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Well folks this stock market is out of control i mean absolutely out of control the moves we’re seeing in this market are nothing short of extraordinary yes they are and i just want to take you guys through a bunch of different stuff i was just looking at here and uh kind of run through this with you guys so you can kind of see what’s going on here uh why this is

Happening so first off the hangsang index last night went up nine percent yeah you heard me right that’s a major index nine percent it’s a major enough index that i constantly keep that one on my watch list all the time okay and the fact that that went up nine percent was like ridiculous now the you know there’s different reasons why people are blaming why that

That index went up so much some folks were saying it’s because uh the saudis could potentially uh you know switch over from dollars to yuan when essentially the chinese are purchasing oil and things like that i you know i don’t want to try to guess why the index went up nine percent because at the end of the day whatever reason it is it still is insane okay you know

Like there’s no reason that should make an index go up nine percent in a day um don’t matter how you try to justify it that’s just an insane move pretty much okay now on the flip side the vix the volatility index is is obviously spiking down now on this uh so 27 vicks just went down dude now 27 is still elevated i want to be very clear about that anything above 20

Is elevated anything above 30 you’re getting crazy anything above 35 you’re just at insane levels for the vix but you know here we were just about you know a week ago or so or just a little over a week ago we were at a vix at 36 37 range and to spike down to 27 is quite a move down there and when the market stabilize usually the vix kind of spikes down but i can

Tell you the market’s not that stable i mean let’s pull up a one day on the nasdaq for instance and i mean look at this so you know starts here we go up and then look at this spike down here i mean you go from where we at here we’re at about thirteen three next thing you know you know you’re you’re under 13 or right around 13 there uh just a massive spike down

And then a straight jump right back up and so this is the market we’re in right now that uh you know it’s just it’s it’s insane that’s all i can say about it you know these moves are dramatic and uh the indexes you know the spikes down the spikes up are just you know insane and when you think about how much money needs to be flowing out in the stocks you know to

Get these sorts of moves in the nasdaq 100 um yeah it’s pretty intense the european markets had a very very good night last night from what i saw russell’s having a very good day today up about 2.4 percent once again look at the one day on the russell you know here in a matter of let’s see how long this took a matter of a little over 30 minutes the russell spikes

Down that’s probably a two percent plus move there that’s probably a two percent plus move down there for the russell and like a snap of fingers and then right back up and uh that that’s the market we’re dealing with and you have a lot of short volume out there right now obviously a lot of people short shares you could get massive covering out of nowhere and just

Some squeezes all right now that’s kind of the indexes so obviously overall it’s a good day in the market it’s just a confusing day with uh some of the moves out there now in terms of stocks look at some of these moves so beyond me 11 plus move here today for beyond me just massive the chef i’m gonna do a full dedicated earnings video later today on the chef we’ll

Run through the numbers we’ll run through the conference call we’ll go you know all in depth on the chef i’ll save that for a dedicated video there that’ll be a beast video uh so look for that later today but yeah nice day for the chef up over five percent here dave tesla having a very good day a four percent tight move for for tesla massa honest having a good day

Today five percent tight move for honest here today you know these moves aren’t small that’s the thing with this paypal 5.7 and uh you know i’ve spoken about this recently where you know this is after yesterday there was a lot of massive moves if you’re keeping track of the market like a lot of these moves were epic yesterday a lot of stocks moved you know four to

Ten percent yesterday as it was but you know i was trying to explain this to folks for a while now is is you know when the market starts to flip you know these moves will be dramatic and they will be quite fast now you don’t really know if this is like a sustainable rally you know the past two days or if this is just like what they call bear market rallies because

Essentially in a bear market you can still get some some insane rallies in there which just tears up the shorts in those sorts of markets and you know no one really knows the answer to that to be honest smile direct club almost a 10 move for this one if we pull up a five day on sdc here you know just a few days ago the stock is is you know around one dollar a share

Even one dollar under one uh not under one but under two dollars a share um and here today 240 that’s a massive percentage move look at corsair gaming it’s just a great day for corsair over 10 move here on the stock after you know it was bottoming out at 17 just a few days ago oatley’s having a pretty decent day here today six percent i think the main thing to

