Hey guys doing in a beautiful beautiful beautiful sunny day here in beautiful british columbia keeping my social distancing here my front porch and just trying to think about the fact that the stock market is very very likely to crash and the reason why the stock market is very likely to crash is well there’s a lot of reasons but the number one reason is that

Companies right now are going to show some massive massive losses companies are going to show massive massive losses on their financials and we got to stay in cash guys we got to stay in cash companies are gonna show massive losses and their financials and when companies show those massive losses and those financials you’re not gonna want to be holding shares

Like starbucks just announced that their earnings are going to be cut in half starbucks just announced that their earnings will be cut in half this is just the beginning guys we need to stay in cash cash is king we need to stay in cash cash is king buy gold buy oil stay in cash cash is king i’m telling you right now the market is going up fantastic it’s not gonna

Last okay at some point the rug will be pulled from underneath us and we will get decimated because at some point these companies are going to have to show losses starbucks is saying that they’re going to be slashing the revenue you buy 50% that is a massive number so this will have effect on the stock market and i think what’s happening right now is they’re

Building a cushion they’re building a cushion they won’t have a big-ass cushion they’re building a cushion taking up as high as they can have a big-ass cushion if you listen to trump he said we had a cushion we had a cushion we were at all-time highs we had a cushion and the market will be great again and we will beat this the down time comes when these companies

Start reporting their financials we haven’t even seen the first quarter financials yet we will not see the second quarter financials and we’re in the second quarter right now we won’t even know what the second quarter looks like until three months from now phones blowing up phones always blowing up ones always blowing up man phones always blowing up i don’t think

Anything’s good to buy i say getting cash right now guys getting cash getting cash wait till these companies report their financials getting cash once all these companies report their financials and we see what happens in the markets then we enter as i get older and i realize that trading is is all about timing it’s all about being a sniper it’s all about being a

Ninja as i get older and i’m now part of a trading academy and i get better at trading and i realize it’s all about timing trading is all about timing riding momentum and investing in the best some of the best companies in the world are going to report massive losses massive losses some companies won’t miss a beat i would say about 30% of the world let’s guess 30%

Of the world won’t miss a beat because they’re involved in computers and the internet or something where you can still operate from home but 70% of the world 70% of the businesses that are going to report are going to have some sort of an impact due to the coronavirus most of those companies will be very negatively impacted and the results could be horrific some

Businesses could lose 50 percent like starbucks is saying they’re losing some businesses might lose as much as 90% of their revenue could you imagine reporting a 90 percent loss of revenue what will that do to your stock let’s be logical what would that do to your stock now listen guys we’re live we’re interactive you guys are the greatest community in the world

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But you got a smash you got a smash you got a smash when you enter in the room you got a smash there’s only one thing you got to do it’s just smash there’s only one thing to do and that smash if you’re not smashing you know you’re not smashing then you’re probably panicking and i said don’t panic don’t panic yeah you can make money on pump and dumps too but i’d much

Rather invest in visa mastercard american express man i want to be able to sleep at night so if you want to buy penny stocks and trash companies then go right ahead but if you want to buy real companies you start with visa mastercard american express bank stocks facebook apple amazon netflix google but what i’m suggesting is that right now everybody stay in cash

As much as humanly possible if you are down on something i’m not suggesting you sell but if you’re up on something you better think about selling why the hell not there’s a very good chance that the markets going to crash at some point and when it does and we drop let’s say another 30% like we did last time on the last crash last month who’s to say we don’t have

Another and when it does come you want to be prepared you want to be prepared you always want to be prepared you always want to be prepared so when that crash comes you want to be prepared you want to be the most prepared person in the world when that crash comes does that make sense you want to be the most prepared person in the world when that crash comes and if

We have an opportunity be prepared why wouldn’t we be prepared why wouldn’t we be prepared you know i sold on monday today’s wednesday and the market did go up yesterday and then it came back down finished red and then today the market went up again and you know what i could have made more but you know what i really don’t care i rather be in cash and be comfortable

As opposed to not sleeping properly at night because at any point in time when these companies start reporting these massive losses what is it going to do to the market how will it affect the market because it will affect the market the question is how much will it affect the market and what will you do to prepare yourself for when that time comes because it’s

Coming these companies are going to have to report earnings and when they report those earnings they’re not going to be good so i believe what’s happening right now is there’s a cushion that’s being built in the market and i believe that that cushion is a selling opportunity i really truly believe that that cushion is a selling opportunity and that at some point i

Know we’re getting a lot of stimulus right now and it’s really allowing the market to be strong but regardless of that at some point you have to anticipate that some of these stocks are going to go down and when it does that will be the perfect opportunity to buy visa mastercard american express facebook apple amazon google netflix and any of the rich picks that

Are undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities that we’re finding almost every single day great example racha guys sona they exploded smash if you made money on sona qwest cap they exploded smash if you make money on quest cap i tko is a gold company that i’ve been talking to you guys about they were brought to me by national inflation association

They went from 8 cents to 17 cents today gold company junior minor smash if you made money mota a company that i brought you on monday they went up again today they’ve been climbing since i brought it to you first smash if you made money so if you don’t see the trend here i’m trying to bring you guys winners first big board stocks penny stocks i also brought you

Guys gw pharma told you they’re one of my top 10 stocks for april 20 20 g w pharma has been on a tear brachii nova gould resources kinross gold for april 2020 but have been on a tear brought ut qqq which is the nasdaq bull etf they’ve been on a tear if and when the market crashes short etfs are a great way to buy stocks without actually shorting the market the s


