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Well folks you gotta be flipping my flapjacks i’ve been inspired lately i’ve been inspired by graham the man okay he’s been doing these videos on the freaky truth of something and uh today we do the freaky truth of how much money i just lost on stocks i’m gonna show you guys in depth here today exactly how much money i lost today we’re going to talk about this for

A little bit i think it’s good to talk about bad days as well as good days right if we only talk about when we’re up big uh that’s just one side of investing right there can be the side of downside so that’s what we’re talking about here today hope you guys appreciate that i hope you appreciate the transparency all they ask in return is that you smash that thumbs up

Button and that’s literally it guys all right so starting out here we’re looking at the public account so a public account look at this only a two thousand dollar loss today on the public account it’s a miracle and you know what pulled us through good old tesla miasla as it always does tesla my asla pulls us through pulls us out of a rut we could have been in today

It could have been an ugly one but tesla pulled us through i mean look at that tesla alone was up over 18 000 dollars now when it comes to public account so this account has close to 1.7 million dollars in it and this particular account and by the way i’m going to show you the big dog account in just a moment and kind of the losses there and get ready we’ve got some

Big numbers to get into okay but in terms of this account it really lives and dies with tassel for the most part i mean let’s be honest this represents roughly uh 35 40 percent roughly of the account just tesla my estill shares so it’s a it’s a really large number and so i kind of live or die in this particular account by tesla and today it was great and so even

Though some of these stocks had a horrible day including corsair which was the worst right down over 15 000 you know it was a lot of red but hey tesla pull us through so thank you tesla tesla my us love pulling us through as always okay oh now we get into some trouble okay corsair gaming over 42 000 just on friday down if we look at walgreens boots alliance 37

000 very good food company in the disaster that that was over 20 look at this one 24 717 dollars i mean we don’t even have that much money in this stock i mean you know i’ve put 81 000 into it so i mean when you put 81 000 into it and you get a 24 000 word day you know something went bad really bad that was a whole you know basically they’re diluting us to the the

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Bottom of the floor that’s all i can say about that tattooed chef was down over 15 000 not a big percentage down for tattoo chef it’s just a large position and so those are obviously the these are these are all positions that are in my big dog account essentially okay now of course they’re gaming you know a lot of shorts are obviously very very happy and laughing at

Us in this scenario right how dumb us longs are people like myself right and so far we don’t look too smart uh down almost 20 percent down 116 000. uh but but my thing with corsair gaming is like what are they hoping for in this stock like do they really think like this is going to trade at a 5pe do they think no one’s going to buy streaming equipment and gaming

Equipment anymore the numbers have been you know very very strong out of corsair up until the supply chain issues right and the supply chain issues the headwinds from cost do the short sellers think those things are going to stay around like that’s just a really good question like do they think that’s going to be here in a year do they think that’s going to be

Relevant in 18 months if a short sale is new to the market they might be like yeah yeah no okay no it’s not going to be relevant it’s we’re going to be so far past that stuff it’s not even funny and yet the short sellers get so caught up into that and it’s like dude that’s just like it’s it’s here today gone tomorrow essentially walgreens boots alliance this one

Had a big day the day before it was up i think we were up 70 80 000 a day before so gave back some today i was incredibly impressed by the three-hour presentation it was actually over three hours i was incredibly impressed by that presentation walgreens boots alliance gave it made me feel more confident in walgreens than i’ve ever been in the stock has done very

Well for us and we’ve also also received like we get basically 10 000 plus dollars paid out in just dividends every three months so the gains on walgreens have been pretty darn good i think more common over time and i think this is way more uh than meets the eye when it comes to this particular stock so very very happy there yeah very good food company you know

As far as that one you know oh man i don’t think there’s really people that are really short that stock i think it’s just a lot of the longs sold out today they looked at this stock and they said they just diluted us to the floor like sell sell sell though the worst part was man you know the dilution at two dollars a share was far below like what it would have been

Trading at just like a week ago it’s just that was insane but neither say new investors are potentially looking at this now because they’re like hey a super fast growing plant-based company under two dollars a share and there’s definitely some folks that are going to buy this one now that it’s fallen so much right but i think there’s also a group of folks that have

