Thank gawwddd it ends this week

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Well howdy there folks and welcome in oh i just want to cover a few things in today’s video hope everybody’s doing great hope you had a merry christmas uh everybody that celebrates out there happy holiday season obviously and uh new year’s upcoming so wow we’re almost to the end thank goodness okay almost then first off let me just cover some some stuff personal in

My personal life uh so if you didn’t know i had a baby a few days ago so yeah baby number three uh slight complications but nothing major mommy’s healthy babies healthy so everything is good there seven pounds 10 ounces and yeah excited so yeah third boy three boys now so yeah that happened so obviously i kind of took uh the last i don’t know four or five days off

From youtube and kind of everything and just kind of zoned out a little bit which is always healthy but you know what’s interesting is is even when i take some time off even if i take some time off from youtube or whatever man i can’t ever take time off from looking into stocks like it just doesn’t matter like i’m still gonna be listening to conference calls it

Doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday time of year or what’s going on like uh i just i just love it man so i just that’s something i could never get away from but anyway so yeah thank goodness okay so we’re almost to the end okay of december which i’ve looked at as a time period that i am just so dang happy we’re almost there because you know the tax laws harvesting

And everything like that you know it’s about to end finally so there’s a difference in the market between when you have a time period essentially where people choose to sell based upon fundamental reason right like let’s say they don’t believe in a stock anymore let’s say they sell based upon they want to take their profit whatever right that’s like a fundamental

Decision or they don’t like the management team whatever right they don’t like the business model anymore there’s some major competitor came in now they’re like oh they’re not going to be able to win this anymore there’s a difference between like that type of selling and people looking at and saying i’ve got you know 20 000 worth of stock gains this year i got a

Position i’m down 20 000 on well i could sell that buy back in 60 days or i could pay 20 000 in tax and still hold that stock right and so a lot of people just it’s like a no-brainer for them right and so it puts this enormous amount of selling pressure especially if they’re stocks that people are down big on which there’s a lot of them right and so this has been

The most vicious tax loss harvesting year ever since i’ve been in the stock market and by a mile it’s not even close i can’t ever remember here there was this vicious it’s just the way it got set up right you know a lot of people make a lot of money in the front half of the year from stocks and when i say people i’m talking about individual investors i’m talking

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About you know your mom and pop investor i’m talking about funds i’m talking about everybody right making a lot of money early in the year taking profits long term and short term and then essentially you know being in the situation where they got all these gains and like oh that’s right there’s taxes no one no one upfront pays their taxes right no one does that

Like if you sell a stock and you make ten thousand dollars out and no one’s like okay let me go pay my no okay you wait till last moment possible which is upcoming tax season and that’s when you pay and this is the time of year and people are looking and they’re like oh wait a minute oh shoot i’ve got all these gains and i got i got you know stocks that i’m down on

So that that happens right so essentially we’re almost finally to that period that it’s over and that i love because uh you know it’s painful and i’ve loaded up on these stocks as they’ve gone down the last couple months and i’ve loaded i’ve loaded and i’ve gotten to my lowest cash levels since december of 2018 i’m to my lowest cash level since december of 2018

So i’m ready for an uptick you know that like i’m ready for it for an up tip especially in my stocks i have really almost no fear in my stocks uh right now you know the fact that tax house harvesting is about to behind us and uh you know i think a lot of these companies have to report really good earnings over the next several quarters not just the next quarter

But like several quarters in the future so that puts me in a situation where i’m pretty darn confident uh let’s just put it that way okay now um in terms of any earnings there’s really no earnings this upcoming week this is a week that volume should be down again you know a lot of folks on wall street just kind of take this time period off so expect very low

Volumes volume should return next week so not this upcoming week but next week volume should start coming back in the market you should get more trading activity more moves in general from stocks out there you’ll get um more just everything at that that particular time period don’t be surprised okay if the ronan numbers go insane over the next few weeks you know

