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It’s a glorious day ladies and gentlemen the book is officially out the book is officially available it is linked in the description is linked in the comments section and what i wanted to do in this video today is basically tell you guys all about the book tell you what in it what’s not in it basically give you the whole context of the book i know a lot of you guys

Have already decided you’re going to buy regardless but i just want to tell the people that maybe you’re on the fence or maybe you don’t know if you want to buy it or what and i want to do a video strictly for you guys that you know exactly what’s in this book so there was a couple goals i had to with this book the main goal of this book was to purposely tell about

Exactly how i value a company exactly why i pick a certain investment to make my you know money go into that’s the main goal there’s something i can never really do in a video because it’s such a long process it’s such a ridiculously long process so much goes into it it would be unrealistic to ever do a video about it this book took several months of work that’s how

Much you know went into this book there another thing i want to do what i wanted to make sure every single thing in this book every chapter every word written in this book was absolutely vital i did not want to fill this book with a bunch of bs a bunch of rambling on about that god off subject basically so if it’s not in this book if it’s not a metric or something i

Mentioned it’s not in there for a reason it’s because literally i do not care about it when making an investment decision if there’s not a specific metric in here guys because i don’t care about it because it’s something i just don’t care about when i look at an investment this is only what i look for an investment and i got some other things in this book as well

Where we’ll get into but that’s the main that was a main goal this book guys and i released it for 10 bucks so i wanted to be affordable for everybody and it’s funny a lot of you guys actually set up i’m pricing it to cheek but i don’t care i you know that just shows me how much you guys actually support me to even like tell me something like that because no one

Would ever say something’s to cheat you know releases the shows that i love you guys have for me and i appreciate that i appreciate that i give you guys a great value i just want to be affordable for everybody you know so that’s why i did for 10 bucks and several months of work work i mean i could have produced like a million videos in amount of time but i’m proud

Of it i’m super proud of it and it’s something i could say i’ve done in my life and and i hope you guys are going to love it and by the way if you buy it before i and getting to what’s in the book if you guys do buy it and you really enjoy it please leave a review on amazon because people that have no clue who i am are going to come upon this book when they’re on

Amazon right in order for them to purchase that book they’re going to probably look at reviews of it in the past and if it has heard the young reviews then it’s probably gonna get passed over so it would mean the world to me if you guys do purchase a book you decide to purchase it please if you enjoy it right a nice review in there you know what you liked about

It and things like that guys because people like they love to read reviews and if something doesn’t have any many reviews and they’re not going to read they’re not gonna bike item and so that would mean the world to me specifically so number one thing i want to mention before i go into anything i put a specific email address in this book which is directly to me i

Think that’s like the best customer service of any book could ever offer i’ve read a million investment books over time i’ve never read an investment book that the end of the book it had an email address where i could literally contact author that book and ask them if there’s any specific question you have about this book there’s a private email address you guys

Can send me the email on it you know it make sure it’s pertaining or something in the book something i mentioned a metric something like that guys i try to explain everything really well in the book so you don’t need won’t even have any questions but if you do do not have to take the email me in and you know ask me hey you said this and that what does that mean

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Things like that this the emails not to like ask me to look into some stock or something like that it’s strictly for things pertaining to the book and what’s in the book and if you’re confused about something or you just want to send me a nice message i you like the book or appreciate it or something you’re free to do that as well but that’s kind of what email is

And i put that in there toward the end of the book because i just felt like it was great customer service like that that’s what i felt so anyways the book is called zero to two hundred thousand dollars by age 25 which is kind of the back premise of the book i don’t really go into the story i’ve done a video on that on this channel but the actual title of book

Which is below that is modern long-term market investing secrets by jeremy from the financial education youtube channel once you love that i put that in there i’m always trying to you know shout out youtube because youtube is the thing i love the build guys so chapter one chapter one is basically just going to get into who i am and how did i get into stock market

Investing that’s just going to kind of give my backstory for people it’s mainly for like people that are coming or going to buy the book who aren’t subscribers of the channel that’s who this this chapter is really for for you guys you probably know my story especially if you can follow me long enough watching my videos for a few months you probably know most of

