The 3 Most Common Money Scams | The 3 Minute Guide

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Hi i’m aaron from broke millennial for the financial diet welcome to the three minute guide brought to you by skillshare remember back in the day when you would get an email from a de throned nigerian prince asking you for financial assistance while those scams are actually still around today most scamming has gotten significantly more sophisticated over the

Years and today we are going to run down three of the most common money scams you might experience number one student loan scams have you ever gotten a robo call telling you that you can sign up for a student loan debt relief program these are a common type of scam where a third party service offers to help enroll you in a debt relief program or an income driven

Repayment plan here’s a thing those programs do exist it’s just you don’t need help from a third party in order to enroll it’s absolutely free and that’s money that you could be putting towards getting out of student loan debt even faster here are some ways to protect yourself first you can enroll yourself directly into these programs by going to

Never pay an upfront fee a percentage fee or an application fee for someone to enroll you in a student loan program don’t trust anyone who says they can help you get your student loans forgiven fast be wary of logo and lettering just because a website has a department of education seal on it doesn’t mean the third-party service actually has connections there and

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Don’t share your federal student aid id number with any third-party service number two irs scams it doesn’t even have to be tax seasons to see a spike in irs related scams these scams come in the form of both emails and phone calls generally these scammers get aggressive very quickly and claimed that you owe back taxes that need to get paid immediately otherwise

You’re going to get arrested or sometimes they even threaten deportation if you ever get a phone call like this just hang up the irs has gone on record saying for starters it does not generally make first contact via phone they typically will send you a letter in the mail the irs will also not call you to demand immediate payment especially with a very specific form

Like a prepaid debit card gift card or a wire transfer which is commonly how these scammers ask to get paid the irs will not demand taxes be immediately paid without giving the taxpayer the opportunity to question the amount owed or potentially appeal and finally the irs is not going to ask you for credit card or debit card numbers over the phone number three email

Phishing scams we may consider ourselves digital natives but plenty of scamming still happens via email sometimes scammers may just be interested in a quick payout similar to the irs scam other times they’re looking for a full-blown case of identity theft they can do this by phishing for your personal information or having you download malware onto your computer

Doing this can potentially enable them to get access to personal identifying information as well as your bank accounts and credit card information common email phishing scams for which you may actually easily fall include things like survey email scams you’re sent to survey perhaps for a cause in which you are actually interested and as soon as you click on the

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Link you’ve downloaded malware onto your computer another scam is a security breach email you get an email saying that there’s been a security breach either on something like your phone or your bank account and you need to click the link here to reset your password you click the link and the email to go reset your password and you get redirected to a website it

Might look like your bank’s website but it’s actually a scam and they’re using this opportunity to steal your personal information here are some ways to protect yourself first don’t click any links and suspicious emails or from senders that you don’t know do not share personal identifying information with somebody via email like your social security number your

Full name and your address and don’t click a link in the email to get redirected to a website asking for similar information if your bank has sent you an email saying something’s gone wrong with your account instead call your bank directly in check take a look at the email address sometimes scammers will tweak the email just enough so it seems legit for example

Instead of being john doe at and oh at irs com also be wary of clicking links on social media as well ultimately it’s up to you to keep your money safe but if you have been the victim of a money scam please do go file a report on the ftc website now let’s stop stressing about how to protect your money and instead think about how to grow your wealth for that

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The 3 Most Common Money Scams | The 3 Minute Guide By The Financial Diet

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