The 10 Dollar Mobile Plan I Use

I now recommen Mint mobile instead due to the improved service reliability. $15/month for 3GB here:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush some of you have noticed on my instagram account that sometimes when i take pictures you saw that i was holding a brand new phone this is because i’ve been testing our brand new low-cost mobile service called unreal mobile and this is what today’s video is about to begin with i want to let you guys know that unreal

Mobile did sponsor me this phone and also one year worth of service so that i can test it out now let’s talk about conflict of interest for a little bit here because whenever a company sponsors a video maker in order to make a video the video producer might tend to give it a favored review now from this i’m gonna try to be as unbiased as possible you know from the

Sponsorship that how unbiased i can be you might know from my previous videos how unbiased i can be so with that said and all this laid out over here let me review this phone service before using the service you guys know that i’ve been pretty much paying zero dollars every single month for freedompop service unreal mobile is from the same company as freedompop

So if you use their website you’ll see that some of the user interfaces and some of the web interfaces is very similar to that of freedompop now before when you’re using freedompop you’ll notice that if you’re not very very careful with the upcharges you might get charged a lot of fees every single month they might have an app that has these services that will be

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Very easy to sign on to and then you eventually get charged every single month on top and real mobile in my experience in the past 3 months there has been none of these extra charges so far it’s pretty much just pay what it says it’s gonna charge you and no additional fees on top of that now you know that i’ve been using freedompop why would you ever want to switch

Over to unreal mobile this is because ever since me switching to unreal mobile you can actually get real phone calls because your text and data is actually over the cellular network whereas on freedompop it’s over the data network so whenever i used to get calls on freedompop by the first time it rings is actually on the other end it sounds like the third time

So i have to pick up the phone really really fast if i happen to get a call and even if i happen to pick it up really really fast is as if it’s picking up very late on their end so here is the pricing list over here you basically get unlimited everything and then you pay based on how much data that you want when gigabyte lte you pay $10 a month 2 gigabyte a $15 a

Month 5 you buy $30 a month 10 gigabyte $40 a month now they started me off on 5 gigabyte a month which is $30 a month if you were to pay for this normally what i found is that i got really used to using only one gigabyte of data so even when i’m switching over to this five gigabyte i did not need 5 gigabytes so therefore i don’t need to pay that $30 when my trial

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Period is over so later on this might be kind of viable for people trying to spend really little on a mobile plan and still get real actual cellular voice and text service $10 a month for one gigabyte of lte data is certainly something that is doable for me i think you know spending $120 for actual reliable cellular cellular service might actually be worth it for

Me now they also have a 500 megabytes of rollover data so if one month you don’t spend 500 of it it goes on to the next month it tends to accumulate all the way up to 20 gigabytes let’s say you use very little that single month and you reduce your total data to about 1.2 gigabytes well only 500 is gonna roll over again so the next month after that you’ll have one

Point seven gigabytes if you happen to use less than 500 megabytes every single month consistently well you might start to build up a lot more data and you might accumulate more and more every single month now what’s also a very important feature is if you run out of lte data you still fall back on 2g data so you can still get something but at a very very slow pace

If you ever use 2g data you’ll know that it’s incredibly slow it’s kind of like you know a little less than dial-up if you ever use dial-up before so to me yes you can get a little bit of data if you’re in a bind or something you want to get one single email yes you can do that but if you’re trying to use any applications it might be so slow that it’s basically

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Unusable so what is the reliability of the services piggybacks on top of the sprint network so it’s just as good as the sprint network in my experience the verizon network is generally better about nine times out of ten of course this really depends on where you hang around the most if perhaps most of time you hang around at home in at you have better coverage

For sprint network then yeah it’s gonna be better for you to have sprint so for a certain number of people sprint network is gonna be better but for the majority of people i think verizon network is gonna be better so this network yeah it’s a slightly lower cost network it’s sort of like second tier you know whenever you talk about whenever it’s on the sprint

Network it’s not the best but still it’s very very good it still has lte data it’s very very fast and whenever you get data it’s completely usable in terms of receiving calls and if you use the sprint network you’ll know what i’m talking about so that’s a review of this mobile service i do recommend it for ten dollars a month it’s roughly the cheapest i’ve seen

For one gigabyte of data and unlimited talk and text if you guys know of any other cheaper alternatives which i currently do not know of leave a comment down below thanks for watching everybody if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and click that bell icon thanks for watching

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