My story by now but that’s what chapter one is just kind of given an introduction of myself to people who maybe don’t know who jeremy from the financial education channel is chapter two i go into warren buffett influence on me an amazing accounting teacher and why i picked my type of investing style and how it kind of led to that and those kinds of things that’s

What chapter two is about chapter three is literally for stock market beginners it talks about how to actually buy a stock how do purchase a stock how to set up an account things like that what you do all that kind of stuff that’s that’s that chapter and chapter four is when we actually get into the meat of the book when we actually get into the good stuff the the

Valuing and all those kinds of things so chapter for it which is really chapter one of the meat of the book that is called think about the company you may buy in not the stock you might buy that’s going to go into a lot of a lot of fundamental basis for the way to think about an investing there’s a lot into a lot of psychological stuff on how you want to view making

A potential investment a company that is what that chapter dedicated toward and that’s the beginning base of what i call modern long-term stock market investing that’s the beginning base without that base without that mindset without that psychological mindset the whole process doesn’t work so that’s why i made that chapter number one because that’s the foundation

The whole house is laid on right there chapter 5 we get into the importance of competent management’s getting over the puck will be so that chapter i’m going to go into all like judging how do i judge an executive team how do a judge and management team how do i how do i tell if they’re going to where they should be going versus i’m just trying to hold the things

Like that guys i go all into death i annual something you’ll notice throughout the book and i give a lot of references to pass successful investment and something that i have not made successful investment and i’ll reference some of these so it brings context to real life situations i’ve been investing where i’ve seen management teams do this or seen a company do

This and i give several references to actual investments i made over time throughout this book or something i really try to do to connect the whole story together the chapter 6 is about the vital importance of the balance sheet in that chapter i go all into battle she is just dedicated that balance sheet specifically all the things i look for in balance sheet what

I subtract from this number add to this number all those kinds of things my whole view in general a balance sheet how important is that just a literal is just a chapter about the balance sheet and how important it is might be the second most important chapter in the whole book actually chapter 7 i talked about the income statement everything i’m actually looking for

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When i look into an income statement how many years back of looking into an income statement ratios about you know revenues versus net income you know versus a previous year things like that like exactly literally exactly numbers that i’m looking for and those kinds of things that’s all about the income states a statement in that chapter chapter 8 we get into gross

Margin high profit business models so that’s all about the gross margin all about telling how a gross margin is going not just like whether it’s going up or down but why a company may might specifically make a move and why maybe a lower gross margin sometimes might be better why generally speaking a higher gross margins better talk about different types of business

Models and the business models i prefer which is more of a high profit business model talk about how you can decipher what companies are high profit business models versus not i get specific examples in that chapter all that kind of stuff chapter 9 we go to pe ratios and quarterly results so that chapter i’m talking about what i’m looking for what a specific p/e

Ratios i’m kind of looking for in the range versus a forward p/e ratio in kind of the differences between the two in based upon last year and those kinds of thing that i’m also talking about quarterly results which is also i’m giving some mindset stuff about how i view quarterly results specific i’m looking for and quarterly results that i’m like okay this i need

To pay attention to this is not that important in those kind of things that’s what that chapter is all about chapter 10 we’re talking all about brand all about brand how do you decide what’s a great brand and what’s not very good brand i’m giving specific examples of companies that have strong brands that i believe have strong brands versus companies that don’t

Things like that guys that’s all about brand in that chapter chapter 11 dividend acquisitions mergers share buybacks that chapter i’m talking about all for those items given my opinion on dividends my opinion on share buyback how i’d view those how i view acquisitions acquisitions that might work one that might not mergers given my opinion on what the best out of

All those that’s that’s just what that chapter is completely dedicated toward chapter 13 they are susan chapter 12 very important chapter so chapter called thinking outside the box info info info and this is how to obtain and think outside the box when you’re making and best when you’re trying to get information about investment while doing it legally there’s a lot

Of outside the box things you can do to get information that other investors might not have or might not care about having or might not think about having i’m give specific examples on on investments i made over time that i’ve thought outside the box on and those kinds of things guys and you’ll kind of open your mind up so when you’re starting to make investments

