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In this video, one woman shows us how a budget-friendly skincare routine gave her an invaluable lesson in self-perception and self-love. Want more beauty saving tips? Check out this video:

Making it work is brought to you by wealth simple which gives everyone access to simple affordable investing on cruise control talking about the way you look is hard at least for me it’s an extremely personal thing an amalgamation of choices you make and genetic factors you can’t control and yet it’s also quite public something any other sighted person can access

It’s also tough to balance wanting to talk about beauty without seeming like the wrong kind of girl the one were taught is shallow and self-absorbed for caring about how she presents herself but whether or not i always wanted to admit it my appearance is important to me and the older i get the more i realized that is totally okay i’m 26 and i recently adopted

A skincare routine for the first time in my life i guess that’s not true i’ve washed and moisturize my face on a basically daily basis since high school but routine feels like too substantial a word to apply to how i’ve always treated my skin especially considering the k-beauty 12-step programs i see influencers posting on instagram every day however i actually

Started taking stock of my own relationship to my skin mine has always been fairly dry and sensitive but only recently did i realize that there was more i can do about it than simply moisturizing i had heard of different types of products like serums and toners throughout my life but i never thought about what they really did or how they could benefit me after reading

Several articles and reddit threads and asking for advice from my hardcore skincare enthusiast friend i settled on a few products to add to my morning and nighttime routines it’s now been just over 6 weeks since i started actively taking 10 to 15 minutes every morning and evening to take care of my face i decided to select just a few products to help with things


Like dryness and brightening my skin tone here’s what i use a vino ultra calming cleanser $5.99 i’ve been using this for a while and i like that it doesn’t irritate my face the ordinary a scorable glucoside solution 12% $12.90 this helps even skin tone and brightens the ordinary caffeine solution 5% plus egcg six dollars and 70 cents for my under eye circles the

Ordinary hyaluronic acid 2% + b5 six dollars and 80 cents for extra hydration therapy moisturizing cream $18.80 for a big tub of moisturizer nars tinted moisturizer $45 i recently started using this for foundation and i counted a skincare thanks to the spf that’ll adds up to $96 and 19 cents total but most of these products last a while at the rate i’ve been using

Them i’ll have to purchase each about three times a year meaning a yearly total of two hundred and eighty eight dollars and 57 cents and a monthly average of just over twenty four dollars while this is more than i’ve ever spent on my skin at any point in my life i’m lucky that it feels worth it and that my budget can incorporate it with minimal effort while i’m

Most definitely a skincare novice and certainly not married to each of these products forever i can say that i have felt a major difference in how my skin looks and feels i used to dread having to get ready before bed flossing is worse than any household chore but now i actually look forward to it a few weeks ago i was tired and went to bed after simply taking off

My eye makeup and nothing else only to get up and go through my whole skin routine 15 minutes later because i felt weird and incomplete going to sleep without doing it i also feel like my skin has been much less dry and a bit more glowy i’ve also noticed an interesting uptick in my everyday confidence since starting to implement this routine it’s not just because

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I think my skin looks a bit better i know i’m lucky to not have hugely noticeable skin issues and i’m not even sure the changes are noticeable to anyone else but knowing that i’m taking that extra if insubstantial a bit of time to take care of my face every morning and evening means something i’m trying i can’t control many things about my body and appearance but i

Can control trying to feel like the best version of myself when it comes to my skin i may not be able to make my pores smaller or stop my chin from getting those annoying little time of the month pimples but i can do my best to make sure it feels and looks as healthy as possible on a daily basis i’ve noticed the same is true for pretty much everything that makes me

Feel like the best version of myself anything that ultimately feels good and i don’t mean oh god this chocolate mousse tastes amazing good takes effort for instance i’ve gone to probably hundreds of yoga classes in my life yet not one of those times have i left the house without momentarily dreading the act of squeezing into a sports bra but i know from experience

How great i feel after an hour of vinyasa the effort of making a good choice is almost more rewarding to me than the good choice itself the good choices should accumulate into results i’m happy with over time but acknowledging my own effort in making them in the first place feels immediately gratifying my appearance is never going to be effortless and that’s okay

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I want to look the best i can in many aspects but none of those will come without me having to try and it’s in the trying that i can continually realize that i’m a person who deserves to care for herself so if it takes buying a few more skincare products to feel that way that’s a reality i’m happy to live with learning to take care of yourself is one of the most

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