The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) (TGOD.WT) Largest Marijuana IPO in Canadian History

Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) (TGOD.WT) Largest Marijuana IPO in Canadian History – May 2, 2018 – RICH TV LIVE – If you like the video smash the like button, comment down below, and subscribe for more updates

The greens organic dutchman is now public under the symbol t g od and tg o d dot wt are the warrants it’s not even showing up yet but it’s live people take a look at this right now at 360 but at 399 on the bid 399 on the ask so it’s live at around 4 dollars right now what do you think with the largest ipo in history raising a ridiculous amount of money pre ipo let’s

Get into the news so the green organic dutchman holdings is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed an initial public offering of 31 million five hundred and ten thousand units of the company at a price of 365 per unit for a total gross proceeds of one hundred and fifty million dollars and it is live today on the toronto stock exchange the common

Shares as well as the common share purchase warrants issued pursuant to a warrant indenture indenture dated november 1st 2017 the november warrants will begin trading today under the trading symbols t g od on the tsx and tg o dw t respectively on the toronto stock exchange and aurora cannabis inc one of my favorites my number two pick in my top ten has elected to

Exercise its full participation rate on a pro-rata basis meaning that they are going to buy a lot of these shares they want a piece of this come okay now why do they want a piece of this company because it’s going to be a huge winner that’s why they want a piece of the company you can see it’s starting to show up on the order book all of a sudden it’s going to

Show up here any minute here let’s see if there is an update on the price here literally it just has opened folks like the orders are just started to come through we are the first to break it to the universe like usual nothing new for us but i just want to make you guys aware of the fact this is a brand new ipo the green organic dutchman currently at three dollars

And 99 cents it’s crazy the biggest ipo in canadian medical marijuana history and you were watching it here live on rich tv and you can’t even see it show up on investors house yet cuz it’s so new let’s see if anything’s changed let’s refresh the page here a lot of people are interested in this company i’m getting calls from all across the globe about this company

Messages calls everybody’s like rich what do you think rich what do you think i think it’s gonna be a big winner i put them in my top ten before they even did the ipo that’s how much i think about this company okay we take a look at the markets overall as you can see the mark is just getting started not much going on yet the big news is the green organic dutchman

As you can see they’re listed here but they’re not showing their trades yet oh looks like they opened up the 399 came down a little bit now they’re starting to come back up looks third likes it looks like they’re around 385 right now oh 398 on the bid here remember this is delayed okay this is not up to date right now the green organic dutchman everything is just

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Getting started there’s no information available because it’s a brand new ipo nice cyberworld seven just bought 1,000 shares at three dollars and 73 cents so it’s trading around 370 right now as we speak the green organic dutchman will it go higher is this a good price do you think now is the time to buy do you think it’s gonna go lower look at this chart looks

Like it’s coming down the people holding ourselves i want to see a live chart where the heck is the live chart somebody show me where i can find a life chart if anybody knows where there’s a live chart please let me know obviously the market just opened up everything’s delayed but we are breaking this news and we’re breaking it live the green organic dutchman is

Now life you will now can invest in this monster of a licensed medical marijuana company with money in the bank look at this t g od has a funded capacity of one hundred and sixteen thousand kilograms and is situated on one hundred and seventy-five acres of land between two of the most populated areas of canada ontario and quebec t g od owns one of the largest land

Packages in canada with some of the lowest power rates in the country the company is building a combined 970 thousand square foot facility capable of producing one hundred and sixteen thousand kilograms of premium high-quality organic cannabis to date the company has raised 160 million dollars and has over 4,000 shareholders tg od is licensed under the access to

Cannabis for medical purposes regulations a cmp are otherwise known as pure gold those licenses are pure gold to cultivate medical cannabis tg o d carries out its principal activities producing cannabis from its facilities in ancaster ontario pursuant to the visions of the acm pr and the controlled drugs and substances act and its regulations so this is big news i

Love this company i want to own this company i like the price right now if it’s actually gonna trade around $3 and something i think that’s actually a really good price wow look at it it is going right down folks look at this it’s shooting right down so this might be an opportunity to get in and do some sniper trades i’m not 100% sure i just think that long term

This company is going to be a huge winner as you can see the the orders are starting to show up on the book here so i figure in about five minutes we’re gonna see orders start showing up here so we’ll have a better idea and a better indication of exactly how its trading at that point that’s weird i’m seeing that the the warrants are currently trading at around a

Dollar twenty which is interesting because pre market they were trading much higher so pre market the green organic dutchman was trading at five dollars and and the tg o dwt the warrants were trading at around three ninety nine now i see the warrants for trading around a dollar twenty five which is crazy and i can see that the green organic dutchman is just going