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Looked at this one and they’re like well they just diluted shareholder value in a massive way right massive way and i think there’s some folks on the sideline with this talk they’re like who’s to say they’re not gonna do it again who’s to say in six months nine months twelve months from now they’re not gonna raise another thirty million dilutives into the floor

More and so yeah very good food company they go man do they have a lot of explaining to do tattooed chef tattooed chef this is uh similar to corsair gaming i don’t know what the shorts think they’re going to gain here uh i mean short terms tattoo chefs bounced anywhere from about 15 and some change right around 16 a share up to twenty four tattoo chef’s a super

Strong growth company that’s not ending anytime soon the management team at tattoo chef i’ve continued to be unbelievably impressed by the team that’s leading that company they have their heads on straight they’ve done a phenomenal job of staying focused not uh getting too unfocused what they’re doing innovating innovative innovating pushing things to the limits

With that company you know the shorts if they think they’re going to win in that game for the next three five years good luck with that one all you’re hoping for is scraps in regards to corsair gaming at 24 and in regards to tattooed chef at 17 if you’re shorting those stocks you’re hoping for scraps and hopefully to push tattooed chef down to 15 and hopefully

Push i don’t know corsair down to 22 or something like that like you’re hoping for some scrap stuff because you know those stocks are coiled springs corsair gaming how much more bad news can it get like it’s had all the bad news it could possibly get this year in 2021 and in 2022 all it’s going to start taking is very small amounts of good news and where do you

Think that stock’s headed right there’s like a little get bits of good news here and there and the next thing you know i’ve seen it time and time again in the stock market this stock has been beaten down it’s had the kitchen sink thrown at it and and now it’s just in a prime position tattooed chef’s just a growth piece like you know get out of the way if you’re a

Short seller it’s all i can say about that good luck to you okay dividend only account so interesting when it comes to dividend only account here today this account actually was green and that shows kind of what the state of the market was today or the state of a lot of these stocks the fact that like literally this this particular account was green is uh pretty

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Unbelievable when you take into account you know the fact that a lot of those other stocks got absolutely destroyed so the question is how much was lost today well it wasn’t very big and that’s what’s freaky about this it was 123 792.77 and uh based upon what i thought it was going to be and based upon what you heard from the shorts you would have thought i would

Have went bankrupt today and i would have lost uh you know a whole lot more than 123 000. on a day like today i will take that loss any day of the week this isn’t even i mean honestly this isn’t even a top 10 loss for me ever in a day uh this is not that bad i’ll take 123 thousand dollar loss that’s all i’ll say about that uh but it was a lot of stocks pulled us

Through like the dividend the count obviously being green uh tesla being in a good position today and a lot of other stocks and other ones that that actually held pretty decent in my other accounts i have seven different accounts and and so i’ll say it’s it’s freaky loss because it’s way better than i would it’s way better than i expected let’s just put it that

Way so but neither say it’s still 123 000 on a green day that’s no bueno and in order to lose 123 000 on a green day you need to have some stocks that went south and for us today it was very good food company lucky enough that’s a small position because it’s a penny stock right i’m not going to put make that into a massive position so lucky enough we got we got

You know i want to say lucky but fortunate that’s a very small position corsair gaming obviously down eight percent today’s gonna hurt us and um so yeah i hate to see red when it’s a green day but yeah 123 thousand dollars i’ll take it i need to speak to edgar though edgar give me some good stocks man i need i need something good here but anyways guys hope you

Enjoy this as always i always love to you know just chat about a down day like today because yeah you know it’s fun when we see those quarter million dollars half million dollar days but you know it’s not always like that and sometimes you get one of these days that’s down 123 000 and it is what it is it’s part of the game it’s um yeah it’s just it’s just part

Of it and um that’s the volatility a lot of folks can’t stomach in the stock market right they don’t want to go through that but you know at the end of the day what makes money is what makes money much love as always guys i hope you enjoyed this don’t forget to smash and have a great day

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