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The LongShot Report” Chief Executive Officer Brian Foy – Winners, Inc. (OTC PINK:WNRS) RICH TV LIVE – August 11, 2022 – #longshotreport #interview #richtvlive

Want to learn about stocks cryptocurrencies nfts and the metaverse join rich tv dot io hi guys how you doing i’m your host rich from behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest brian foy the ceo of the long shot report a subsidiary of winners inc how you doing today brian good rich thanks for having me today oh always a pleasure love having you on

The show for the first time and we’re going to talk a little bit about winners inc recent acquisition and obviously you’re all over it and tell us a little bit about yourself the long shot report and recent announcement of your company being acquired by winners inc yeah so a little bit about myself i come from the digital marketing background i’m a serial

Entrepreneur i’ve launched many different brands and different products within the industry and mainly the golf industry actually where i’ve sold millions of dollars of product you know throughout various digital marketing techniques that we’ve used and practiced over the years and one of the biggest challenges that i had for myself was creating a product that

Didn’t have any inventory and that’s where the whole genesis of the long shot report came about because i got a chance to create a product and it was a personal challenge of mine to try to do this by creating a product that you could sell infinite amount of inventory to people help people out and win along the way so that’s how basically in a nutshell how the

Long shot report got started wow really excited to see it grow and evolve with winners inc what is your personal individual past track record of success can you touch on your business and entrepreneurial success yeah so as far as um past success i mean i look at there’s two there’s two answers to that question the first one is when you look at the entrepreneurial

Side of launching companies from zero to multi-million dollars in sales you know that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing with winners inc and vegas winners and the long shot report that is coming and it’s already in the works right now so really excited about growing that aspect of the business and it all comes down to the success you have with the picks and

You’re only as good as your last picks so what we’ve done is you know my partner is frank who is my college roommate i’ve known him for over 20 years and we’ve been talking about sports since the day we met in college and that really kind of helped build the foundation into what the long shot report has come become and the success that we’ve had you know at a

67 success rate on single games wow you know we’re pretty we’re pretty happy with that and some of our subscribers that are that are currently joined with us that’s an amazing success ratio how are things going today with the company so today with the company you know we obviously have revenue that you know winners inc recognized when they acquired us and that

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Was a big part of joining the team of winners inc i didn’t want to just sell my company to anybody i really wanted to work with the right team and it had to be the right fit and that’s what i really found with you know lenny wayne the whole team um that’s that’s really the difference maker in what’s really going to take us to the next level between our customer

Acquisition experience of acquiring customers knowing exactly where that customer is online whether it be instagram whether it be facebook google we use all different ad platforms to acquire these customers you know we don’t believe in renting or buying someone’s customer list you have to grow it yourself and you know that’s what i’ve done with every single one

Of the businesses that i’ve launched from xero i started with no funding on all of them and none of them have debt so we’re then apply those same principles to the long shot report into winners inc and you know it’s just it’s just a matter of time until this thing explodes you just said the secret word no debt we love that here at rich tv live our community is

A community a global community of investors and retail investors from all over the world we love to find companies with little to no debt and growing assets can you define the problem that your company solves so we basically cut the bs you know we we speak to our people we speak to our subscribers whether you’re a free subscriber or you’re a paid subscriber

You’re going to get what frank says and there’s there’s no fluff around it we’re gonna tell you how it is and we’re gonna deliver on a daily basis the picks and we’re going to continue to do that with this new partnership with winners why is your company’s culture unique what is your secret sauce 67 winning percentage is phenomenal can you talk a little bit

About some of frank’s big winnings yeah so frank’s red hot is kind of what we like to call him um when he when he’s when he’s on a streak obviously but some of his big winnings i mean he’s he’s a parlay master um you know that’s something that for years now we’ve always been trying to perfect that parlay and you know just recently he put 85 up and he won five

Thousand dollars on a parlay wow um that’s just one of the many success stories that frank has um another secret sauce that we have because we’ve known each other for so long and i come from the from the actually the golf background so we utilize and i live in a town in in jupiter florida where you know a lot of pga tour players live so there’s a lot of

