The Best Investment You Can Ever Make…Revealed

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Today is your lucky day today i’m going to reveal the greatest investment you can ever make in your life and by far this is not even close it’s not even comparable to how much potential this investment has for you compared to everything else out there so what i think about like the greatest investment ever whenever i think about like making a great investment

There’s kind of like three things that come to mind first off okay the first one is i want like unlimited true returns like if this is supposed to be the greatest investment ever then i want truly unlimited returns okay not just like oh maybe it could go up to this much but like it has a great potential to go up a certain amount which is a lot right unlimited type

Returns also i want relatively low risk like if this is truly the greatest investment ever then i want to have a huge gains potential on this and i want relatively low risk out of this and the third thing is i want this investment to be with someone i know okay someone i know and someone i trust okay now most people when they go to make an investment unfortunately

They don’t accomplish any of these for the most part okay think about what most people do with their investments okay they give their money to someone else who like runs a 401 k or something like that okay or something like that okay they’re given their their money away to a fund manager okay somebody that’s their way of investing right do they have unlimited true

Returns absolutely not okay they’re their money’s only gonna really go up as much as the s&p 500 goes up over time okay they give that money that fund manager and also that fund manager is taking out fees okay so they’re probably not even get as good a very tentative return as the smp 500 okay so they obviously don’t have even close to unlimited true returns also

Relatively low risk no i would say they’re also taking a moderate risk because they’re getting all those fees out of there they’re probably not even going to do as good as the markets doing right and and on top of that the markets gonna have some down times right so i’d say they’re taking moderate risk right and also last one is is that investment with somebody they

Know and trust absolutely not most people when they follow their money towards something right when they follow their money when they make an investment then even know who it’s with they don’t even know who that person is that’s actually investing that money so is that like a good investment philosophy absolutely not so what is truly the greatest investment you can

Ever make in yourself it’s yourself i gave it away right there the greatest investment you will ever make in your entire life by far is in yourself knowledge okay learning about different things but how do you actually go about doing this and how do you accomplish these things okay well whenever you learn something okay you have unlimited possibilities of returns


Okay so i think about when i went to community college right i went to community college which is something you guys would call a city college or something like that it’s not university it’s like under university right one of the thing about what i did there i took some classes that were a complete waste of money right which classes at a community college are a

Few hundred dollars so like $300 $400 there was like some science classes and stuff that never paid off those ones never got me a return on investment well whatever planet is whatever i don’t give a crap about that never made me a dollar in my life and never will make me a dollar in my life i wasted some money there okay but the business classes the the financial

Classes related like the accounting classes i had such an affable accounting teacher that sparked my whole idea of kind of like i was already kind of starting or looking at the stock market but he sparked it so much more he was show his graphs and whatnot and how to really start making money out of money and like compounding and things like that that really opened

My mind what i think about just his classes alone that i paid i think it was somewhere around $300 per class you take in community college in arizona at that time no clue how much it is now but at that time it was like $300 per class like what i think back to like the $300 like that was a joke compared to how much money that’s made me over time because of how much

That pushed me i’ve had like it’s really a joke and never mind that in those classes i learned how to you know understand an income statement understand a balance sheet cash flow all these different things accounting principles and whatnot like like those classes and how good of a teacher he was there’s no amount of money i could even put on it guys it’s in the

Tens of thousands of dollars how much money those classes have made me write but there were some that were certainly waste right there were also some great business classes i learned some great business principles and that helped me rise the ranks in things like that okay so the some of those are like unlimited returns i took by going to community college so a lot

Of people think i’m a hater or college i’m really not but i’m a hater of certain situations because some people are taking high risk when they go to college right you wouldn’t take college like i did which was relatively low-risk why because think about this i was going i was a head apart track scholarship which paid for like half my classes right and then the other

Half of the classes i had to come out with money but they don’t at the time obama came out with this plan which would basically you would get your tuition kind of like reimbursed back to you up to a certain level and since community college was relative relatively cheap i got money always back to me so when i went to college it was like the lowest risk of low risk

