The ONLY PROBLEM with Elon Musk & Tesla Stock

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Well guys today we are talking about job problem the one problem i see with what is going on with tesla stock the vision of elon musk the only problem i see out there and there’s only one and this was on my mind this weekend and i started thinking about this on friday and i’m like i have to make a video about this because i think there’s an issue that is going on

Here that i have to address out to my subscribers which is a large amount of individuals that are investing in the stock market i think is you know good that i bring this up to everybody’s attention because this will end up saving people a lot of money ok so if you didn’t know tesla went ipo back in 2010 ok so about 10 years ago they raised you know 226 million

Dollars that day back on ipo david stock was $17 a share and it shot up like crazy actually in that day it was up to nearly $24 is where the stock actually closed that it was the first american automaker to go public since who ford in 1956 ok company was gonna go public at 14 to 16 dollars a share and it ended up opening a 17 and up closing almost at $24 a share

On that particular day okay the tesla roadster was the only vehicle tesla had in the market back in 2010 which was this little teeny car actually saw one of them in person recently i picked up by molex as we can actually saw one in person and my goodness that car was so small it was so insanely small saw one of those originals and it was unbelievable okay back

Then when the company went public this was way before you know the model s this was way before model 3 or model x model why the solar roof solar panels there you know the battery business this was before you know the massive giga factories like in reno and shanghai now and the one they’re trying to build in germany this was way before any of that when the company

Went public literally the only vehicle they had in the market was the tesla roadster at that time the 2008 tesla roadster okay that teeny little car right now what we see here is a structured of tesla since that time when it went public at 17 bucks a share okay i mean look at the stock the stock basically did a 10x and about a three to four year span after it went

Public okay next thing you know the stocks trading at nearly $200 a share $200 a share after about a three or four year spin after the company went public obviously they launched model ask that started to be a successful product and the market there was talk about maybe a model x coming down the road and those particular times the height started build around tesla

And they had you know its first big initial success there that people are like okay you know what maybe maybe there’s gotta be something here maybe this could at least be a niche high-end auto player okay it basically not much to happen with the stock for about five years from like you know late 2013 you know into 2014 all the way basically if throughout 2019 this

Was a stock that floundered around you know anywheres from like a hundred and eighty dollars a share to three hundred something dollars this year and a lot of that time is spent in the two hundreds and so nothing really happened with the stock for years in years in years and now it has just taken off like a spacex rocket ship i mean look at it i mean the stock is

Now eight hundred dollars a share this stock has 40 xed it is 40 xed since its ipo ten years ago okay that is unbelievably ridiculous performance for ten years i mean if you could be in a stock that does a 2x or 3x okay i mean it’s even a 4x you know that’s amazing in a ten-year span if you could be in a stock that three x’s or 4x ism ten-year span like that’s a

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Phenomenal tesla just win 40 x in a ten-year span it wasn’t like this company’s stock price just went up like crazy for no reason you look at this company and their financials back when they went public versus where they’re at now and it’s just not a whole different level okay so as a company when they went public was doing up a little over a hundred million dollars

Of revenue okay and now in the latest year 2019 they just did twenty four point five million dollars in revenue that’s a miracle okay that’s a straight-up miracle like that type of growth is hard to even fathom they just reported nearly seven point four billion dollars in revenue in a three-month span and this was a company back when they went public not that

Long ago that was literally doing a little over a hundred million like that is incredible in 2020 their expects you to do thirty two point five billion dollars in revenue in 2021 they’re expected to do over 41 billion dollars in revenue these numbers are incredible okay and they’re all thanks to the tesla team whether we’re talking to ground level employees whether

We’re talking the executive whether we’re talking about elon musk right this has been a straight-up a miracle but you’re like no one thought you know any automaker could be you know found it and become a successful company nowadays nevermind an electric vehicle maker and here you have elon musk pulling us off then with all the things that have gone on we just

Need to do weather talking to the sec situation whether you’re talking about just all the drama that kind of went around yo a must for particular times is absolutely crazy to pull this off and here we are now sitting with a company that you know individuals very intelligent investors such as ron barron saying the company’s gonna hit a trillion dollars in revenue

In ten years okay a trillion a trillion like that literally i mean you go back right ten years ago this was a company doing a hundred million to go from i they go from a hundred million dollars in revenue to a trillion dollars in revenue in a 20-year span that’s nothing short of a miracle if they pull it off that’s absolutely incredible ron berenson another highly

Successful investor has had a ton of success over time this isn’t like this is some fly-by-night guy no these you know he does this pretty well you have individuals like kathy would putting $15,000 price targets on the stock by 2024 and she talks about her you know what kind of middle case is seven thousand dollars a share by 2024 kay in 2024 that like these numbers

Are absolutely incredible me you guys know me my stance i believe within the next five years i believed tesla stocks gonna be a three thousand dollar stock and so everybody seeing these price targets put out from people in these you know expectations and the results the concrete results that are in the numbers the financials and everybody seen the stock price and

You see an individual investor like myself we’re up over eighty five thousand dollars on our tesla position in one of my accounts okay though we have one hundred and fifty shares in dollars it another one of my counselor decided to go ahead and take some profits and go ahead and get tax on that money now and essentially we’ve already booked seventy two thousand

Dollars in profits in one of my accounts on tests i went ahead and bought those shares back and on those shares were already up nearly eleven thousand dollars another one of my accounts were up six thousand two hundred dollars another one of my accounts go up eight thousand four hundred dollars and so the whole investor world is seeing this they’re seeing this right

In front their eyes whether they own test a stock or not it’s just a stock you have to pay attention to and you’ve seen the stock price go up massively over the past ten years you’ve seen the business increased dramatically over the last ten years you’ve seen the company completely change an industry where everybody thought the luxury vehicles were a joke we’re