Dow has to be something you’re looking at right now that’s the short dow etf which is like a stock where you’re buying a stock that’s shorting the dow jones how about the s qqq if you believe that the nasdaq is gonna go down the s qqq is an unbelievable tool to help you make money on the way down so you don’t have to stick all in cash you can still make money in

This market you can still make money if the market goes down what i’m suggesting is you should have some cash so that if there’s an opportunity in the market you’ve got resources available to you so that you can make moves in the market so you can maneuver in the market this is what i’m suggesting to you i’m not suggesting go and sell everything if you want to

Hold on to something hold on to it we’re not here to tell you what to do but what i do want to do is i want to make sure you are aware of your options and there’s nothing wrong with staying in cash in a time of crisis because what that does is provides you with tools which you can use to capitalize in opportunities to many times what happens is people get caught

Up in putting money in the markets and they don’t have any tools or any resources to use to capitalize on opportunities what you want to do is you want to stay in cash so that you have resources available to capitalize on opportunities that’s what trading is really all about that’s what trading is all about that’s what investing is all about thank you guys for

The likes thank you guys for being here appreciate you guys i love you guys thank you for the 32 smashed and let’s get some more smashed let’s get smashed let’s go we’re live we’re interactive it’s a freaking quarantine guys it’s a pandemic we’re gonna freakin pandemic man least you can do is smash right what’s up guys how you doing man i could barely see you guys

Is so damn sunny i’m trying to read these messages but i’m struggling should have brought my laptop oh listen man i would love to trade with you guys man i want to be trading live tonight i got this guy he’s got antoine he’s a beast we’re copy trading him he is an absolute beast and i’m gonna be trading with him tonight so ever since i joined the trading academy i

Started realizing that i need to invest in big board stocks gold oil visa mastercard american express totally blew my mind and changed the way i was thinking about investing no more just investing in cannabis and taking that risk those days are completely over and behind me now it’s about really being a ninja being a sniper and being extremely selective and using

My resources and deploying my resources at the right time and not putting my resources at risk and not putting your resources at risk because i don’t want to sleep with one eye open you know if the market keeps going up and we get through this and everything just keeps going up great i’m gonna have cash to take advantage of that but if i have money in the market

And the market crashes who am i going to be able to blame if something goes wrong nobody and if i’m not in cash and the market does crash i’m not gonna have resources to take advantage of facebook cheap netflix cheap amazon cheap google cheap costco cheap right td bank goldman sachs morgan stanley jp morgan bank of america us bank td rbc cibc scotia bank bank of

Montreal these are the best companies in the world guys we should be buying only the best and that’s all i’m gonna talk about i’m only talking about the best from now on i’m gonna talk about the best and i’m gonna look for the undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities i’m gonna trade with my trading academy we’re gonna trade as a team we’re gonna win

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As a team i’d love to have you guys join me and stay in cash man i just want to see you guys win man i want to see you guys win more than anything else i want to see you guys win and i think ever since our members have joined the academy i think we’ve got a bigger community feeling than we’ve ever had and i believe it’s only gonna get bigger and it’s only gonna

Get better so stay tuned this is your boy rich from wish-tv live i’ll keep you guys updated on what’s going on banner day again today in the market oil guys is going up right now i’ve been telling everyone orioles gonna go higher i’m telling you guys oil is going higher remember where you heard it first oil is going higher i told you gold would go higher gold has

Been going higher i still love gold i still believe gold is going higher might have some dips but it will go higher over time oil it might have some dips but it’s going higher guys it’s going higher i’m telling you don’t say i didn’t warn you okay i’m gonna keep bringing you guys pics i’m gonna keep bringing you undervalued underappreciated underexposed companies

I’m gonna keep bringing you the biggest news in the world of investing every single day try to bring you guys entertaining educational content every single day try to bring you real company’s real news so that you guys can learn directly from these companies remember always investing the best because the best is blessed is your boy rich or mister you live if you’re

Not winning you’re not watching we’re bringing the winners and we don’t bring them to you 55th or like a hundred and tenth we bring them to you first all right first all right party people always sounds a great day okay everyone – oh my god i’m in quarantine yeah everyone’s in quarantine man get over it man let’s make the most of it don’t sit on your netflix and

Chill okay do something do something join the academy learn a language do some push-ups learn a box you know what i mean do something you know read a book you know if you do want to watch some netflix watch money heist it’s pretty damn good i’ve been watching that so it’s not like i don’t watch netflix but i’m not gonna only watch netflix for weeks or months you

Know it’s kind of like a waste of your life so still sunny outside we’re still in the spring life still goes on and the question is what are you gonna do with your time what are you gonna do with this newfound gift this is free time that’s been given to all of us what are you gonna do with it are you gonna actually do anything with this free time are you gonna do

Anything to improve your life are you gonna learn any new skills or is this gonna be just like a blip in the radar in your life you decide remember you decide it’s your life we all live in this movie and you decide what you do you want to fast forward you want to rewind you want to be great in your movie you want to fail in your movie you decide a remember that

You decide if you need some help along the way and you want to join a winning team holler at your boy man i’m willing to work with you i’m willing to help you i’m willing to go to war with you guys man let’s go chat is your boy richer mr. vieau live ammo peace hey stay safe and wash your hands okay

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