The Most Profitable Company In The World Will Shock You

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Well guys get ready to have your mind blown in today’s video i am gonna introduce you to the most profitable company in the world by far in a way if you’re a new here this is a financial education channel i am jeremy and we’re talking about 97% of you guys watching this video today have never even heard of this company before okay we’re gonna compare it to some other

Big dogs out there that you might think about when you think about all that’s probably the most profitable company in the world and you will find that these other companies are like a joke when it compares to this particular company okay it’s not even a us-based company okay most you guys would think about like the most profitable company must be us-based right nope

This company is not a us-based company it is by far in a way the most profitable company in the world and it’s not even close guys okay we’re gonna compare it to some of these other big dogs like i said and you will find that it’s not even close this is unreal guys the rumors are finally over the basically there’s documents filed because this company is raising some

Money and so we finally got to see how profitable this company really is we’ve heard rumors for many years that this company could be very profitable or could be the most profitable company in the world but it was never confirmed until today and this is absolutely mind-blowing stuff guys so i hope you enjoy this as always smash that thumbs up button let’s get into

It so i want to go ahead and take you guys through the five companies that should come through your mind any time you think about the most profitable companies in the world and you will see that these ones are really small when it comes to profitability compared to the sound of one facebook’s got to be a company that automatically comes to your mind if you know

Anything about business when you’re thinking about the most profitable companies in the world you’re thinking about facebook okay a billion plus users on the facebook platform a billion plus users on the instagram platform a billion plus users on whatsapp and a billion plus users on facebook messenger plus they own businesses like oculus they’re getting all the

Ad revenue coming in like crazy right this company has nearly a half a trillion dollar market cap on it just a massive company and they made over 22 billion dollars of net income last year that’s not revenue that’s net income okay insane numbers and i’m telling you facebook’s not even close the next company should come to your mind if you’re thinking about the

Most profitable companies in the world is google right google mcdougal is a massive goliath company the one on the scale we haven’t really seen with many companies ever in history right they own the dominant search engine in the entire world right dominate search engine they own youtube platform which youtube platform is probably worth at least a hundred billion

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Plus dollars at this point in time youtube gets so many views per day i mean it’s just around the world just youtube is a massive video platform the biggest in the world okay they don’t android if you don’t have an ios device more likely you have an android device at the end of the day okay think about the type of scale we’re talking about on google okay they own

Google cloud which not only has small businesses using them and just regular folks in general but huge massive corporations use the google cloud they have big contracts with them and they have so many investments in so many different companies that a lot of those investments are worth billions and billions of dollars obviously they have a hardware business they

Have so many businesses that we you know we didn’t even get into here that’s just kind of their their main businesses right and when you look at google you’re talking about a company that has a market cap of well over 800 billion dollars i mean you’re talking about a company that had a profit or net income last year of nearly 31 billion dollars of net income last

Year and google is not even close to being as profitable as this other company all right it must be amazon right governments already talking about maybe breaking up amazon or maybe amazon is too big right and amazon is a massive goliath okay amazon is by far and away the dominant ecommerce player which is what everybody’s starting to shop on right outside of china

By far and away around the world the dominant player in e-commerce they don’t amazon web services which is approaching a business that should be worth a hundred plus billion dollars now at this point in time okay they have amazon advertising so whenever you search for things on amazon companies paid a lot of money to try to get their advertising results up there

Okay this is a business that’s out bringing them in billions upon billions of dollars they own twitch so a lot of people forget that like amazon owns twitch now okay they own whole foods and was on basics i mean there’s a massive amount of products on amazon that they sell you know hundreds of millions of dollars worth or billions of dollars on a monthly basis

Because of these amazonbasics products plus a own much more amazon is a company that has nearly a nine hundred billion dollar market cap on and okay they made around ten billion dollars in net income and i can tell you that’s not even remotely close to what this other company made already guys i’ve got to admit a big mistake here today there’s been a company that

A million times in this channel i’ve called them the most profitable company in the world and it’s just not factual okay then the number two most profitable company in the world and that is the almighty apple alright think about apple think about the goliath beset is apple right we’re talking about the number one profit player in smartphones the smartphone let’s