The holiday season so many families friends everybody getting together holiday parties stuff like that you know i’m seeing it like you’re usually a pretty good gauge if you you keep track of sports at all and you you know if you you know you watch espn ever like right now it’s like this players out this player is out all for rona right so this is one of those

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Those time periods that the numbers are probably gonna go crazy does the market freak out of that i don’t know i i think um you know if you look at this logically well if everybody gets it then you know what’s gonna happen come the springtime the numbers are gonna go they’re gonna skyrocket down because it’s like everybody’s gonna already gotten the crap or you

Know a huge segment of the population that could get it will have already gotten it right and so also springtime comes and the numbers tank down and that’s exactly what i expect i’m no doctor i just look at stuff okay so that’s what i expect like you know come come late february into march and then to april the numbers should tank down massively okay but don’t be

Surprised if over the next few weeks the numbers go crazy and maybe that freaks out the market a little bit there’s not a lot to freak out with uh to be honest you know you look at a stock like uh you know let’s say amazon for instance amazon’s not a stock that’s been running hot into this uh earnings season right amazon’s uh hasn’t gone anywhere as far as the stock

Price since you know august of 2020 you know literally august of 2020 the stock was 3 400 and today it’s around that roughly right and so that’s not like oh wow that stock’s been tearing it up so if amazon if if anything it probably has upside potential rather than downside potential apple you know apple i think is trading rich but at the same time man they’re

Gonna they’re gonna report a pretty darn good holiday season so that’s a tough thing with apple there they’re gonna they’re gonna report some pretty dang good numbers they’re just flat out like you know i went to the apple store this holiday season and that place is as busy if not busier than i’ve ever seen it um you know and you’ve got a lot of these small cap

Companies that i think are going to come back big time over the next six months and the reason being is i think a lot of them are going to report good numbers and you got a lot of money that’s moved to the sideline outflowed out of these stocks with the tax loss harvesting that is going to be coming back in in january and february you compound that with pretty good

Return you know earnings for a lot of these companies that are it’s like oh no it’s not the end of the world they’re actually reporting really good numbers and when you’ve got a substantially low stock price and you’ve got some of these stocks that are heavily heavily shorted you can get some massive moves and that’s why i’ve said you know some of these stocks

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Could move uh 50 if not more than 50 in a matter of uh you know a few weeks like it’s not even like you have to wait like that long like you happen to matter a few weeks i think purple prpl perfect stock like perfect stock to see this have played out very recently you know that stock climbed 50 70 80 percent in a matter of a few weeks like purple yeah that’s one

Of those stocks that just got getting hammered hammered hammered and it just turned and it turned fast right and so i think that’s going to happen with a lot of these stocks especially a lot of these small cap companies that have good long-term growth stories that people are excited about when they turn it’s going to be crazy and the short sellers are going to

Have to cover in mass really really quickly and when you’ve got this money that’s on the sideline that’s outflowed out of these stocks all coming in back into the stocks at the same time right the move’s upside can be vicious no different than the moves the downsides been vicious over the past uh you know a few weeks uh you know not just a few weeks but past few

Months with the tax loss harvesting right because you have just compounding of selling some more selling and you’ve got the dominoes falling the wrong way now things are about to flip and the dominoes are going to go that way so anywho that’s all going on uh as far as videos this upcoming week i got some pretty exciting ones so i’m going to be doing a video on on

My top uh five biggest stock market investments now i think you know i think a lot of people know the chef’s gonna be one of those top five right but where does that rank on the list is that my biggest now and just with all the buying that i’ve been doing over the past you know several months and getting so low on cash like what are my top five stocks now i don’t

Think a lot of people could tell me uh what the top five biggest positions there’s some stocks that talk about a lot but they might not even be a top five position so do a video like that this week going to do a video on uh three stocks i’m buying january 2022 edition so do something like that and uh maybe some of my favorite dividend stocks for uh 2022 and uh

Maybe a video on my favorite growth stocks for 22. we’ll just see guys so anyways much love as always appreciate you guys just want to give you a little update video here before we get back rocking and rolling this week and uh have a great day

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