Straight down and everybody in our community we all said be patient let’s watch it don’t jump on it right away it could go right down ninety nine percent of the time these ipos will go down okay there is the exception that goes up like suniva for example is one that went right up after the ipo snn in canada sn nvf in america it went right down after the ipo so it

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Was possible that this will continue to go down because everybody that was holding shares while this company was going from private to public has been anticipating this day and probably has their shares sitting at their brokerage account and is just telling the broker to sell because the they got in early its first money in force money oh that’s just the way it

Goes folks so we could see a lot of selling which could create a buying opportunity so we are watching carefully look at the bids building and the eyes there’s a lot of people selling a lot of people buying this is showing 395 but we know it’s trading lower this is not updated this is 15 minutes delayed but i just want to try to look at all the order books and

See what they’re showing it looks like it is finding a floor around 375 so if we can get into the green organic dutchman at 375 that might end up being a pretty good price what do you guys think do you like it at 375 have you got in are you planning on getting in are you going to buy and invest in the green organic dutchman oh you can see trades are pumping up

Here at 375 we’re waiting for the order book to show up it’s big news the green organic dutchman is now public i predicted it would go public around three dollars and sixty five cents so it looks as though they’re going to be right around that price let’s go to the investor center on their website and their website is tg o d dot ca go to their website your due

Diligence do your research learn about the companies that you’re investing in people don’t invest in them just because you heard about it on rich tv that would be crazy well you’re live 4000 shareholders and nine hundred seventy thousand square-foot facility a land package deal with a hundred acres in ontario seventy-five acres in quebec and a hundred and sixty

Million dollars in the bank on day one it’s a big winner fulton’s be honest this thing is a monster okay let’s see their social media let’s see where they add in their social media this is their facebook page let’s tell them we are live let’s let them know hey rich tv is live guys we talking about you alright review the post let me know if you like it you know

We’re in your investors center let’s go to link in it now guys i don’t know if you’re watching and following rich tv live on lincoln we are one of the largest channels on lincoln and in the world with over 15,000 followers on lincoln lincoln it and growing every day look i’m already following them on lincoln so you know these guys don’t got you know the type of

Cloud on lincoln in that we do they don’t got nearly as many members but you know they’re getting started on lincoln it’s nice to see it’s nice to see but you know they’re not where we’re at right you know if you look at the rich tv live profile you’ll see you know we’re way up there when it comes to lincoln in lincoln and profiles let’s see fifteen thousand two

Hundred and thirty one followers of rich tv live on lincoln it and that’s all business all the time and they’re watching us because we bring the news and we bring it first now let’s take a look all air it is folks it is live at three dollars and ninety cents currently it’s showing but this is not live this number is not live this is the live this is the live feed


It’s actually trading around 375 so the order book is starting to come in the warrants at a dollar twenty you know what the warrants might even be a better purchase here that might be the opportunity here is the warrants tg o dw t only at a dollar twenty are any of you guys thinking about buying warrants please let me know it is currently trading at it says here at

385 right now as you can see it’s going down because this is the live trading this this right here on this on this chart and you can see it’s actually trading around 375 so it’s a little bit lower than what you see here but the volume is unbelievable like 1.6 million shares right out the gate there’s a lot of people by and selling the security right now and i would

Not be surprised if it goes higher it started up it came back down people are selling but i would not be surprised if you see this start to climb back up at some point there’s going to be a lot of interest in the security there’s gonna be a lot of people looking to buy the stock there’s a lot of people are gonna want to position themselves in this company long

Term and this might be one of the lowest prices you can ever get into this company so a lot of people are just gonna gamble on it they’re gonna throw some money at it and just let it sit there and hold and wait for recreational legalization here in canada as a catalyst to hopefully see this thing trade at seven eight ten dollars and double their money i’m even

Considering buying some of these prices i’m not gonna lie to you i think at these prices it could be a really good buy long-term this company is enormous it has huge potential so i’m definitely thinking about picking some up please guys let me know what you think the green organics dutchman the largest ipo and medical marijuana canadian history is now live under

The symbol p g od on the toronto stock exchange tg o dw t is the warrants that are currently trading at a dollar 20 if you like this video smash that like button if you have not subscribed please subscribe for more updates and hit that bell to get notifications so that when i go live you know first so you get the news first thank you for watching i appreciate all

Your support i love you guys i’m gonna go look at this i might need to pick some up and if something big happens i’ll come back and i’ll bring you the news first this is your boy rich bringing the big news the green organic dutchman is now live you can buy it on the toronto stock exchange under the symbol p g o d it’s a big winner you heard it here first from your

Boy rich the green organic dutchman all right party people i hope peace

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