The European Cost Of Living Crisis!

Rising energy prices could push UK inflation as high as 18% next year according to Citi. European gas prices rose sharply this week due to supply fears, after Gazprom Russia’s energy firm announced it would shut down the Nord Stream 1 pipeline – the main gas supply line to Europe – to complete three days of unplanned maintenance.

Has recently been some good inflation news,   europe is not nearly as lucky where all european  countries except for france and switzerland are   expected to have higher inflation in 2022 than the  united states based on recent oecd estimates.   recent surge in energy prices was likely to drive   german inflation above 10 per

Cent this autumn  and keep it elevated next year. prices charged   by german industrial producers rose 37.2 per cent  in the year to july, the highest increase ever.   they expect the u.k. inflation rate to hit   one of the biggest reasons for the difference in  inflation rates is energy costs, and in particular   benchmark

European natural gas contract   week. that would be around $490 a barrel on   the cost of natural gas in the united states   price. that is because the u.s became a   major energy producer in recent decades while  europe reduced their production of fossil fuels   and relied on russia as a major supplier of oil 

And gas. those imported supplies have declined   the uk energy regulator ofgem is expected to   announce this friday an increase in the energy  price cap, to more than £3,500 for an average   household’s energy needs. that is an increase of  75 per cent on current levels. this means that   more than 10% of the average

Household income  in the uk will be spent on energy. continental   the cost-of-living crisis is made worse by falling  inflation adjusted wages. real wages in the uk   fell at the fastest rate for at least 20 years  in the second quarter of this year. this squeeze   occurred despite strong pay growth and a lively  jobs

Market. wages actually went up by 4.7% in   nominal terms over the period, but the rise in pay  was dwarfed by the rocketing cost of living.   certain commodities like milk which have seen no  price rises in over a decade are now up 40% in   the last year in europe, while being up only 15%  over the same time period in the united

States.   why has the price of milk gone up so much? well,  two of the biggest inputs for dairy farmers   are cattle feed and fertilizer which are up 83  per cent and 179 per cent respectively over the   is mostly driven by the cost of natural gas,   and of course the cost of cattle feed is driven  by the cost of

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Fertilizer and transportation.   of europe from italy to the united kingdom.   an unusually dry winter followed by a hot and  dry summer have caused record low river levels.   this shortage is affecting nearly all sectors  from agriculture to the shipping industry.   the low river levels mean that cargo ships have  had

To reduce their loads leading to higher   of 11 per cent last month marking the 12th  consecutive monthly rise. in the rest of   europe house prices and rents have been rising  too. despite all of the talk of the shift to   in the uk small and medium sized enterprises  which together employ around three-fifths of  

The uk workforce are feeling the squeeze from  increasing wage bills, higher raw material costs,   brexit. in the second quarter, almost all small   businesses in the hospitality, manufacturing,  construction and retail sectors reported higher   year. the uk federation of small businesses   has predicted that this winter

More than five  percent of these businesses could go under.   in the past many of these businesses would have  struggled to pass on the cost increases they are   seeing to their customers, but the media spotlight  on russia’s invasion of ukraine has made customers   cost increases are coming at europeans  from all angles. in

The united states only   floating rate mortgages. americans typically   most european mortgages on the other hand   are floating rate loans with a fixed rate for  just the first five years. the type of mortgages   available varies by country within europe too,  with adjustable-rate mortgages most common in  

Because of the historically low interest rate   twenty years, the total debt service burden   despite continuously rising levels of household   made households significantly more exposed   most uk borrowers have mortgages where the   interest rate is currently fixed for the next  short while, but about 1.3 million of

Those   year and another 1.8 million are expected   to expire next year, according to uk finance.  rising interest rates will cost many borrowers   in a sign that uk pensioners are feeling   increasingly vulnerable about their financial  position, the data shows a jump in the number   staying in employment. this

Rise is likely   to have been caused by a desire among those of  inflation in the uk is not just  it is also hitting the government hard. britain  pioneered the issuance of inflation-linked bonds,   in the 1980s with the idea that the government’s  commitment to reducing inflation would directly   now exacerbating

The pain of excessive debt.   inflation linked bonds make up almost a quarter  of total uk central government debt which compares   to 8 per cent in the united states and around  5 per cent in germany. uk government interest   payments in june more than doubled – with this  increase being entirely down to the rise in  