Just keep in context for a minute smartphone is the most important device in every single person’s life in the entire world okay and they were the number one profit player in terms of making the most money from the most important device since the world guys that is mind blowing itself they’re number one player in tablets okay with their ipads number one player in

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Laptops they’re the number one player in headphones with air pause and then they also own beats they’re the number one player in wearables now with apple watch that’s just taken off like crazy the last couple years and services are the massive beast that actually services revenue actually dwarfs anything in their business rather than the iphone now at this particular

Time apple is just insane okay look look at apple we’re talking about a company that has over a nine hundred billion dollar market cap on this company we’re talking about a company that last year had net income of nearly 60 billion dollars guys that that’s an enough crazy number just nearly 60 billion dollars in net income and i’m telling you it’s not even close by

The way of the fifth company if you just interested i’m not gonna draw it out microsoft you guys know what it is microsoft massive company that actually the biggest market cap company in the entire stock market you can invest in nine hundred thirteen billion microsoft made about sixteen point five billion dollars in net income last year so needless to say all these

Companies i just showed you are incredible and think about the type of scale these companies are on i just brought out to you microsoft apple amazon google facebook these are the type of companies that we haven’t seen this type of scale from from corporations since you have to go back to like the rockefeller days okay when there was just massive companies has just

Had huge monopolies and we’re talking about they’re a joke compared to this company i’m gonna share with you now which is called saudi aramco okay saudi aramco is officially the saudi arabian oil company is one of the largest companies in the world by revenue and according to accounts seen by bloomberg the most profitable company in the world and once again we had

Heard rumors that they could be the most profitable anybody that’s really like super into the business space you might have heard about this once again that’s like like maybe like 2% of the population or 3% of the population we’d heard rumors never been confirmed saudi aramco has the world’s second largest proven crude oil reserves and more than 270 billion barrels

And second largest daily oil production saudi officials have backed an official figure of two trillion dollars for saudi aramco’s value that would be over double what apple is okay it basically like being combining apple and amazon in part of google’s business says well that’s the type of valuation now some others are saying no it’s only worth like 1.2 trillion

Which would still be by far and away the biggest company in the world in terms of market cap out there it’s really not even close like we’re like microsoft’s the next closest and 900 billion okay and there’s apple and amazon the others okay now get ready to have your mind blowing this company last year had around a hundred and eleven billion dollars of net income

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Okay we’re talking about nearly double what apple had and once they get apple is just like miles ahead of the next closest competitor which is google right google may 30 something billion last year then there’s apple may nearly double that us and in terms of net income and then you have this company that makes nearly double tap will make guys this isn’t crazy

Saudi aramco made its financial information available in its prospectus for a ten billion dollar bond sale which the company plans to use to finance nearly a seventy billion dollar stake in saudi arabia’s petrochemicals company cnbc did a cool chart here guys basically this shows you saudi aramco’s profit which was around 111 billion dollars last year compared –

Jp morgan chase on the by far and away the most profitable bank out there okay especially in the united states google facebook and exxonmobil if you added up all their profits they’re still not as profitable as this massive oil company out of the middle east guys is that just the craziest number you ever heard like i like it’s hard to even fathom having any company

In the world make a net income of over a hundred billion dollars never mind 111 billion dollars guys that is beyond mind-blowing and that’s a type of scale we’re talking about with that company it’s just not even close like literally you could add up amazon its profits you could add up apples profits you could add up google’s profits and it still wouldn’t be as

Profitable as this oil company there’s talk that this oil company could be possibly going public at least part of its business going public to investors out there sometime within the next year or so it’s been you know talked about for a while now we don’t know if that will ever actually happen and think about this oil prices aren’t even very high right now guys

Oil prices the last several years have been actually really low in a historical standard imagine if oil prices right now we’re at $100 a barrel 110 dollars a barrel imagine the profitability of this company then guys it is absolutely insane so once again i know very very few of you out there have even heard of this company or had any clue of like what type of

Money they really make but you can see why you know a lot of those saudis are really really rich over there when you got a company bringing in that kind of money guys so anyways let me know what your opinion is of this company down there in that comment section i would love to hear from you guys as always share this with somebody that will think this video is very

Interesting i’m sure a lot of people will be mind blown by this video here today thank you for watching and have a great day

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The Most Profitable Company In The World Will Shock You By Financial Education

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