You’re not just thinking about the fundamentals which is absolutely key but you’re also thinking about how do i obtain some information legally legally that is outside the box like thinking that will take you to the next level and give you an advantage over other investors those kinds of things guys so chapter 13 is basically the recap chapter i’m just recapping

All the main points throughout the book all the main points i made throughout all those fundamentals and that’s what that chapter is about so you’ll just have a quick reference of everything that was the most important stuff i talked about in the book pan and i try to do a really good job of tying all the chapters together making them flow together and whatnot and

After the recap chapter that’s basically the whole meat of the book that’s the whole need of the everything that i actually care for when i make an investment it’s already covered at that point then i just add it a little a little other thing that that would be useful so the next section chapter 14 i basically did 10 big questions like 10 frequently asked questions

That are like you really need to do some research on really do some thinking about to answer these questions so i did 10 of those the first one was which company will be the first trillion dollar market cap i go into that into detail second question is will the dow jones ever be a hundred thousand if so when and that that answer is going to blow you guys away i

Can guarantee you that though not only want to get into number three i talked about small industry that’s going to be a huge industry by 2025 so something that you know just a little thing right now but in 20-25 it’s going to be a monster industry number four question i talking about a non healthcare sector that’s going to save a lot of lives i’ve given a great

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Example there is something that’s going to take tens of thousands of lives every single year number five i talked about the best piece of advice i could possibly give someone that’s what that is all about number six biggest business opportunity in the next ten years and that’s business opportunity for small business owners like people that are looking to maybe

Start a business there’s going to be in a ridiculously huge industry that’s going to emerge here at no one’s talking about i can’t find anybody talking about this right now that question number 6 i’m going to give you guys answer to that one and if you’re going to be a multi-millionaire if you can make that that successful guys this is going to be huge number

Seven i talk about why religion is dying among millennials we know millennials are going to the church the least of any generation ever in history i give some examples on why i believe that’s going on which is kind of just a random question but i’m not thinking about these type of big things going on in the world number eight i talk about how to get out the hood

Yeah 3 suppose you guys not know from the time i was born i was about 12 13 years old i grew up in a boom i don’t call a horrible area but i grew up in a bell rough area and i you know saw my parents get out there and i kind of go into detail on my opinion on by far the best way in how you could realistically get out of there guy so that’s what that chapter is

About chapter them or not chapter that questions about number nine i talked about the two keys to start a successful business and number ten the last question i talked about is the biggest life change a person could ever make biggest life changed a person could ever make in my opinion chapter 15 so after i’ve answered all those questions chapter 15 i go into

Definitions and i have a massive amount it’s like 30-40 definitions that i feel every person in the stock market should understand these terms i go into i try not to like cover recover definitions that i might already explained to the book i try to do a lot of different ones but a lot of definitions that beginners in the stock market and just anybody in the stock

Market in general need to understand these definitions so i did that just as a quick reference for you guys all all those are like my definitions to like ones i try to explain a simple way possible not like just copy piece from the dictionary type stuff like those are my definitions form chapter 16 as we talked about the email address directly to me if you have any

Questions among the book i’ll try to get back to you within 48 hours or so you know maybe even quicker than that if you got any specific questions or if you just want to say something nice in chapter 17 last one is just a thank-you chapter where i’m basically just talking about all the people i’m thinking which is going to be you guys as well you guys are mentioned

In there so i hope you enjoyed this today it once again if you want to buy the book it is in the comments section and it should also be in the description and i should have it in the comments section for probably like the next two weeks i’ll probably have it look like the pinned comment the link to the book and then i’ll also have it in the descriptions for probably

Ever in this book but once again if you guys do buy it please if you enjoy it leave me um you know a review on amazon because it will help so freaking much you guys don’t even know helped so much so let’s see how many we can sell within the first 48 hours at amazon like they judge that so big like how many sales we get within the first 48 hours and maybe i’ll even

Update you guys on like how sales numbers are going and like you know are things being the expectations and things like that maybe i’ll just let you guys know anyways i hope you enjoyed this today i hope you enjoy the book if you buy it you know a lot of work went into it i try to include only the important stuff so i hope you enjoyed it thank you for watching if

You just across this of everybody that’s watching this was already subscribed thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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