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So, inflation is a real problem in europe right  now, and while there are many factors playing   russia, while part of the problem is by no means   entirely to blame. in the 1960s and 1970s, europe  was producing roughly the same amount of natural   gas that it was using, but production began to  decline as the north sea gas

Fields depleted,   extraction – the netherlands has the largest   europe has been reducing its dependence on  fossil fuels, (particularly coal) in order   to reach its climate goals. germany even passed  a law to phase out nuclear power altogether,   the fukushima disaster in japan. interestingly   japan today

Announced a plan to restore nuclear  power due to the ongoing global power crisis.   stations last december and the final three nuclear   power stations are scheduled to be decommissioned  this coming december, many are obviously arguing   that these plants should be kept running due to  the current energy situation. belgium,

Switzerland   and the uk have been reducing their nuclear power  for these reasons, european nations have become  increasingly reliant on russian natural gas   to fill the gap between the phase out of their  existing energy supplies, and their transition to   zero emissions renewables and storage which they  plan to eventually

Use as a full replacement.   the risk for europe of overdependence on   another problem in the european energy markets   is the way the eu’s energy pricing system works.  it operates on a model where wholesale electricity   costs reflect the price of the last unit of energy  most of the time, natural gas is the fuel that is 

Needed to make sure enough energy is supplied to   meet demand. so even in countries like france  — where cheaper nuclear power provides around   70 percent of electricity — natural gas prices  still drive the wholesale electricity price.   price of electricity. part of the reason european   energy markets are structured

This way is that it  means that all suppliers in the market, including   cheaper to generate wind or solar installations,  get the price paid for the most expensive offer   accepted. this subsidizes the capital-intensive  in contrast to europe, the u.s. has become  a major energy producer in recent decades,   infrastructure,

The us can’t ship sufficient   for much of the last decade the world economy got   by on the shale oil boom and without us production  more than doubling between 2010 and 2019,   oil production — oil drilled without fracking or  from tar sands — stagnated over that period.   world economic growth still does require fossil 

Fuel production, and without more investment and   exploration, there is unlikely to be sufficient  the demonization of the fossil fuel industry  – one of the most important industries in the   world – has meant that traditional energy projects  have been starved of investment for quite some   time. politicians are surprised when

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Oil companies  return capital to investors rather than investing   in new production, but equally they tell these  companies that they will be shut down in the near   future and replaced with other sources of energy.  the recent lack of investment in reliable energy   impacted the supply side of the equation.   dollars

In investment has been postponed or   a large part of that related to the esg   a new european law was approved this month by  the european parliament designating natural gas   very little can be done to immediately  accelerate any transition from fossil fuels.   which are a good idea – will not be completed  

Grids on base loads of solar and wind power   electricity storage, and will equally require huge   extraction of lithium nickel cobalt and copper,  more offshore drilling, of the kind opened up  in the gulf of mexico and alaska by biden’s   or investors becoming willing to pour in capital  with no regard for the prospect of

Profit,   require decades of production to break even   and eventually provide a return to investors.  right now oil and gas companies are being told   regulations long before they reach breakeven.   difficult – or prohibitively expensive –  for homeowners to adequately insulate their   homes, modern insulation would

Greatly increase  energy efficiency. it has up until recently been   seen as more important to preserve the historical  appearance of buildings than to install things   so far, eu energy policy has been unsuccessful   it has given europe some of the world’s most  expensive, but clean energy. consumer protection,   supply

Security and price moderation have not been  prominent objectives for the eu up until now.   considering reopening coal-fired power plants  norway and the netherlands have the potential to  step up oil and gas exploration and production,   but this may not happen for political reasons. to  be clear, i’m not advocating for abandoning

All   environmental policies, but it can be argued that  additional co2 emissions from european sources   would simply replace russian co2 emissions, and  that fossil fuel extraction within europe would   likely adhere to higher environmental standards  right now, european governments are trying  to alleviate the pressures

On households and   small businesses of the cost-of-living crisis,  this involves state funding to reduce rising   energy bills by subsidizing distributors, as in  france, or transferring money to citizens to pay   those bills, as in the uk or big subsidies for  in a world of global trade, even if the u.s. does  avoid a

Recession, sluggish european growth could   if you enjoyed today’s video, you should   day and see you again soon, bye!

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