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Keep in mind with a lot of these stocks is even after these moves uh it’s very minuscule compared to how much a lot of these stocks are down and that’s the important part to remember with these and if you’re bullish on a lot of these companies over the next you know three five years you got to remember that you know even if these stocks go up they’re still huge

By the dip opportunities if you’re a believer in them right so something like an oatly obviously i’m a shareholder that one i’ve been buying it i plan on buying it this entire year i’m buying that stock all the way up to ten dollars um it doesn’t matter to me the lower it is great if it’s at four or five sweet if it’s at six or seven i’m still buying it’s it’s

Nothing for me because i believe that stock’s gonna be a 30 40 stock in future year so you know for me it’s just like whatever same thing with the company like meta you know meta at 180 meta 200 meta 220 it doesn’t matter the stocks that buy don’t matter what if we look at and that’s a nice d that’s a nice move for for meta and by the way jp morgan if we look at

The banks i own jpmorgan in my dividends only account and uh this is a stock that’s kind of had a rough year to date you know look at the stock even after today’s big bounce it’s still down almost 15 percent your date it’s kind of been uh vicious uh for a stock like this it you know peaked out recently around january 12 there and if we go back before that we’re

Looking at about let’s see october 22nd 171 there so jp morgan obviously the the most well-run bank i love owning that in the dividend account because uh you know i i in my personal opinion they’re the premier bank in the world um you know if i’m going to own any sort of financial company after jpmorgan my next up is goldman sachs as far as big companies go okay

Qualcomm nice day you your digital bouncing back here remember this is another one of those stocks that’s just been absolutely killed it really has i mean you know voyagers can’t do anything right right now when it comes to their stock price their business is incredible their growth is ridiculous it’s the fastest growth company i possibly know of and um the stock

Just gets no love and no respect right now but i’m sure that’s going to end up changing over time so that kind of covers that watch list if we look at the travel stocks great day for the travel stocks here today look at this ual six percent type move uh american airlines about four percent moving this comes out after a great day yesterday as well right and if we

Go ahead and we pull up let’s go back to uh oil real quick here so oil is chilling around 95 that’s a massive spike down that oil’s had over the recent days right oil peaked out right here 128 plus wti on march 8th and ever since then it’s just been uh you know basically a downward cycle it’s about a 25 percentage type move down for oil and so obviously that’s

A great thing for travel stocks great thing you know oil spiking up is not good for travel stocks if oil was uh let’s say 150 today i guarantee you all these stocks are are massively down from here if let’s just say hypothetically oil is at uh 150 right now ual would be trading at about 30 maybe 25 american airlines would be at about 13 maybe 12 hawaiian airlines

Would be at about 14 love would be at about 35 win would be at about 59 to 60 dollars mgm would be at about 35 33 ccl would be at about 15 bucks rcl royal caribbean would be at about i’m probably about 60 maybe 55 airbnb would be at about 135 140. uber would be at about 27 maybe 26. so nonetheless oil prices are matter a lot to these sorts of travel companies but

Yeah with oil not really doing much now and just down trending um and we’ll see how long that lasts for but for at least the short term this is really good news for the the travel stocks the bad thing for wind specifically is is china’s gone into some more lockdowns and so that could hurt their macau business and so uh that’s kind of the unfortunate thing there

Some of these companies don’t have that as much um some of these airlines do fly a lot international so there’s something to kind of keep an eye on if uh any other you know if china goes more into lockdowns or any other countries do that as well do keep an eye on that as far as uh you know the travel stocks many times you know i’ll just be honest a lot of times

Those can be trade a little more trading stocks i feel like or kind of like you know like six to 24 month type swing moves the problem with the travel stocks is um a lot of them are hard long-term investments even when so when’s the stock i personally own in the dividends only account and even for a stock like win i love its business model i love its management

Team i love that company but i gotta say man it’s a tough stock to just own for the long term and the reason being is you know they go through these big boom and bust cycles big boom and bust cycles it’s not like this is a you know an apple or a google or something like that that if they just kind of continue to make progress in their business they’re so dependent

