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Chelsea covers the super-important key differences between being broke or bad with money and actually living in poverty. Check out how one family went from broke to comfortable in one year in this video:

And today i’m here to talk about a very important difference you’re likely to call yourself one of those things. really meant things like not having new toys or clothes but i never wanted for basic needs, i didn’t go hungry, around money, which meant that even though my family at home i personally experienced a lot of the markers of poverty. things like not be able to

Pay bills or rent on time and that made me really feel both ashamed and resentful, so poor because they couldn’t afford to go to a bar and my definition of poor was really sad and scary. with me were definitely freaked out by the experience. when you’re making all of the right choices with your money. have help from family members, is living paycheck to paycheck any

Weekend might be putting her in an awkward position. is hugely important for being able to be friends with people i saved up all the money i could for my social activities because i was so afraid that if they knew i wasn’t just in a very transparent way, to not understand what poor really understand or would no longer want to hang out with them. to different people,

And what might seem like no big deal is just letting someone else know that you understand.

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The Difference Between Broke And Poor | The Financial Diet By The Financial Diet

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