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Because half of its paid by track and half was paid by the us government basically so i wouldn’t really low risk but what a lot of people do is when they they go to college right they’re investing in something like they don’t even have a vision for it like i had a vision for business investing things like this like finance i want to be in this type of realm like i

Know i can make money from this a lot of people just go and they they don’t really know like how you’re really gonna make money from this thing i do so they’re you right off the bat you’ve taken a high risk oh so a lot of people are racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt right maybe not hundreds of thousands of dollars i’ve read stories about people being

More than $100,000 in debt from going to college are you kidding me man and unless you have like the best vision ever you’re expected to be some top surgeon or something like men you’re gonna have a really hard time making that investment in yourself pay off okay most investments in yourself can pay off in such a big way as long as you have the vision for even if

It is college something that’s gonna cost you tens of thousands of dollars right but not just that like think about like books okay think about like your books you know you spend ten dollars in a book here twenty dollars in a book here like i’ve read a lot of books that probably didn’t help me that much but i’ve read a lot of books i paid 15 20 bucks for that that

Had one or two things in them which is all i’m looking for in a book one or two things that pop out and i’m like that is where i need to go with this thing okay that like good like explains things like when i remember reading the intelligent investor like i think i paid 15 bucks for that book that book was worth you know fifteen thousand dollars that’s what it was

Truly worth okay fifteen dollars is a joke it was worth $15,000 the mounting knowledge i learned from that book right so you got to think about like how much risks you want to take with things you know the obviously the more money you spend college university right is emotional money but also like online courses like you guys can learn so much on online courses

Nowadays it’s not just the ones i sell like stock market related right there’s there are courses out there online courses that are phenomenal courses teach you how to build apps right teach you how to build a website that does such-and-such right there’s so many things that like you could buy courses on nowadays which is a whole new realm of beyond just books that

Can go so much more in-depth and so much more of a hands-on approach right that’s phenomenal okay and that cost you know the hundred dollars are a few hundred dollars like it’s a joke and compared to what that has a potential to make you out in the games right and considering how low risk you are taking okay and when you invest in yourself right you’re investing

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In yourself man the person you trust more than anybody right is yourself i hope i hope the person you trust more than anybody is yourself otherwise you’ve got some real issues and you need to like get off of this video real quick and like seek some counseling if you don’t trust yourself more and you trust everybody else then you have some real issues there but

Most people you trust yourself more than anybody so why not make that investment in yourself guys so so when you kind of view things like like investing in yourself spending money on a knowledge learning something like like view it as you’ve got a potential and make massive amounts of money from this thing right like how much is that really like i think about man

I got so many good deals like i got so many good deals in my life on products i learned about you know and i’ve taken courses and whatnot on passive income building and stuff like that and like like the amount of money i made from that holy cow guys it’s not even comparable like like investing in yourself is will always always be the greatest investment you will

Ever make because those things stay with you for life okay those things stay with you from life so i hope you guys really enjoyed this video but definitely take it serious definitely take yourself serious and take take learning and knowledge and all these things seriously and it doesn’t matter if you’re 32 years old are you watching this forty to fifty to like

It’s never too late to start learning about whatever it is you want to start learning about and whatever route you want to go okay guys is like like a lot of people think all five now my learnings done i don’t need to learn anything like you you you get in that type of mindset and you’re never gonna reach your true financial goals you want to ever meet in life

Like if you have that type of mindset like me i’m 28 i have a ton of knowledge on a ton of stuff especially money related and i’m still always willing to learn like i’m still willing to learn about all this new way of making money over here oh there’s something going on over here hey what’s this guy doing over here like i’m just always willing to learn i don’t

Want to miss an opportunity here or there so anyways guys i hope you enjoyed this make sure you make investments in yourself and you learn as much as possible because that will stay with you for life thank you for watching and have a great day

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The Best Investment You Can Ever Make…Revealed By Financial Education

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