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Upon so many various factors if all of a sudden there’s a some corruption crackdown in macau their business is devastated obviously roney rona devastated their business right uh if there’s a massive recession obviously it’s going to hurt a company like win so when there’s so many things that just kind of work against it randomly and it has other times that it’s

Just great but unfortunately even for a great company that’s so well run like a win it’s honestly a little more of a swingy type stock and it’s unfortunate because the company is as premier as possible it’s just a lot of times stuff happens to them that they can’t control they can’t control if there’s a once in a hundred year pandemic they can’t control if gas

Prices go insane right uh they can’t control if if macau is still shut down from most chinese tourists and things like that right they can’t control if there’s some corruption crack down in macau these are these aren’t things they can really control and it’s it’s unfortunate they can’t control if there’s some you know massive recession or something like that

That they had to go through an 0809 right they opened the encore property in 09 right into a massive recession it’s like you know yeah you can’t control those type of things so they don’t really control their own fate as much as uh you know i like as we look at the stocks i’m watching list uh these are stocks i’m watching that i could potentially own down the

Road here uh good rx having a good day look at stitch fix 10 tight move there look at shopify over 10 move now this stock’s been uh obviously devastated over the past year but you know these are these bounces are no jokers it’s just they’re a drop in the bucket when you compare it to how much these stocks are down and that’s why if you really believe in a lot of

These companies over the long term you know even if it’s up ten percent it’s nothing if you believe shopify is going to be a two thousand three thousand dollar stock in future years if it’s up ten percent at six hundred dollars like no it doesn’t even matter it’s just uh it’s just a drop in the bucket in the end uh square’s having a great day eleven percent move

There lemonade’s having a great day about 13 move there obviously today’s just a risk on day people are willing to take risk right and that’s back to back days where folks wall street’s just saying we’re ready to take risk um how long it lasts we’ll see but they’re definitely they’re definitely out there today teledoc a nine percent move i haven’t seen this sort

Of strong activity since uh coming out of the march lows in 2020. a back-to-back day where i’m seeing countless stocks up five ten plus percent i haven’t seen that since uh that we came out of the march 2020 crash where it was just like holy smokes these stocks are flying and it was like well but there’s still so much bad news we’re probably gonna go back down

Right and then we just never went back down again uh maybe we ended up in that same situation or maybe not we’ll see uh mu seven percent that’s the biggest memory check play out there purple innovation so that’s uh the mattress and betting company seven percent move there fubo over 12 move for fubo but look at this okay your stock’s still down 77 on a one year so

Yeah it’s having a great day today but it’s still uh you know pennies on the dollar from you know where this company was a year ago and so this is just some things to kind of keep in mind right amazon a three percent move but also keep in mind amazon stock hasn’t moved in geez almost two years okay i mean you go back to july of 2020 the stock was higher than it

Is today the hood’s having a great day about a 15 move on the hood here today but look at that one you know it’s still down about 70 percent right adam’s having a great day about 7.9 there not too much happening with some of these uh so far kind of a a boring move for a sofa being a very popular retail stock and a more volatile play like a lot of these that’s

Kind of a lame day for so far i’ll just be honest a three percent move that’s like nothing uh ups 2.8 percent sam three percent google two percent upwork massive day for the freelance economy company uh over 12 move there uh uber we already covered that one eli is having a great day the top golf remains super busy we try to get a bay uh out here in arizona on what

Was that sunday and it was like a four hour wait for the scottsdale location tried to check west gave us like another four hour wait they you know their topgolf business is just booming and it’s always booming and clubs have gotten a lot more expensive recently so uh you know i think eli is actually in a really really good spot i like that one if we check out big

Tech another great day for big tech this back-to-back days of great days nvidia over five percent move here today amd’s about a five percent move obviously we covered tesla over four percent move there tesla just went up on a bunch of vehicles which i’m happy they went up on the plat about six thousand dollars so i’m like go tesla you guys are great uh netflix a

Three percent move there and two at three percent move paypal six percent move we covered that one there uh adobe about a four percent move there in apple’s a two percent mover there so very very good day for for you know big tech as far as plant base goes everything’s good except very good uh but everything else is uh pretty good as far as plant-based goes and