Conversations that are going on whether xyz players having a baby you know where the next guy john smith is getting married there’s a lot of factors that are involved when we make these decisions and you know golf is a year-round sport so that’s kind of how we started our business but it’s really evolved into every single sport so it started in golf and then it


Expanded out and obviously we’re really excited about the football season i’m super excited about the football season you can see my dallas cowboy helmet here it’s michael irvin sign three-time super bowl champion so i’m a huge dallas cowboys fan now can you tell us about the roll-up acquisition strategy that winners is executing what is a roll-up strategy and why

Might it benefit winners shareholders so great question and you know that’s really part of you know part b of the of the answer to the question you asked earlier about how this fits right into the mold of what winners inc is doing and the team behind winter’s inc the second part of why i was so excited to join this team was because of that acquisition model and

That rollout rollout model i built a custom platform proprietary platform that is dynamic to the website and also to the app so we have a whole back-end system that we can plug and play and slap another logo or another handicapper another business in the gambling world looking to get acquired we could slap our any label on that platform and run with that platform

Meaning the infrastructure’s there all of the back end is set up and now it’s just a matter of plug and play and start advertising i can’t wait to see it roll out what are your key milestones for the next 12 months so in the next 12 months we’re obviously gonna be ramping up here for football um you you know it’s it’s september 5th and it’s game on everything

It’s like clockwork every year we’ve been doing this for the past three years september 5th is d-day and it’s it’s it’s game on and we have to be ready that’s what we’re preparing for right now we have meetings every day talking about the strategy on the digital marketing side um we’re talking about a tv roll out strategy as well both in both of those media

Outlets i’ve had a lot of experience buying so you know looking forward to to roll out that media plan and you know once you start rolling out that ad spend and you know what you’re doing and you know who to target and where to target and who to work with it’s just a matter of time the subscribers start rolling in and once they’re rolled into our infrastructure

Into that platform we start nurturing them and once we start nurturing them and getting them to know like and trust us then it’s just a matter of time until they start placing our advice with their own money brian why would an investor want to invest into winners can you talk about the growing online gambling market and how do we do the research analysis and

Make predictions 65 67 documented success rate is is just incredible a 15 000 database to date customers 700 growth rate since inception talk about that so yeah it’s been it’s been a nice little ride um you know we want to continue to to take this thing to you know the extremes and you know again it’s all about the team you know it’s all about having the

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Expertise of you know of wayne who’s been in the industry for a very long time you know it’s about bringing the dynamic duo of brian and frank you know to the picture utilizing our platform you know to to scale you know you could have a fountain you need that foundation in order to scale and you know looking back i mean gosh 700 you know year-over-year growth

I mean we started as a newsletter we started as an email newsletter with no website and it was just a fun little thing two college you know buddies started together and you know to see it grow to this point and to get acquired by winners i mean we couldn’t be more excited about what the future has to to you know to show us here in the in the next couple months

And you know with football just right here it’s just a perfect time and you know we really look forward to scaling this business brian we’ve got shareholders from all over the world that are going to be watching this interview how can those shareholders future potential shareholders clients or potential clients get in contact with you if they have any questions

So if you have any questions um you know you can you can certainly email frank um you know bro myself brian i also check those emails so i’ll be looking through those to make sure that uh if any of the inquiries come in from your show that i’ll be certain to answer them in due time and my email is uh support at fantastic so excited to see

You guys grow and achieve your goals and objectives and our communities going to be watching very very closely i want to take everyone’s attention to the symbol wnrs on the otc markets put it on your radar put on your watch list remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before

You invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we believe this is a company that you need to put on your radar you need to put on your watch list we believe it could be very undervalued under appreciated and underexposed thank you for joining us today brian foy of winners inc thank you rich thanks for having me and look forward

To come back on your show soon always a pleasure if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners we bring the news we bring you the analysis we bring you ceo interviews and we bring it to you first have a nice day everybody we’ll talk to you soon you

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