just don’t do it like i’m not get a random j.crew

Skirt on megasale and tell myself i’m going to take it to the tailor and happen that will never happen so let’s enlarge don’t buy something that you know you’re not going to make the necessary changes to number five what is your best beauty investment to date either temporary or permanent so breakfast full disclosure i’m actually still in the course of doing breaks

At the end to know that search on how them long story short i might be they’re not perfectly straight now not by any means but my teeth when i was like 16 or 15 before i got braces or like my mom my parents used to call me snaggletooth it just i think it’s really not cool looking back but like my before insane and honestly i do feel like braces are one of those

Things that like it transformed my confidence and even though i think they’re not perfectly straight and still tweaking them because i didn’t wear my retainer night and day from how i used to feel about my teeth and so that’s just something that i think well i would never ever regret that money and even though it’s still cost me a little birthday totally worth it

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And i think that it’s sort of the case with any kind of a major aesthetic change that people make like for example i know a lot of people are very judgmental about like someone who might get a nose job so knowing people personally but a similar relationship with their nose that i had as my team it completely transforms your life so my rule is just whatever is

Really important and helpful for people’s mental health let them have it so i say that my best beauty investment has definitely been like taking care of my hair much more than i did when i was younger i should go like six months without a haircut which was terrible i had just like split ends and she’s like a really bad look like it was doing nothing for me at all

And now that i go more regularly like unlocks and a half to two months i try to go now and i get you know a cup sometimes color i get one of those conditioning treatments just like taking care of your hair a little bit more seriously i think is important on me for me personally because i think that it just makes you feel confident it makes you feel like you have

To try less maybe with makeup and stuff like that if you see that your hair is always looking healthy and looking easy thing in the morning just like brushing tick okay styles and healthy we’re good on the awesome and i’ve literally never dyed my hair in my life i’m not i’m lucky and i’m not a hair person personally but i do think that the lesson for me in all

Of this is just whatever it is that allows you to not have to think so much and therefore over spend so much on your appearance it’s just a good upfront investment so as always guys thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and to come back every tuesday for new and awesome videos bye this week’s video is brought to you by fresh

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