Uh if we look at the last list here this is my last list uh retail trader investor stocks oh no i got one more list to show you that one’s the craziest of them all okay but this is like retail trader investor type stocks right look at the moves here today on these stocks wish almost a 17 move hood’s a 15 move fubo’s a 13 move real real is a 10 move teledoc c3 ai

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Almost a ten percent move coins a nine percent move arc arc and etf is up over it’s up like nine percent today right palantir is an eight point six percent move space six seven point six percent move close over seven percent move right um you know when these sorts of days when it goes risk on these stocks fly and that’s the thing if you just get if you just get a

A few weeks of this sort of uh activity that’s what i’ve been trying to explain to folks you know a lot of these stocks will double up triple up in a matter of weeks and just on the back of if you go risk on in the market because they’re down so much and it doesn’t take much to get those stocks to fly back up if you get some real buying activity in there some real

Money in flowing then you add on some short squeeze on top because remember a lot of these stocks are heavily shorted and you know if you get that squeeze activity out of nowhere oh my gosh the moves are absolutely insane okay uh now the last list i want to show you guys here look at this one my chinese stocks list oh my gosh alibaba 35 move 10 31 neo 24 jd 38 just

Insane moves there right just absolutely incredible now the problem with you know a move like we saw obviously in the hong kong stock market you know last night with a lot of those chinese stocks making 20 30 moves uh at least a lot of people to feel like the markets manipulate it right and i think the market’s always been manipulated i think if you’re just waking

Up to that okay you know welcome welcome to the world uh you know you can either fight it or you can just accept that that’s part of the that’s part of the game um because it is these these moves are abnormal a lot of these stocks have shot way too far to the downside and you could say that’s manipulated or not and a lot of these stocks are just coming back so

Fast now over the last couple days where it’s like what you know all sudden these stocks are up you know 10 20 30 40 percent two days like what in the world’s going on um but i could tell you when when the market truly flips and i don’t know if this is a flip moment or we’re still a few weeks out from the flip moment we’ll see but i tell you when the market flips

Like the moves are going to be epic i’ve been telling people like the the moves we’ll see in a lot of these stocks especially the heavily shorter ones will be among the uh the most epic moves we we’ve probably ever seen uh when it comes to squeeze activity based upon kind of what i’m looking at and all those sorts of things so you just got to be ready to kind of

Rock and roll and uh accept that you’re on a roller coaster ride right now this market is highly volatile this market is a roller coaster ride right now and you don’t get the market to be this volatile this often but when you got this massive wall of worry in front of us it creates that right the fed that situation is now out of the way that that anxiety around the

Market is gone so that’s good obviously you know it will come back and those sorts of things but that first move is now out of the way and i think that’s a great thing for the market and the fact that oil now is chilling out in a major major way um the talks sound better between russia and ukraine the ukraine president said that that’s also more good news for the

Market that’s just uh that’s just a kind of another cloud around the market in terms of the wall of worry right that’s another huge wall of worry now a gas price is potentially coming down can’t get too excited about that but you know things are trending in the right way right and uh the fact that we have two last months here of tough comps for the year-over-year

Inflation numbers and then we should start coming we should the growth rate should start slowing not like inflation goes negative to be clear about that but in terms of the rapid clip of growth right it should start declining that starts in about a month or two from now that’s good news as well and so we’ll start to destroy this wall of worry uh brick by brick it’s

Just gonna it’s gonna take a bit of time but throughout that time as things get better you can see some just insane moves and stocks and that’s part of exactly what we’re kind of seeing here today so hope you guys enjoyed this as always much love i appreciate you guys joining me don’t forget tonight i’ll do a full day dedicated uh tdcf video all on their earnings

We’ll go through the conference call that stuff like that if you want some free money check out my pin comment down there it’s amazing with a deposit of any amount of money you get three free stocks from mumu right now one free stock between three and thirty five hundred dollars one free stock between nine and thirty five hundred dollars plus one free share of neo

It’s absolutely amazing get that deal before it runs out much love and have a great day

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