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Now every big auto manufacturer out there is gonna be fighting for their life in the few you know over the next five to ten years and trying to hop on the electric bandwagon and you see in all this as an investor okay and people start to look for the next tesla they start to say okay this was awesome tesla was cool man this has been a cool company and everybody’s

Looking for the next tesla now like where is this okay looking for that company has three things three very similar things to what tesla had they’re looking for that big vision and changed the world take vision like doing something big stuff that that people never thought was possible okay they’re looking for that stock that has huge potential upside people don’t

Want to just double their money people don’t want to just triple their money people want to make a 10x on their money in ten years people want to make a 20x on their money in ten years people want that and that massive potential upside that life-changing type you know potential upside like that like the tests ipo was i mean you buy into that even if you bought

For a pretty small amount of money yeah i mean you you’ve probably gotten rich off that i mean ii imagine buying $100,000 in the ipo wouldn’t tesla stock went public i mean it’d be an absolutely incredible amount of money now i mean that’s probably at least four million if not more than four million dollars now okay they’re looking for that huge potential upside

Looking for that company that’s doing some stuff that it’s gonna take some miracles to pull off very hard to pull off just like tesla’s you know this is like a miracle has basically worked out here with tesla and so now everybody wants to start comparing their abc company okay this company that is trying to pull off something huge they’re trying to compare them

Essentially to tesla and they start trying to say things like this is the next tesla and they have a founder here that’s you know kind of like an elon musk and they like to start putting all these things together and they’re like okay there’s a stock here and this is going to become the next tesla and this i foresee as being a big issue in the stock market okay

Because for every one of these miracle type companies like a tesla where actually you just not only get to the other side where they they don’t have to go bankrupt or something like that but they get to the other side where they become a massive goliath company for every one of those you have a ton of companies that will be failure and will go bankrupt in these other

Companies or trying to pull off some incredibly hard things these are these big visions these miracle type opportunities just understand a lot of them won’t work out and what you’re gonna have happen is you’re having investors flood a lot of money because they’re looking for that next tesla opportunity where they can 10x their money where they can potentially 20x

Their money 40 x their money and they’re gonna in their mind try to try to put all these things together and like that oh i see a little similarity with tesla here remember tesla was trying to pull off this big thing and they’ll say things like this i’ll say things like this remember when people doubt it tasts lloyd look at tesla became a success so don’t doubt my

Abc company because that’s gonna be another tesla situation and this is gonna lose investors so much money it’s gonna be absolutely incredible and i could definitely understand why people would look for these type of opportunities because you have a situation here where people become very jaded about a stock because if you weren’t involved with tesla stock and you

Have seen the type of success of stock has had then it probably makes you a little mad on the inside it probably makes you a little mad and sometimes when people get a little emotional and they get mad you’re like i want revenge okay and so some individuals try to short a stock like this and we’ve seen how that has not worked out for the short sellers in regards to

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Stock or they say you know what i’m gonna find the next tesla that’s gonna be my opportunity to pounce and make a massive gain and you know people might doubt this company right now but it’s gonna work out and i’m just telling you guys for every one of these tests the situations there’s a thousand companies that are failures and i know a lot unfortunately i know

Way too many people that put the majority of their net worth if not their entire net worth in tesla stock and so far it has worked out absolutely incredible for those individuals but a lot of people have seen this and a lot of people are gonna try to do the same exact thing on the next company that maybe could be the next tesla and this is where the fatal flaw

Ensues this is where i will see a ton of investors lose massive amounts of money because so many people are gonna try to find that next test of stock and they will compare two tests on they’ll say yeah yeah yeah everybody used to doubt tesla don’t doubt my company then the next tesla oh they got a leader over here he’s kind of similar to elon musk so therefore is

The next elon musk and they’re gonna be super successful and this is gonna be an issue guys this is gonna be absolutely an issue don’t get caught up into the whole mind frame just trying to compare companies to tesla sometimes it makes sense to compare some companies to other companies but most of the time it is a far i always grew up in the sports world right

And every time there was some guy coming out in the next draft they would try to compare him to some hall of fame player and be like this guy’s gonna be the next so-and-so and you know what happened almost every single time that guy did not meet the height that guy was not even close to that complain they compared them to so many times guys and this is what’s

Gonna happen in the stock market but the difference is in the sports world you’re just trying to guess in your like oh that’d be cool of this guy’s the next michael jordan but you know what happens in the stock market you’re actually putting in your real hard earned money into a stock and you’re trying to bet that that’s company is the next tesla i’m just here to

Tell you guys what tesla’s been able to pull off the stage at tesla’s be able to get the company to and where they’re likely go over the next few years like that is nothing short of a miracle and don’t forget that and don’t don’t you know just start saying oh this one’s the next tesla this one’s the next tesla and don’t start thinking it’s just all possible for

All these companies to pull off miracles because it is a ridiculously hard thing to pull off what a company like tesla has done guys so i hope this video saves you a lot of money because all i’m seeing it consistently out there in the youtube comments what not people taken very speculative companies and trying to compare them to tesla and trying to say this is a

Company that’s got a 10 x 20 x 50 x in the future because look at tesla pulled it off so this company over here can pull it off and i’m just gonna tell you guys let this video save you guys a lot of money ok let this video save you guys a lot of money just realize you know the many times these speculative stocks that are trying to pull some ridiculous things it’s

Not gonna work out here’s what i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always smash that thumbs up button and share this video out with somebody that you know might want to watch the video like this thank you for watching and have a great day

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The ONLY PROBLEM with Elon Musk & Tesla Stock By Financial Education

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